Letters From Leni :-)
Hello to all the fans and a big welcome to the fan club! I'm really flattered that a few of you out there are so interested in the show and my career. As an actor, you do what you do for the love of it and the need to express yourself. To have acknowledgement for that is an added bonus. I'm operating on very little sleep right now, having just shot a day on a film last night, but I wanted to make contact because Cheryl has been so patient these past few months. Last week, I ventured to London, England (donning a British accent, or 'Da'aning a British accent:-) for 'Star Fury 99'. This being my third convention, it ranks as one of the top three I've been to (just kidding) LOL. But seriously, it was a weekend to remember. We kicked off the convention with a 'meet and greet' for the fans. I was extremely nervous, having to face 300 people in a dark auditorium with the stage lit up. Never put a shy person with a microphone in their hand up on stage alone. However, the fans were so endearing and accepting, the rest of the weekend was a breeze. I took my cue from a convention pro, Claudia Christian from Babylon 5, who was poised, gracious, and fun. Richard (Augur) and I did a fan photo session where people could have their pictures taken with us. Afterwards, we did a Q&A session for one hour with the fans. It's always easier to have a good friend by your side. We each discussed our roles in the show and where we would like our characters to go. Some of the questions were about what happens 'on set', ie green screen shooting, bloopers, juicy moments between Zo'or and Da'an. . .it was nice to have Richard and I representing 'Earth' being from opposite sides on the show. But he was a perfect gentleman and no fisticuffs ensued. I think Augur has a thing for baldness:-) I found the fans informed, intelligent, and extremely well spoken. On the following day we had the chance to conduct solo Q&A's. It was delightful. We closed the weekend with a little dancing and singing and many cherry good byes. So I have now met wonderful people who I look forward to seeing again. Next up: Denver, Colorado, April 16-18. I'll keep you posted . Look for an interview in Femme Fatale coming out sometime in the next two months.

Leni, Mar 99
The Denver Convention: by Leni:-)Hi Everyone. A special hello to all the new members! Firstly, our chat was a whole lot of fun. I am hoping to participate in another one after my show is up and running. We go back into production the end of May and I am so looking forward to that. I've had a very exciting hiatus which included the convention circuit. My last convention was Starfest 99 in Denver, Colorado, April 17 and 18th. The weekend was, of course, jam-packed with lots to see and do for the fans. I had a wonderful time with Earth fans. It never ceases to amaze me how dedicated the fans are to our show. The format of the convention was similar to "Starfury" in London, but we were staying in the same hotel with the fans. I managed to have a few one-on-one discussions with the fans during my autograph sessions and everyone is excited about Seasons 3 and 4. I had the opportunity to visit Denver in the evenings and it is a beautiful city. Having only seen the Canadian Rockies, I was impressed with the difference in the terrain around the Colorado Rockies. Unlike our landscape, it appears as though they are surrounded by desert. . .breathtaking. Being a vegan in a "cowtown" was a challenge. But there's always Italian cuisine. LOL Next stop. . .Con-Monality in Toronto, June 18-20. Hope to see some of you there. Happy spring, everyone! My flowers at home are blooming finally.

All the best.
Hi Everyone!! It's been a long time since I had a chance to write. So, this is my Christmas, Valentine's and New Millennium letter. Well, the show finally wrapped and it was a terrific year! Lots of hard work, but lots of merriment too.I have not stopped since "Earth" wrapped. At the end of February, I formed a theatre company with an old school chum. The name of our troupe is Your Theatre Company. We expect to produce a couple of shows this year. One, called With Honour and Grace, is already underway. We will be work-shopping it in May, and hope to see it on the stage before the end of the year.Next on the agenda: My upcoming convention appearances in Paris, France; Columbus, Ohio; and Aberdeen, Scotland. I leave for Paris March 1, and look forward to seeing you at the convention on March 4. You'll also be able to catch Richard, Von, and Eugene, Jr. there, if you can make it. As for Columbus and Aberdeen, I will keep you updated on the details as they develop.Speaking of tiles. . .I've just completed a mosaic countertop in my home. It was A LOT of work, but well worth the trouble. If anyone has information on "grouting", please pass it on to me!!No rest for the wicked - right after Paris, I'm off to the Ukraine to shoot a film about filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein, (best know for his famous epic Battleship Potempkin). I play Anya, one of Mayerhold's students during the revolution. It is a six week shoot and I'm psyched about portraying a human for a change. (With hair!)Again, apologies for not writing sooner. As you can see, I'm busy, but I am thinking of all of you.A big thank you to Erika and all for the Christmas gift. Da'an opened it in his dressing room.And, Natalie, congratulations on winning the contest! I will call you before I leave for Paris. Can't wait for you to see the season's closing episode. Brace Yourselves - It's gonna be a bumpy ride!! Enjoy the winter - I'll see you when the snow melts. 'Till then. . .

Take Care,
this letter is from Leni to the fan club president:

Dear Ro,
I will compose a message to the fans today. I am in Montreal,

Mom and I are freaking over our necklaces!! We love them. I wear mine with honor, my fans are the greatest people in the world!! Tell them we were so moved by the gifts. Anita and I were working on the last day of shooting and Carolyn brought all the gifts to set. The crew loved the gift basket, and Da'an opened his gifts in his room. He was almost in tears, but I told him to hold back, he would ruin the makeup. I got the most lovely cards.

More later, must run off to the gym.

All the best,
hugs, Leni(Da'an.)

letter to fans:

Holiday greetings to you all from Da'an and Leni. This was the first year I got to spend my Christmas Eve with all the cats in the house. I decided to stay at home to make sure Laddy, Mama, and my sisters cats had a safe and loving Christmas. Gave them a couple of presents, but you know children, they just want to play with the wrapping...Laddy managed to knock down a few decorations and that seemed to be hours of endless amusement for him. Mama quietly slept under the tree ,with the lights keeping her warm and glowing. My friend and I made lots of decorations this year; she is an artist, so you can imagine how much fun it was to be so inspired by someone creative. Our tree is a sparkling cluster of glitter, with some old fashioned Santa images (Victorian), cranberry garland, and silver angels. We bought Christmas balls and made wonderful glitter designs, I will add these to my collection, for holidays to come. For New Years, I am in Montreal to bring in the year with Mo'om! We absolutely LOVE our necklaces. I will wear it New Year's Eve, it is so cool! I think you guys may start a sci-fi tread with those! Thank you for all the beautiful gifts, Cheryl will post what I wrote to her, Da'an was beside himself with joy. It is quite a sight to see a Taelon happy and excited, completely out of character...We have so much snow here, it is more than a white Christmas!! Hope you are all having a peaceful time, I know it can get pretty crazy this time of year; but just remember to relax, breathe, and sip another soy-nog; CHEERS! Love to you all, wherever you may be. Goodwill and peace to all species great and small...

Again, from my heart-much thanks for the sweet cards, I will try and respond soon. Merry , merry!!

Peace, Leni(Da'an)
letter from Leni's mom ^_^

Dear Fans,

Just a note to tell you how touched and delighted I am with the necklace you gave me. I wore it with pride throughout Christmas and it made me feel very special. People think it's such a cute idea. I feel I have to wear two hats with Leni...one as Mom and one as Mo'om...because the personalities of Leni and Da'an are somewhat different. Thanks again and I'll think of you fans every time I wear it. Best regards for the new year.

First, my heart is breaking for all of you down there and what you must be going through after last week's tragedy. I am simply in shock ,as the whole world is at this moment. Let all my American fans know I am thinking of them, and am praying justice will prevail; but also that peace will overcome whatever lies ahead.

I was truly moved by the reaction of everyone involved. It is hard for me to tear myself away from the television, in hopes that some glimmer of good news will shed light and comfort to the thousands who have suffered such a tremendous loss. I got your message, and of course my show in N.Y. is canceled. It was an immediate decision by the festival the next day.

Leni, Sept. '01
Hey, you guys and gals rock my world!! Firstly, it has probably been a hard year for everyone, especially our American friends...If Da'an could witness this outpouring of love and warmth from humanity, he would be truly impressed. I wanted so long ago to tell you all how enriched my life is having you in it. How when I am having a rough week I still know there is this totally amazing group of people who are thinking about me, but I guess you all need to know-I read EVERY letter, every piece of mail is lovingly acknowledged; each and every one of you has touched my life along the way. Ro, Terry, Carolyn, Jo'on, Marcella, Stella, Kirosi, Erleen, Muriel, Elizabeth, Julia, Rob, Alisha, Rosella, Kim, Kezia, Audrey, Karin(Sky), MaryRose, Tova, Ryuuri, Geraldine, Colleen, Anna, Ih'tan, Kristi, Becky, Aga'te, Marina, Seven O'Nine, Lee Ann, Colette and Ray, Nancy, Katana, Donna, Kiwi, Monica, Verena, Sofia, Minke, you are all in my thoughts for this upcoming year!!! And please, if anybody is missing and I know you are-let me know, Ro. I am finally responding to birthday and christmas mail!!! Let's make 2002 full of love, joy, prosperity, happiness, and most of all, LAUGHTER; we could all use a great, big dose now and then, don't you think?! I will hopefully be getting around to more Conventions this year,hope to see some of you. Oh, one more thing, let's make this year a safe and happy one for all the animals who have and will touch our lives...

All my love and regards,


(big hellos from Laddy; Mama-sita; and my baby, lemoncello(chelly)

Feb. '02
I don't know what to say. Thank you,thank you. I have so much comfort in knowing you are all out there sending good thoughts. Give all your babies big hugs and kisses today and every day. I love the Rainbow bridge poem.

I am weeping right now so it is hard to write, but I have to tell each and every person connected to this club how utterly thankful I am to have received all those messages.

Today was a hard day, I received Laddy's ashes from the vet. I got an amazing card from the family who cremated him in a private service. They treated him with the utmost respect and care. The urn is beautiful-white with black swirls, like my boy. My mind is at ease now, knowing he is with me in spirit. I will sprinkle some of his ashes on a lake when I go back home next week, some will go to his favorite spot in the yard-under the peach tree...and most will remain with me, at my bedside. I guess you're all getting just how close I was with my guy. As I said,no other male ever held a candle to Laddy. (I'm sure my boyfriend will understand that...) For all the cat presents you have given me and the kitties-thank you, I cherish them.

Well, isn't life strange? It waits for no one(time, that is), my Lemoncello boy is demanding my attention-he wants me off the computer!! Just the way Laddy trained him...Love to you all, hope to see some of you at Atlanta, if not, let's talk.


Aug '02


Well, It has been a year and a half since I finished Earth and, I must say, an interesting one. I don't recall a year before this that I worked so little and yet was so busy travelling and starting projects.

My friend Rochelle is finishing our play as we speak, and hopefully we will do a first reading with actors next week. I have been anxiously awaiting the completion of it-she is a spectacular writer and the character she has given me is marvelous. I play a midwife who practices out of her home; my brother has just passed away and his wife (my best friend) has come to live with me. She also has brought her 11 year old daughter who is extremely traumatized by her father's death. The daughter is only able to speak Shakespearean monologues. My brother was a renowned director and actor so his daughter grew up in the theatre. Sound dramatic,or what?? I will fill you in more on the plot as it progresses. We hope to produce it in the spring at the St. Lawrence center for the Arts. It is an amazing venue!!

I taught at Rochelle's children's summer camp there for 4 weeks. Anita came in to do a Shakespeare class, and I directed the Broadway show. It was a lot of fun, but extremely hard work. I don't know if I will have kids after this experience....all you parents out there-I commend you!!

I guess most of you know, I did the Vagina monologues in the Maritimes (close to my home town)last February. It was a huge sucess-Natalie from the club was there-we had a blast!! I have just spoken to the producer of the show and she and I want to make it a yearly event! So, all things permitting, I will be in N.B. for the show each Valentines.

Presently, I am working on a play called La Fete des Morts(the festival of the dead). It will open in Mtl. on Oct. 23rd and run for 10 shows. It is a creation with some actors from my old theatre troupe in Mtl. I am very excited, have kind of come up with three characters I would like to play. I will expand on this as soon as I get back to Mtl. for rehearsal!!

I had one audition this week(usually I average one) for a movie of the week about de-segregation. Great script, small role, but at this point, I just really like the thought of keeping as busy as possible.

I worked on a film 2 weeks ago called "Mambo Italiano". It was a blast!! I played the lead character's persona in the t.v. version of their life. Paul Sorvino was in the scene, he is supposed to be watching us and laughing at the antics the t.v. family get up to.It was my first Italian role. Finally all that auditioning paid off!!

Also, I did a day at the film center here in Toronto. It was a program for new directors. We took a scene and two directors interpreted it and we played it out two different ways. A lot of fun and hard work-my favorite combination!! A friend of my sister's is at the center-she said it looks fabulous, so I hope to get a copy.

I am waiting on a big audition-a role in a Roland Emerich film called "The Day after Tomorrow". It's sci-fi!! Yea!! I had a call back, which went well-keep your fingers crossed. It would be 10 days shooting in Mtl. in November. I love the role-a librarian at the New York public library. It is the end of the world and she is trapped with some others in the library. I love the script!! This kind of role comes along not too often...

Well, I'm off to California tomorrow to a wedding. Ro, I will try and scan all the pics for you. Cheers,sweetie.

Love, Leni

Sept '02

Hi all!!

Back from Mtl. for a few days and loving the cat time!! Of course they are just settling in to having Leni home and back I go tomorrow!! I have a pretty big week coming up. Lots of crucial rehearsal and two auditions!! Still waiting on the Roland Emerich pic -- doesn't look good when they keep you waiting so long...

Did a great audition for "Doc", a series with Billy-Ray Cyrus. We will see. Hmm...lots of waiting, but I am VERY patient!! We have picked all of our characters for the play - I will be the nanny, as I really wanted that character; I am a sort of "keeper" to all the children in the cemetary. A little creepy, but also very dramatic. It is an interesting role; I am so enjoying watching it unfold. We are still working out the kinks with all the costumes - they are really spectacular!! We are emphasizing warmth as we will be out of doors for the show. More importantly, the audience must be warm and well prepared for any kind of weather. It has been many years since doing an outdoor show, donations of long underwear will be greatly accepted!! LOL. You KNOW I'm kidding. I am a Maritime girl; used to the bitter cold, indoor and out!! During the show the lighting will be all natural - candles, lamps, many battery operated lights, but no stage lights. Scenes will be purposely dimly lit. I guess I shouldn't give too much away until we open. I will be dancing again, just like the good old days with my company and playing music! And it doesn't get any better than performing on my favorite holiday, HALLOWEEN!! boo, boo,boooooo! My sister and her husband will do the honors at our home in Toronto, and I will be scaring the pants off of people in Mtl.

Well, time to go work on the auditions - one is called Outrage, story of an addict and her children(I play the social worker, Gloria Parker, who is handling the case). The other is the Rudy Guilliani story. I am not sure who I will be auditioning for yet in that one.

Oh, what did we all think of the Buffy season premiere??! I say it looks like the last season, and it's going to be a good one.

Big hellos to all of you, thanks for an amazing chat! It will be fun to talk more often! To Renay and Earl - the pics from Dragon-con are wonderful! Thanks.


Sept. '02

Hello to all of you!!! Are you out there?? I've just been on another planet(Taelon)for a while. How was everyone's christmas holiday? I drank carton upon carton of Soya Nog. It has a lighter taste than the dairy stuff, and of course it is vegan. I have just received a package from Ro, thank you for all the beautiful cards and gifts-I am still opening all the cards(and thanks to my Ro for sending them on to me). Isn't she great?!! Hope you were all good to each other over the holidays.

Firstly, hi to Mary Rose, Kim in Australia, Rosella, John, my fans in Russia and China! Wow, to all you guys, thanks for all keeping in touch through the old mail system, I do get every letter and read everything, and am always filled with such warmth for all of you. So, I guess we need to get caught up? I got your pics, Becky and Nancy, thanks! I will be doing the Vagina Monologues in N.B. on the 22nd of Feb. Some new monologues for me to learn, some new actors from the States to meet and work with; we are all very keyed up for this again. We will be raising money for the local women's shelter and hope to be able to contribute even more this year. I will be at the St. Stephens high school theatre on the 22nd at 2:00. You can get me to hold tickets for you if you are coming, just let Ro know.

My two movies will be out this year(both made for t.v.) Deadly Betrayal and Choices will both air in the next 6 months(am guessing). It is confirmed that the play, Turks and Infidels, will happen in May from the 28th of May to the 12th of June. It will be at the ST. Lawrence center on Front street in Toronto. Everyone come on up and I can get you discounted group rates for the play. I would love some of you to see it-it's going to be fabulous. It is a demanding role because it is realism which is always hard to do justice to. But we have the grand Mistress at the helm, my dearest friend Rochelle. She is a marvelous director, has always helped me do my best auditions.

Now for home news...a new arrival to the family, we are pleased to announce the adoption of Penelope! She came all the way from Mtl. with me and Mom. She is 7 years old, tiny, and sweet. She loves other cats, but is wary of humans. We have had a great week with her; she will come around in no time, I am sure. I was really missing Laddy, and thought it was the right thing to do, Penny had lived on the street all her life! She has FIV, but we are handling the situation with love and care. She should be able to have a very stress free life from now on. To Terry, I am so sorry about Scout...You know how hard it is, I just was glad I got to meet him...I am sitting here surrounded by cat cards of love from all of you! Oh, thanks to Erleen for taping "Charms", don't I look special in it!!

The Post Kryssmas contest is coming out shortly, so stay tuned!! Love to you all, and let's have a blessed year. Let's all stand up for what we believe in, let's speak our minds when we see an injustice, let's reach out to all those less fortunate and in need ,and let's remember to be thankful for having each other. My sister sent me a great email about "Rice for Peace"-it is an anti-war message you can send to each of your governments. It talks about feeding your enemy if he or she is hungry...I will forward it to Ro, she can pass it on.

Love to you and yours,

LENI(and Da'an)

Feb '03

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