People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (P.E.T.A)
All Creatures Great and Small:-)
A Note of Caution from Leni: It's important NOT to support pet shops which get their animals from puppy mills and kitty breeding farms which also sell to labs. Always go to your local Humane society!!!
In honor of Leni's love for her cats:-) and animals in general, please take a moment to check this site out. From your e-mails to me, some of you appear to have the same concerns. This link is offered as a way to keep you informed.
Leni has, so far this year, saved five cats from the streets. Four were adopted to good homes and the fifth, unfortunately, had serious health problems and had to be put to sleep. This is not just a 'nice guy' thing or a publicity stunt, Leni truly loves these animals. Though she enjoys the presents the club gives her, she has asked that, if you wish to do something for her birthday (November 5) that you make a small donation to your local Humane Society, or to the P.E.T.A. (These donations do not have to be in her name, but you may if you so choose).
American Anti-Vivisection Society: While in London, Leni marched in the April 15th Anti-Vivisection National March,which ended at Trifalga Square. For your info: April is also World Lab Animal Month. Leni says "How can we expect to live peacefully together until we can treat all sentient beings with respect?'

Save The Wildlife
Environmental Concerns:
"E"-Magazine: An environmental magazine that keeps you current with what is happening to Mother Earth!! Check out the link or . . .you can purchase them at your local news stand.

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