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Friday, February 20, 2004

Dear Sar,

Poor Pupart!! I guess he is anxious. He'll be okay, Steph is so good with him. CHENGOOO!!!How is he??How are they all? I will send a quick email to Steph.Glad your work session was good.It sounded intense!Are you rewriting? We are presently working on the workshop for tonight.It will be fun, I think to meet people from all over Italy.We are going to lay down on the grass and watch the stars tonight.Really.I ran to Fiesole today. I'm so happy!Remember the theatre ruins we all went to?It is a 20 minute walk from Barbara's,I ran straight up the hill, and down again.An old italian man was out for his walk, and we exchanged hellos.I really am growing to love it here again. It took awhile.Hard to explain...I have travelled so much in the last few years, that other places have a little more recent memory and feeling to me.Italy was so long ago, I didn't freak at first.I felt very relaxed, like I had never left.Barbara and Dimitri are amazing people;I'm happy to be here sharing their home,so warm and kind.Well, ...
Please call Helen and tell her I'm still away, but think about Mom cat every day!I'm anxious, because I hear the weather is not so good.Any news from the vet?How is Hanford?
Miss you so much each day,

Mezza Luna-double blade?(i don't know?)I will be going for sure this week or the next.I think I'll come home early as I planned.

Love, Leni- kiss to Pennylope and Mama( the skinny?), and Cheeboo, and Pupart and Chicky(yyeARR) ans Sveetie!!!

Hi Len, Mr. Pupart's pigginess continues. He's like a starved cat. Chengo did a really funny move yesterday. He flew in the air, off all fours, over Rupert lengthwise and landed about a foot from Rupert. It was the funniest thing I've ever seen and it was completely out of the blue. This morning Chengo insisted on eating in the living room (he eats there always now, except for his tsp of wet food) and then wanted water from the bathroom sink so I put a little bowl up there and he drank two laps from that, then proceeded to drink out of the one on the floor, then the one in the hall, then the one in the bathrooom. He's quite the...what's the word...special needs cat. Mama's quest continues. I raced her this morning to Chengo's living room bowl. Passed her just at the footstool and scooped up the bowl. She's fervantly nosing under the t.v. bureau. Dino discovered a stray crunchy under there so I think that's why she's anxious to get under there. We feared there was a mouse or something because Mama was so determined. Then we thought we saw a dead mouse under there, but soon discovered (with flashlight) that it was one of the new leopard mice. The crunchy remains under there and Mama remains determined.

Penny and I have completed re-bonded now. She's very affectionate with me and runs up to me. I even got her going up and down the hall with the "go penny" chant.

Got an update from Julia. P. Kitty, as she's now being called, (like P.Diddy) is doing great. She runs all over the place and is super playful. They got a pole and string toy going like we have and kitten is loving it. She said that P. Kitty and Ubu are working it out and Ubu is growling less. P. Kitty wants to play with Ubu of course. They'll get there.

I haven't seen any cats outside, but the food disappears every night so I guess it's a cat. It could be Chengo for all I know.

Spoke to mom. She called. I think she's missing you.

Oh, your episode of the call aired on Monday. I screwed up the taping of it, but will tape it again when it re-plays tomorrow night. You are great in it! You're so funny and so intelligent. And you get the last word in the show! It's so good.

I called Rochelle and left a happy birthday message for her.

okay that's all for now.


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Monday, February 16, 2004

Hi Everyone: Thought this would save time;I will tell you all in one shot! The show was a success.It's a small theatre, with about a hundred seats. We had 60 people, which is not bad for Valentines Day.I must admit, I was really scared before going on; I was still reading my script up until house lights went out! Okay, I know for me, that is nothing unusual...The slides on the projector looked great- the whole effect was achieved better than I thought it would be.At the start of my piece, I could feel the audience was with me, despite a language barrier.They laughed in all the right places! The whole show didn't get going until 9:30!!It was supposed to start at 9:00. It is very common to wait an extra half hour backstage. Also hard for the performer to build up to a certain start time, and then have to wait.But the audience wasn't tired or restless, but attentive and warm.You know a show is going well when it flies by!Suddenly it was over, and we were partying in the lobby, with old friends from the theatre.They had a beautiful meal prepared, with a cake for Nat and me.I'm so glad I got to eat, because I've been STARVING here since I arrived!The food...THE FOOD! Help me, I will roll home,instead of flying.I can't fit into my clothes;it's a conspiracy-they all want Fat Leni back. Oh, no...I will fight it tooth and nail...excuse me,I must go to dinner;we are going to a NEW restaurant tonight, with even better food.I just had lunch, you know? You hear me? I did find a great health food store, so I'm managing to eat some organic. Today we found an organic food fair across the river- my people were there.They had information pamphlets on factory farming-new "European" images I've never seen( oh good, I won't sleep tonight). The smoking is killing us; it hangs like a thick pallor in the air.Mixed with all the italian perfume, and pastry shops...well, you can imagine My nose is working over time.I'm keeping a diary of all the food I consume, just for the heck of it. I'm going to have an eat-a-thon with Nat for the next show; sad thing is, I'll win.

Hi Len:

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm so happy for you and so so proud. You have no idea. I would have been weeping with pride if I had been there. You sounded so elated on the phone -- I could just tell how great the show was and why wouldn't it be. It's completely yours, done the way you wanted.

Don't worry about eating and the weight. Enjoy. You can run it off in no time when you get home. You are coming home right? You will come back won't you? Don't leave us here! Unless of course you find a nice little villa where we can move in with the cats and bake bread and pizza and Dino can make coffee and we'll start our own little Italian/Canadian outpost of yummy food and wine. We'll make our own olive oil or something.

You'll have to fill me in on what you learned about the factory farming nightmare in Europe. God bless industrialization for taking us down this road to hell (not too extreme). I've been saying "hell in handcart" the last few days. Mostly whenever we enter No Frills and see the frenzy of shoppers piling their carts high with a lot of packaging stuffed with I don't even want to know.

Oh, Dino and I made an Ethiopian feast last night. The dishes were delicious. The spicing just right. Our only problem was the bread. I followed a recipe, but it didn't work out so we're going to keep working on it. I ended up making a basic crepe by the end of it all and we ate the food that way. It was delicious though. I can't wait to do it again and have you and Steph down, or I guess you since Stephanie will be away until the Mulberry blooms.

House is fine. Cats are fine. Rupert has been piggy ( I think it's anxiety of some kind).

Okay I'm rambling, but it's been a few days.

I had a great meeting with Amnon. We lay all my index cards on the floor of his office and pulled the narrative apart and tweaked it. It was a pretty intense session. So I'm back at another draft and will hopefully be done by week's end.

Let us know how the work shops go.

lots of love.
We all miss you and can't wait to hear all the stories when you get back.



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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Dear Sar,

Big rehearsal day!!I have yet to see Florence!We workrd all day.I'm tired right now,but...Can you find out what I'm doing wrong with Sprint!!I just wanted to check my messages.Maybe you should just check them, and forward any necessary emails to me. It will save money.I hate Sprint!! How are all the babies.Chengo!!!So cute. Is Prima visiting?How is Baby? Poopart is not pigging out too much? You are coping okay? Well, love the emails, keep them coming. I ran this morning, everyone thinks I'm CRAZY!!

HI to Dino,

Love, leni

Hi Len: Sprint it loco. Remember Birmingham and trying to call from the hotel? I just have general trouble calling outside of the country. Hopefully it will become and outdated technology soon!

Hope rehearsal is going well.

The kitties are fine. Chengo and Rupert got back to their regular crazy routine last night. They were leaping around the living room. It was quite hilarious. Penny got into it too at one point.

Mama was funny this morning when Chengo and Rupert were going at it. She just wanted to hang out with them. She's kind of the kid who wants to be in with the "in" crowd and doesn't realize what losers they really are.

They all had a good play session today and last night. Chengo got up on his post today, hopped from shelf to shelf and then he flew onto the bed and went a little loopy.

Rupert follows me everywhere. He's also as bad as (if not, dare I say, worse than) Mama when it comes to sticking his nose into someone elses dish. Feeding time is fine though. I've got it down.

Glad Steph will be back tomorrow for the kitties though because I can never spend enough time with them it seems. Also glad the kitties have each other. I can hear them playing even when I'm downstairs.

New kitty on the back porch last night. He's super shy. Orange and white cat. He's pretty dirty and frightened, but he was very curious about the circling group of cats around my legs when I went up to feed them last night. I put food out for him. He ran away, but came back and ate it.

I went to put food out on the front porch and the tabby guy came out of the shelter and stretched as if I was the pizza delivery guy showing up right on time. Now that Parker (*note to readers: Parker is a cat Leni rescued and is now at our vet's waiting for a home. The vet named him Parker. We had been calling him Hanford, but it didn't stick) isn't around, a new crop is showing up I guess.

Did you mean everyone thinks you're crazy because you went running or just because they think you're crazy?

How's the curling iron working out? Lava lamp? Slides? etc etc

I've got a meeting with Amnon on draft 2 of my script. It's a big meeting. he put 2 hours aside to go through it scene by scene. Yikes! I'm nervous, but will be glad to get the story out of my head. I think the end of it will be soon. Let's hope.

lots of love,

p.s. Prima says YeARRR!

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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Okay I couldn't resist. There is so much to update regarding convention stuff etc etc etc.

Birmingham was fun. We always have fun travelling together and the women looking after Leni who run the SF Ball in Bournemouth every year are fabulous and kind and I'm so glad we met them at Fed Con.

No hair issues concerning candles. We were safe.

Leni and I managed to get to the tasty food show at the NEC in Birmingham. We were so jet lagged, but it was so much fun. I'd go back to Birmingham just for the tasty food show. It's pretty spectacular. The memorabilia show was quite huge, quite remarkable and Leni and I picked up a few nice Buffy souvenirs. One of Leni's fans gave me a picture of Alan Shearer that I treasure. (For those of you who don't know, Alan Shearer plays for my favorite English football team -- Newcastle).

We also made it to Stratford upon Avon, which was like visiting a religious site for Leni. Since it was late November, we were the only tourists there and had the whole place to ourselves. It was quite remarkable. We went to Shakespeare's birthplace. We didn't have time for much else, but Leni was thrilled. I hope we can go back and do more.

We were supposed to go to Hamburg for a convention, but it was recently cancelled. That is unfortunate. Anita was going to be there as well, which would have been so much fun. Oh well. Maybe somewhere else in the future the two of them will be at a convention together.

Met Leni's core fan group in England. Great group of people. Very sweet. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Leni has the best fans.

Now we're in the New Year and hoping there will be more great things to come this year.

Let me know what you think of the email correspondance.

all the best


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Hello all, Well I'm finally making another entry. Whew where to begin....actually I'm going to post my correspondance with Leni while she is in Italy.

For those of you who don't know. Leni is doing a performance piece in Italy along with another wonderful actress from Montreal. They both performed in Florence ten years ago and worked with the same director and have returned to work with her again.

this is Leni's first piece she's written herself. Anita La Selva (who you'll all know as Zo'or) directed Leni. The two worked wonderfully together and hopefully they'll have more colaborations in the future.

So, I'm at the homestead looking after Leni's 4 cats because her roomate is also away performing. Since I'm updating Leni almost daily with the cat news. I thought it'd be a good opportunity to keep this log going!

take care all.


Hi Len: okay this email will have an audience because I thought I'd post it on the LPFC website on my life with Leni page. (I've clearly run out of ideas for the page). What do you think?

Day one with cats has been easy-peasy (as Steph would say). I had no trouble feeding the brood last night. They all lined up in a row. You have them well trained I was surprised to see. Chengo is the best one of the lot at feeding time. He just sits back and waits his turn -- so polite. He's been so good and so cute. I did cover the little sofa with pillow cases to prevent him from scratching because even though it doesn't bother you, it makes me crazy to have to watch him go at it.

Chengo did go out last night and played the rascal -- not wanting to come in, or come part way in and then dash away.

The bright-eyed little guy came by for a snack. He's very healthy looking and not shy at all. He belongs to someone who does care for him (I think). Also fed the b&w guy on the front porch last night. Saw him running down the alley, heading for our place so I went out and fed him. He doesn't seem to come around in the a.m.

Hope your flight was okay. Just remember the wise words of Gil...hmmm, they've slipped my mind right now, but I'm sure he'd have something to say to take your mind off the turbulance.

the house is so quiet without you guys here. It's almost eerie. Anyway, i'll talk to you soon. Enjoy the food, the drink, the land etc etc.

love sarah

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Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Life with Leni has provided such a full schedule lately, I'm not even sure where to begin...

I suppose I should start with Turks and Infidels, the play Leni starred in this past May/June. Despite the negative reviews and small turn out (SARS hit the entertainment world hard), I would say the play was a success. Leni was fabulous as was the rest of the cast. I think Rochelle is a brilliant playwright and cannot wait to see what she produces next. The local theatre awards people seemed very impressed as well since they returned for a second night.

Leni held a fan appreciation night and I want to thank all of you who turned out for it. It was so great to meet you all (I finally got to meet Ro!) I?ve said it before and I'll say it again, Leni has the kindest, sweetest fans ever. I've never met such a diverse and interesting group of people with such varied interests.

After the play on fan appreciation night, we went to a nearby pub with everyone (our mo'om was there too!) and had a nice time getting to know each other. Thank you everyone for making that day so wonderful.

In July Leni and I started working at Rochelle's children's theatre day camp. It was a wild and challenging time for us, but we settled into managing 40 - 50 kids everyday. Fortunately, Rochelle had the best staff ever so it all worked out pretty smoothly this year. Leni directed the kiddies in an abridged version of Romeo and Juliet. They all became such a tight group and they adored Leni. Despite Leni's occasional moaning about how the kids weren't listening to her, she ultimately had a great experience and was so proud when the kiddies performed for their parents and friends. Now, Leni is continuing her work with Rochelle's weekend camp that runs throughout the school year. Once again Leni is passing on her acting knowledge to these young talented minds and once again she is enjoying it.

Also, in July I went to Toronto Trek with Leni. Rochelle drove us out there and brought a t.v. so we could screen the blooper reel and a trailer for the documentary Reality Quest, which is about Leni's life as a performer, focusing on her experience of being Da'an and going to conventions. There is some great convention footage and wonderful interviews with some of her fans. It's soon to be released in Canada. Once I know a date for sure, I'll let you all know. Hopefully, we can eventually get some copies up on a site for sale. (That's all in the distant future though so don't reach for your credit cards just yet!)

So, we're at Toronto Trek (hi everyone I met there. Michael, if you read this, I still can't believe you brought the Da'an suit all the way from Calgary! Thank you for leaving it at the table though it looked so beautiful)...oh, and Anita was there too with her sister! It was a Sister Con that weekend. Someone even took pictures of the sisters together. Wish I knew who it was, I'd love to see them.

Okay, so we're at Toronto Trek. Leni, Rochelle and I are setting up at the table and there's this funky smell emitting from I don't know where. We're not too concerned at first, but then the longer we stay there the more we can't take it. Plus, we're trying to figure out where this stench is coming from. Poor Rochelle, eight months pregnant and incredibly sensitive to smells. She is ready to pack up and leave. So, I'm sent on the mission to find some incense or something to mask the smell. Around the corner I find a fab table with lovely scented candles. One set is called "New Baby Blessing". I buy these for Rochelle and the woman who works at the table even comes over and lights the candles for us. I also light some incense that I purchased from the same dealer. But...we have nothing to use for a candle holder. I don't want to use one of Leni's photos! Rochelle to the rescue (as always). She has brought Spice Girls Dixie cups (left over from her Spice Girls party) and inverted they make a perfect spot for the candles and we are able to breath again. Phew.

Wait...the smell is still there and now we've connected it to a person. Someone who works there has visited the table a couple of times and he has left the odor behind! It's just like that Seinfeld episode where Jerry can't get rid of the B.O. smell in his car that was left behind by a valet. We laugh about it, but Rochelle can't take anymore and she leaves for the day.

Leni and I continue on meeting people. Leni signs and chats with people. It's business as usual. We decide to switch seats so Leni can talk to Anita. As we're rearranging, I hear Leni say "I think my hair's on fire." I look up to see a cloud of smoke around her head! We pat her hair, putting the fire out. Not too much damage, but enough that we have to perform an emergency hair cut at the table. Afterall, we still have the rest of the day and a banquet that night. The worst of it though (okay, Leni's damaged hair was pretty bad) was the burnt hair smell that has now filled the entire dealer room! Mon Dieu! Dealers from across the room are wondering where is that smell coming from. I even spoke to one woman who saw the smoke and thought there was a fire in the building! That's the end of the candle, we blow it out and stick to the incense.

So that was Toronto Trek. Note to self: no candles at the signing table.

By the end of the convention, we decided that I should take over handling organizing Leni attending conventions. We spend so much time together and now I've started traveling with her to conventions as an assistant so it seemed natural for me to take over booking conventions. The woman, Donna, who was doing it for Leni previously was super nice about the transition and she's going to continue carrying Leni's products on her site.

So, the next convention for Leni will be in Montreal at it's first science fiction expo from November 14-16 at the Palais de Congres, which is central/downtown Montreal. Can't wait!

Peace to all.

sister sarah

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Thursday, May 15, 2003

I'm getting down right prolific. It must be procrastination time (this always occurs when it comes to writing my thesis).

Just wanted to update everyone on Leni's current work. Turks and Infidels rehearsals are going well. Rochelle's husband and his best friend have constructed a beautiful set that is Joan's house. Joan is the main character, and this is Leni's role in the play. Leni is learning her lines and working through the monologues (there are several). I help her with her lines when she's not in rehearsal and it's great watching her bring Joan to life.

I guess I should tell you what the play is about! The story opens post-funeral of Joan's brother, Will. The two were never terribly close, but Joan is holding the wake. Her sister-in-law, Anne, and her young daughter, Susanna move in with Joan temporarily. It is about Anne and Susanna dealing with their grief (Anne uncovers some unsettling truth about Will and Susanna only speaks appropriate lines from Shakespeare). It is also about Joan's journey as an illegal mid-wife (the laws in Ontario changed circa 1995, I think, and Joan never followed the law) as she continues to guide women through their pregnancies and deal with Anne and Susanna whom she doesn't know that well. Ultimately, Joan must overcome her own pride in order to help other women and herself. It's quite a journey. I think it would make a great film too.

The other wonderful thing about Joan's character is her personal beliefs. She supports animal rights and is anti-large corporation running the world kind of thing. So, she has these great monologues where she gets into rants about what the pregnant women are eating and by association feeding their babies. The other thing Joan likes to rant about relates to the "Turks" reference. Derek "the Turk" Sanderson played for the hockey team, the Boston Bruins, at the same time as the famous Bobby Orr (1970s). Joan is a big Bruins fan and a Sanderson fan. Sanderson never got the recognition Orr got. For Joan, he's an icon and she worships his legacy as if he was a deity. (Boy, Rochelle sure can pack a lot into a play!).

There's also another significant character, Thomas (played by Tim Post who was in Lassie with Leni) who is renovating Joan's place and acts as her conscience every now and then.

That's a very rough sketch of the story. Hopefully, I've done the play some justice. After I see it, I'll be better able to explain more and give you details of the performance itself.

There's a fan appreciation night for Leni's fans. I may go to that too if I have the time. I expect Mo'om will be there that night. She'll definitely be attending a few nights of the play. Whenever Leni did a play in Montreal, our mother would be there almost every night and usually with a different crowd of friends. She's so supportive and so proud of Leni, as we all are. Our brother may even make it to Toronto for the show, but we haven't heard for sure on that one. He's at work at least six days a week.

A brief garden update:

Leni has been very busy with rehearsals so she hasn't had too much time to spend in the garden, but the season is early and nothing is getting too unruly yet. I have Dahliaitis. I'm borrowing this disease-like term from Alice Walker (whom I greatly admire) after reading one of her essays about loving her garden and how each year she'd be stricken with a new flower illness such as: hollyhockitis or oriental poppyitis. The symptoms are: spending all of your time trying to find more of the specific plant/flower for your garden. So...I have Dahliaitis. This started last season when Leni and I were given four Dahlia stalks to plant. We did and all four did not survive. (Actually, it probably started when I lived on the West coast and experienced a field of Dahlias at a friend's home. I guess I caught the virus there and it's been dormant for a few years). This year I have planted four more Dahlias -- already established. I'm not taking any chances. Hopefully at least half will survive and prosper (ha! live long and prosper!). The garden looks so bright right now with our tulips, hyacinths and daffodils in full bloom. Those pesky violets are everywhere! I love violets, but they are quite invasive. We also have the best show of our rhododendron this year. There are more blooms than leaves! Finally, the oriental poppy is coming along well. That's always exciting. Okay, I've babbled on long enough about the garden. You'll have to imagine it for yourselves since pictures are an impossibility for me.
peace to all,

sister sarah

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Saturday, May 10, 2003

Earlier I added another lengthy entry, detailing our life Saturday and Sunday. The computer decided not to like me and I lost my entry.

so, I can't go back. It was written and perhaps it's just saving you some time -- you don't have to read it. I guess you have that choice regardless. LOL.

anyway, I included some links to pix over the weekend from the Star Trek fed con site. Take note of the two Taelon costumes (one is Hinke) that were fabulous. I was a judge on the panel -- that's me congratulating Feregi blok for the best look alike costume. Although, just between us, I of course thought the Da'an costumes were fabulous and they both stayed in character and spoke Taelon. It was brilliant. However, there were five of us on the panel and we had to come to some consensus.

I'll sum up Saturday by saying: I'm still recovering from the party and Leni danced on the table at the disco. We led a conga line (spelling?) and watched fireworks from the rooftop (Renay was there!). We partied late into the night and I've never danced so much as I did over the weekend.

I met Leni's Italian fans Rosella and Piera who are so kind and generous. They were wearing their farewell t-shirts and Leni's one of a kind jewelry. Rosella owns Leni's costume and boots. She bought them on e-bay. She brought Ma'el's death costume and Leni wore it on stage the night of the costume parade. It was quite fun and funny.

The Convention was the most fun and I met so many wonderful people. I got to know Robert a little bit -- he's very genuinely sweet. It was good to spend so much time with my sister since we don't often get time to ourselves here at home.

I hope to meet more of you at future conventions. And look out for my next log that will probably be on gardening as we get into planting our veggies for the season.


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robertclosing.jpeg (4k file)

I have to include Robert since he was a big part of the weekend!

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partyleni&robert.jpeg (4k file)

that's Leni with her arms in the air, shaking up the dance floor with Robert!

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