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Thursday, September 12, 2002

(This is from Rochelle but she's busy so I've posted it)

Holy Taelon, batman! What a weekend we had in Atlanta for Dragon*Con August 29 to Sept.3. Talk about southern hospitality - Leni and I were overwhelmed by the the kindness and generosity of the fans and convention staff!

Thursday we arrived at the Atlanta airport carrying a gigantic, goalie-sized hockey bag which was so big and heavy we had to drag it, literally, (like on the ground) across Peachtree Avenue to reach our hotel in beautiful BUCKHEAD. What an amazing area! Beautiful, clean, and much classier than us!

After recovering from our trip, we discovered the incomparable Lennox mall containing an Aveda store (heavenly chorus) where Leni and I continued our classic battle over whether she should wear copper lipstick, which suits her coloring, or purple plum, which makes her look like a corpse. Wonder which side I was on? Then to the sumptuous California Pizza Kitchen with their YUMMY vegetarian Thai spring rolls, and finally to our new favorite clothing store - RICH'S!!! Honestly, it was like walking through a dream - rack after rack of LENI CLOTHES!! In fact, Len became so obsessed with one particular orange blouse that we had to go back to the store the following day, five minutes to closing time, so that she could buy it to go out that night!

Friday, Leni's documentary crew (producer Andrea, director Lisa and super-cute cameraman Sebastian) arrived to shoot more footage for "Reality Quest," which is a one-hour film all about Leni, Da'an and trying to have a life after EFC. We set up our table (which is getting more elaborate all the time - thus, the cursed hockey bag) and finally got the chance to meet many of Leni's fans from all over. Sitting 2 tables down from Linda Blair was pretty cool (except for the fact that even glimpsing her face scares the bleeding crap out of me due to a traumatic childhood viewing of "The Excorcist"). She's a vegan, she rescues dogs, you'd think I could get past it....Seeing Robert Leeshock was fantastic - one of the truly great guys in a business filled with icky guys!! And making friends with Steven Austin (or Stone Cold, as I dubbed him) was terrific - he and Leni partied on Saturday night!

Friday night we curled up in our respective, obscenely comfortable hotel beds with cocktails and snacks to watch "The Panic Room" on hotel pay-per-view. Good movie! Very suspenseful!

Saturday we were visited at our table by Renay and Earl - the sweetest couple ever. Renay and her sister Bonnie saw Leni at Toronto Trek, and Len was really touched that they had travelled so far again, never mind Earl bringing us t-shirts from the Panama Canal - SO thoughtful!!!! In fact, there were several times over the weekend when Leni remarked that she had the nicest fans in the world. Something to do with Da'an, she thought, and the benevolent nature of the character. (Right, like it has nothing to do with the fact that LENI is such a great girl...!)

So many great people - James, so wonderful, we loved hanging with you, honey! And poor, sweet Seth who lugged the evil hockey bag all the way from the subway to our display table in the Marriott, wearing LATEX, no less, in the August heat....bless his heart. The guilt nearly killed us! Seeing Ro and Elizabeth was a real treat for Leni, as always, and the best experience of the trip came spending time with Ro and her mom at her mom's house for dinner. A truly emotional experience for Leni and her documentary crew.

The Sunday afternoon panel discussion with Robert was the best I've seen - Leni and Robert in rare form and so entertaining, as always. Sunday night was a blast hanging with fans and the truly insane Mike the picture guy at the Hyatt bar then seeing the fabulous "Cruxshadows" until 3am. (WAY past my bedtime).

Monday was an insane, last-minute pack-up at the dealer room, followed by a mellow drive to the airport with Lurch from the Addams family! Saw Ted Raimi at the airport - who knew he was so cute?! Then we got offered $450 Delta dollars plus a free dinner and hotel to give up our flight. Me, the one with the husband waiting and three kids, I say "Yes! Yes! Tes!" but Miss Leni was nearly beside herself missing her two CATS Lemon and Mamasita, so we declined. (She's a much better mommy than I am.)

Then, to the plane, ... and home again, home again, jiggedy jig.

Leni's off to California then Montreal to rehearse a play and I am firming up plans for more conventions - hopefully Florida in the winter and Germany in the spring! Vegan bratwurst, anyone?

Thank-you, Dragon*con - ers for an AMAZING weekend - we had the time of our lives! See you soon!

p.s. from Leni-we are hooked on Conan O'Brian - can anyone help us?! Too much weekend, hotel t.v.

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