Leni Parker Fan Club Chat Transcript
Sunday, August 6, 2000
5:12 PM EST

Lenip: Hi I'm finally here. For how long I don't know. Jo'on, I guess we should start talking.

AgentSmith: Yes, Leni has arrived in the building! ;-)

Louis: Hello, Leni.

DaansConsort: Sinaui Euhura. Leni!!

Eponine Dax: Yay!!! Hi Leni!!!!!!!

Rayjay: Hi, Leni! Thanks for making time..!

Erleen: Leni, are your here?

Naorrin: **ops... I just fainted...**

Rob: Hey, Leni *hug* :-)

Kilana: Hey, Leni!!

Seveni: Hello, Ms. Parker!

mauidean: Aloha, Leni.

Dreamweaver: Hi, Leni!

Casleigh: Hi Leni! so glad you made it!

DaansConsort: Leni Leni!!

Kimera: How are you, Leni?

LeniP: No problem, Rayjay, happy to be here.

trdwlf: But it is nice to meet you anyway, Leni!!

Erleen: Great that you arrived. Leni!

kristi: I love your portrayal of Da'an!

Hobbit: Hi, Leni!

kirosi: Glad to see you!

Rayjaysuyin: *sigh*

DaansConsort: I saw you in Emily of New Moon!!

Kilana: It's not usually this bad in here Leni, lol. Something happened to the main servers, java servers or whatever.

Erleen: How was the filming?

Agent Amy: I saw you in Emily as well.

DaansConsort: I LOVE DA'AN!!

LeniP: This is the last day of my vacation and boy I've really enjoyed it. Just finishing shooting The Hound of the Baskervilles.

Seveni: Only managed to see you in "Mrs. Parker" and "Little Tree."

Naorrin: Kristi... question is, who doesn't love Leni as Da'an...**sigh**

Kimera: What's the movie about, Leni?

To_va: Hi, Leni. I was looking for you in the other rooms.

Agent Amy: I recently also watched you in "Million Dollar Babies"

LeniP: Thanks Da'ans consort, and Kristi. You are all so sweet.

Casleigh: Is your back ok now Leni?

Louis: Who did you play in Hound of the Baskavilles.

BabyKosh: A lot of ppl are having problems in the newest ep.

Nael: So, Leni when not filming what do you for fun??

To_va: Thanks for coming, Leni. Glad you could make it. I live in Geneva/Switzerland.

Rob: Hi, Leni, this is Rob from about 5 different conventions. 6 foot, dark hair. Nice to see you again. :-)

Rob: Toronto.

Rayjaysuyin: I have to say, Leni, that you certainly can play a believable B*tch.. I wanted to slap "Ms Brownell" More than once In Emily..."

Hobbit: I'm from Guatemala.

DaansConsort: What is your favorite to date apart from Da'an?

LeniP: Everyone, this is pretty fast typing for my mother. So bear with us. I play Mrs. Barrymore, the head of the house. It's been delightful. I think my British accent is improving.

Erleen: I liked Brownell!

Fee64347: Germany...

Naorrin: Hey... Portugal here!!!

Seveni: Hi, this is Seven who you have never met before. I was wondering, have you ever left the set with makeup on?

DaansConsort: United Kingdom yee haa!!

Crystal Kincaid: French here!

jassi: Also, Germany.

Kimera: 15 km away from Jassi, lol

Kilana: Yeah, I read that you thought about going out or whatever dressed as a taelon, have you ever actually done that yet? hehe

Rayjaysuyin: Hi Mrs. Leni's Mo,! Thank you for bearing with us!

Nael: good question seven!!!!

Crystal Kincaid: So welcome here, Leni.Casleigh: UK here, too!

LeniP: Hey guys, this is a regular United Nations gathering. Do you think we can solve some world problems.

Rob: Sure.

trdwlf: LOL.

Crystal Kincaid: Sure!

Agent Amy: lol.....it would be nice if we could Leni

Hobbit: Like what?

Kilana: I sure hope so, I think so if everyone stands together and stuff. The world definitely needs all the help it can get, I think.

DaansConsort: *bows* to Leni's Mom.

Erleen: Sure all they have to do is Love!

LeniP: Hey Rob, have you posted that picture of me eating at Con-monality?

Fee64347: Yes Leni, with your help almost everything should be possible..:-)

Rob: No. I didn't post that one.

Seveni: Hi, Leni's mom!

Hobbit: Takes off hat to Leni's Mom... what is your name?

Crystal Kincaid: what picture?

jassi: It's a nice pic.

DaansConsort: *waves hand and solves all world problems**

Erleen: So Mum is the family Geek?

sesperia: Hi Leni and Leni's mom

Louis: Leni, I adore the way you play Da'an, I find the character captivating.

Rayjaysuyin: (Question: Why isnt leni typing for herself...?)

To_va: Hi, Leni's Mom.

LeniP: Kilana. If we were shooting up north, I would gladly wear the costume. It really heats up. But after shooting Baskervilles, I'm bound for 'corset land.' No pun intended.

Naorrin: If only it was so easy like waving hand...

Crystal Kincaid: Agree.

DaansConsort: Yes, am watching reruns at the moment.

Rayjaysuyin: Corset land? What are you doing next...?

Kilana: hehe, okay:) Maybe you'll get up north one day and you can do it and scare everyone, lol

Rob: here's the page with the Conmonality pics http://members.fortunecity.com/lennier68/conmon2.html

LeniP: My name is Mo'om. Actually the fans gave me a bracelet with Mo'om on it, so it's official.

Erleen: So did they beef you up for the role, Leni?

To_va: I love Da'an's voice in French....have you ever heard it ?

DaansConsort: But my video recorder is bust so can't watch Da'an like I usually do :*-(

Nael: Those were the best pic's, Rob!

Crystal Kincaid: Leni it's not difficult to play Da'an?

Rob: Hehe. cute, Mo'om. Nice to see you again, too. I met you twice, I think.

Seveni: Rob, those pics were amazing!

LeniP: Louis, I could only play this character knowing all you wonderful fans are out there, enjoying my Da'an.

Hobbit: Cool! Mo'om!

DaansConsort: *bows* hi mo'om you got a great sproglet!!

Casleigh: Hi, Mo'om,thanks for your typing skills!

Rob: (does that mean kid?)

Nael: Leni: How do u think your portrayal differs from season 1 to right now??

jassi: Leni, do you miss the theatre, the immediate reaction of the audience...?

Agent Amy: lol.......Love that....."Mo'om"! That's cute!

Rayjaysuyin: QUESTION: Leni... off the top of your head, what are some movies you have considerable screen time in? I'm sick of these 5 second deals...

kirosi: Waiting for each appearance!

LeniP: To_va, I met the man who dubs my voice in French. He's fabulous and I'm honored.

Crystal Kincaid: Yes, To'va I'm French!! I listen efc in French!! What pictures please?

Eponine Dax: Hey Leni, I named my bird after Da'an :-)

Louis: What do you think about the direction your character is taking in efc?

DaansConsort: Leni, how are your cats?? Mine says hi to yours!!

Seveni: I nicknamed my baby bro after Da'an. ;) He used to look like you, Leni.

To_va: Leni. Could you give me the Frech dubber's name, as in the credits only the names are given and not who they dub.

LeniP: Rayjay, that's how we all start with the five second deals. But usually tv and series tv affords an actor more small screen time. My next film in the Toronto film festival is Eisenstein and it's a larger and very interesting character.

Fee64347: Leni, this might be the only possibility to tell it: Thanks a LOT for those nice pictures and the little card you've sent me last year through Marie Nazar!!! I was TOTALLY surprized...thanks again...:-)

LeniP: Eponine Dax, how sweet. My mom and I just ahhhhed in chorus.

Crystal Kincaid: QUESTION: What film do you played without EFC?

Rayjaysuyin: *puts pen and paper away. slightly disappointed*

mauidean: Leni, thanks for attending all the fanc club events at the Toronto convention.

LeniP: Hobbitt, neither can I.

DaansConsort: yes Leni Thanx for the 2 pix and letter i was delighted!! will love you forever!!

Naorrin: Some ppl have all the luck in the world!

Reena: Hi all, hi leni!!!

Rob: See you at SFX in 3 weeks, Leni :-)

Erleen: Hey Leni, how do you really pronounce your name?

BabyKosh: Jeez.. is it really only 3 weeks away? what happened to the summer?

Eponine Dax: Leni, do you sing? I know Jayne once told me that Von does, but I was wondering if you do... :-)

LeniP: Just a thought. Please be patient. Pictures are coming. I'm a rat for being so lazy. My cats are great and beautiful and the lights of my life. On a sad note, I'm sorry Naorrin about your kitty.

Seveni: Leni, do you have any hobbies?

DaansConsort: question got ppofed!!

Kimera: what are the names of your cats, Leni?

Hobbit: Oedipus and Mamasita...

To_va: Leni, could you please give me the name of the man who dubs your voice in French?

LeniP: Oh yeah, I sing. In my head and sometimes with a chorus of people around me to drown me out. No actually I love harmonizing and am best as backup. The names of my cats are Oedipus and Mama Sita.

DaansConsort: What is leni short for?...... Mo'om why did you choose Leni for Leni?

kristi: Are you in many episode of EFC in season 4?

Hobbit: Sorry, had to answer that, its on the site...

sesperia: Leni- I was wondering, do you know any Tai Chi? A lot of moves that your character does has Tai Chi like moves in it. I was going to ask you while I was up there, but I forgot.

Eponine Dax: Leni: Ohhhhh wow, you'll hafta record a clip for us or something :-)

LeniP: It's short for Leonora. But I loved the shorter version. Leni. This is Leni now. My boyfriend does Tai Chi and I am heavily into yoga now.

Rayjaysuyin: QUESTION: Last year there was an art exhibit in a nearby college that had some of Rocci Turino's work. I'm being presumptuous in assuming this is *your* rocco... As I didnt get to attend the show, What kind of art does Rocco do?

Fee64347: Leni, do you think, your filming will bring you to Europe in the next time? Toronto is too far away from here...:-)

Crystal Kincaid: cool!

Seveni: Leonora's a pretty name.

Crystal Kincaid: Agree, I love this name!

Reena: Leni, is Rocco cute? :)

Naorrin: Speking of nine lives: thanks God that Da'an is worst than a cat... let us hope that he does not settle for nine... but goes on and on and on... **smirk***

Crystal Kincaid: What is Rocco?DaansConsort: Leonora, was my guess but I now prefer Leni best!!

DaansConsort: Leonora was my guess but I now prefer Leni best!!

Hobbit: Yes, is Rocco cute? (not that we want to steal him or anything ^_^

Seveni: Da'an is eternal, why do you think he's lasted this long?

Naorrin: Hobbit?!

LeniP: So what's the scoop with Da'an and fourth season? Well, I haven't been in that much, but slowly but surely I'm making a comeback. Hey guys my condolences on all our animals that have touched our lives.

Rob: Steal him, Hobbit! Then Leni will be available! hehe

Reena: Well, we wanna know, Leni.

Crystal Kincaid: Thanks, Leni.

DaansConsort: I hope to last as long as Da'an. LOL

Naorrin: Way to go Rob! LOL

Reena: Bad, Rob.

Rob: hehe

LeniP: Rayjay. Was that Buffalo? He was showing at the university there. He currently lives in London and I visit often.

Louis: Da'an, efc won't be the same without you.

Seveni: Leni: That is good to hear. :)

Agent Amy: I am so relieved that Da'an is okay after seeing the Season 3 finale......

Rayjaysuyin: Yes.. In Buffalo....

To_va: we all hope you will see you often in Season 4 and not only in a few eps. !!!

Hobbit: Go Rob! Hehe ^_^

lenip: Agent Smith. Everything is going great.

Rayjaysuyin: What kind of Art does he do?

Kilana: Yes, it would be cool to live that long DaansConsort. lol

DaansConsort: yes I have to wait till jan 2001.

Naorrin: I haven't seen Season 3 at all... sniff sniff...

Agent Amy: No, EFC would never be the same without Da'an.....He is the character who got me so HOOKED!

DaansConsort: To see Season 4.

Casleigh: He lives in London?? Me to! Does he exhibit here, Leni?

LeniP: Somebody please pass a message to Ro to be sure to be on HTML and then relog in. That's how we did it.

Naorrin: Till the end!!!

AgentSmith: Leni, have you heard anything about Starfury next year?

Kilana: Yeah, same here, was just flipping through channels one day, had never even heard of the show, and saw and listened to your character, and I was like, wow, honestly :)

Agent Amy: I tell you Leni I almost yelled at the TV when the Season 3 finale ended.....

Rayjaysuyin: I agree...

DaansConsort: YES, I have fallen in love with Da'an all over again. hehe

Seveni: Da'an is like Spock!

Louis: If you hadn't been cast as Da'an, which other character would you have liked to play?

Eponine Dax: LOL! I DID yell at the TV! hehe

Crystal Kincaid: hehe cool idea Seveni.

LeniP: My next conventions if anyone wants to know are in Toronto and then Aberdeen Scotland.

Rob: SFX

DaansConsort: I did yell at the TV. NO NO NO NO NO NO

taelonteran: LENI----It's Terry. It was great seeing in at the Con on June . Hope to see you at SFX in three weeks! Question: If you could, what would be the one thing you would change about the Da'an character?

jassi: Da'an is much more better than Spock.

Rob: see you there :-)

Agent Amy: I didn't say out loud "NO! You can't end it there!!!"

trdwlf: Like Spock, only way cuter LOL!!!

Louis: When are you in Aberdeen?

LeniP: Did I just spoil the end of season three for you guys. okay yes, I live.

Rob: There would BE no show if Da'an died!

Agent Amy: lol.......Leni I DON'T care! It's a relief to know it for sure!

DaansConsort: I DID, I yelled no and get rid of lili but NOT Da'an!!

Crystal Kincaid: Please no spoiler, French people here haven't see s3 yet.

LeniP: Agent Smith. I don't think I'm going. They want the boys back again next year. Robert, Richard and Von.

trdwlf: LOL, you and me both Daans!!

Seveni: I started shrieking at my TV. When I talk to my machines, I don't bother being rational.

AgentSmith: I guessed Da'an would. (smug look)

Hobbit: GOOD!!!! Whew!

Rayjaysuyin: Well Leni, if Da'an doesn't live I can pretty much promise the fans would "Storm the castle".

To_va: Here in Switzerland we won't see EFC before sometime next year AFTER they translate the eps !

Naorrin: I wish I could have yelled that Dax...

Eponine Dax: I have a bad habit of yelling at the TV. lol

Dreamweaver: Can you give us any clues about what's going to happen with Daan in season 4, Leni?

DaansConsort: Don't like Zo'or as much, prefer DA'AN .....I LOVE DA'AN!!!

Reena: Leni: its official....we love you!

Seveni: What was your first reaction when you saw yourself "as" Da'an?

Kilana: hehe, Zo'or needs yelled at, Da'an needs to put him in his place. lol

Crystal Kincaid: No!!! No, spoiler please!

Agent Amy: If Da'an were to be killed off I'd have a hard time watching EFC after that....

LeniP: Taelonteran, if there's one thing I could change, it would be a lighter costume and more philosophical babble with Zo'or and Liam. I love working with those guys. They are brilliant.

Rob: Yeah, no spoilers.

AgentSmith: Bummer, Leni..I was only going to see you and some friends of mine.

BabyKosh: It's great to see the original Da'an again in canada... will boone.

Kilana: If Zo'or was my child he'd get the butt beating of a lifetime. lol

Rayjaysuyin: I can only speak for myself, but Da'an is the only thing keeping me watching the Mess EFC has become... *Shrugs sadly*

Fee64347: We are on a stupid summer break as well, right in the middle of S3!!

To_va: We ALL love you. EFC wouldn't BE efc if you weren't in it!

Naorrin: Reena... you took the words out of my mouth... ops, keyboard! ;-)

DaansConsort: Leni, please come to London next year PLEASE!!!!! on my knees!!

Nael: Who else (raise your hand) was utterly shocked when we found out Zo'or was Da'an's child??!?!?!?

Casleigh: Do you have any scenes with Zo'or in s4?

AgentSmith: Let's all shout at Starfury until they cave!!

Eponine Dax: Leni, while you're at it, can you PLEEEEASE come to Maryland too? lol OK, wrong direction... lol

Kilana: I about fell over na'el. I was like noway, lol

Louis: I'm with Smith.

To_va: I had a feeling Rob: I don't think Crystal knew that at all, Na'el.

Reena: nael: I had suspicions long before that ep.

Seveni: I was shocked, except I'd read spoilers.

Naorrin: Yes... Da'an and Zo'or rock!!!

Agent Amy: I had to be picked off the floor when that revelation came about Zo'or being Da'an's child.

Rayjaysuyin: I wasn't Shocked... I was actually rather disappointed to find that Zo'or was Da'an's kid....

Erleen: Leni, how is "Your Theatre Company" doing?

taelonteran: I was shocked too!

Agent Amy: Or at least my jaw had to be picked off the floor.

Kilana: I sometimes wonder if Ma'el wasn't Da'an's parent? Just a thought.

Rob: I wasn't surprised, because everyone ruined that episode ahead of time by saying that spoiler on the lists.

Naorrin: You too To'va?! Something told me the same!

sesperia: And Minnesota, too.

AgentSmith: I always knew there was something between Da'an and Zo'or..but then I work for the Eldest Taelon and UK Companion! ;-)

LeniP: I would send Zo'or to his room if only I could find it in the web of mothership corridors. Happily Zo'or and Da'an are revving up again in the next three episodes or so. Mid season. I hope that trend continues.

BabyKosh: I knew it was coming... probably something from the first conmonality gave it away to me.

Rayjaysuyin: Yes! How is your *Your theater co* doing?

Reena: Leni: luv ya! bye

kristi: Couldn't believe Zo'or was Da'an's child either!

Casleigh: I've wondered that too Kilana.

Rob: You could turn one of the brigs into Zo'or's room. hehe

Agent Amy: Speaking of Ma'el, will we be hearing more about him next season?

Crystal Kincaid: Like us, Leni!!

kirosi: Good!

Lenip: Does knowing all those efc secrets from seasons two and three spoil it for firs time first season viewers.

kirosi: I certainly hope so!!!

Louis: How would you punish Zo'or if you was his parent?

DaansConsort: I knew Zo'or was Da'an's. It was obvious.

Kilana: I think a cool ep would be if Liam or whoever accidentally went back in time and met Ma'el.

Crystal Kincaid: too late...

Naorrin: I wonder where Zo'or learned to be so vicious... had Da'an anything to do with it?!

Seveni: Did Da'an leave little Zo'or home alone a lot once? ;)

Dreamweaver: Definitely want to see lots of Da'an next season!

Nael: hmm.. I would say no Leni because the season differ so much, they are there own stories.

DaansConsort: How is your back holding out, Leni??

Kilana: I think Zo'or is bitter about what the jaridians did to his planet. Who wouldn't be, I guess.

To_va: Da'an is the mainstay of EFC----

DaansConsort: He is jealous of his parent.

Rayjaysuyin: Yes Leni, how is your back...?

LeniP: Dannsconsort, my back is holding up much better, thank you. Lots of yoga and gym.

Agent Amy: Is there a chance we'll get to learn more about Da'an and Zo'or's relationship in Season 4?

Rayjaysuyin: Glad to hear it,....

BabyKosh: The point of a good show is not the destination, it's the path.

Louis: There is more to a show than plot, one knows what will happen in the Titanic but one watches it for the characters, script, etc.

kirosi: I wish there were more 'Taelon daily life' stories.

Hobbit: Ugh: gym!

DaansConsort: koool, I am a Fitness Instructor. Any time you need help, I'm your man err woman. hehe

taelonteran: Exactly, Louis!

Casleigh: Will we learn more about Taelon belief and ritual in s4 Leni? Hope so!

Louis: Leni, do you think Da'an likes chocolate ;-)

LeniP: BabyKo*******hink that's a good way of putting it. Let's enjoy the journey, because frankly I'm in the back seat and have no idea where I'm headed.

Rayjaysuyin: Question: Did the Question regarding Leni's theater company get answered yet?

Naorrin: Carpe Diem, Leni!

Kilana: Leni, have you heard the efc cd yet?

Crystal Kincaid: Be quiet, Leni.

LeniP: The taelon stories are infinitely more interesting and that is what the show is about. So hopefully we'll see more taelon tales.

Kilana: It's SOOO beautiful!

Rayjaysuyin: Let's hope.

Eponine Dax: oh goody!

trdwlf: I don't know if this was asked or not, but what kinds of books do you read Leni?

Naorrin: YESSSSSSSSSSS!!! Taelons!!! yupieeeeeeeee!!! hehe

Dreamweaver: The Taelon stories are the best!

Seveni: Will we see more rituals like the exorcism?

Casleigh: hurrah! Ilove learning about the mysticism of Taelon culture.

Rob: Well, we know Zo'or reads "The Art of War".

Hobbit: Yes, what kind of books?

Nael: Leni, has "Von the prankster" been out this year yet??

LeniP: My theater company is a bit on hold. Working on the show makes it impossible to get anything started. I'm hoping for February now.

Seveni: Zo'or was flipping the book backwards, I think.

AgentSmith: How about a Da'an spin-off series?

kirosi: That sounds good. We look forward to them.

Rayjaysuyin: Oh... Sorry to hear about the theater co. But Glad to hear you still have a job ;)

Kimera: Leni, how is it to work with Derwin Jordan and Melinda Deines?

Hobbit: Leni, what kind of pranks has Von played on you lately?

LeniP: No, Kilana I haven't heard the cd yet. I'm waiting for a free copy. LOL.

DaansConsort: Will you stick with EFC till the final ep Leni??

Louis: Do you think Da'an would make a good parent if he for example adopted a human/hybrid child?

DaansConsort: Sorry, Leni.

To_va: I'd love a Taelon Series with just about only Taelons in it to learn about their culture, religion (if any), etc...

Dreamweaver: Can you tell us anything about the new characters?

Louis: What is your favorite efc scene?

taelonteran: Question: So how many of the episodes have you actually been in so far this season Leni?

Rayjaysuyin: QUESTION: Leni.. Is there anything *YOU* would like to see, regarding EFC?

To_va: poor Leni, we're drowning her with question....are you still alive Leni?

LeniP: I'd like to do a Da'an spin off series based on the Littlest Hobo. Remember that show with the little doggie and each week he would visit somebody's life and forever change it. I will stick with efc until MY final episode. LOL

Rayjaysuyin: Da'an as the littlest Hobo? Bwahaha!

AgentSmith: Oh, wow Leni Hobo was my fave program..


Casleigh: LOL!!!

Crystal Kincaid: Why is there so many differences in the players, between s3 and s2?

AgentSmith: I loved that show...still do.

Lenip: We did one episode this year Louis and I swear Robert and I rocked.! It was my favorite scene to date. Perhaps only for this season.

Louis: which scene was it?

Seveni: Who have you done most time in this season with?

Kilana: hehe, well, you definitely get a lot of exercise wearing that suit all day.

LeniP: Agent Smith, give Ro my love. We miss her.

DaansConsort: I love Lassie!! Saw you in 3 eps Leni..........how many did you do??

AgentSmith: Will do..

To_va: Leni, what is the name of your French dubber please....

LeniP: To_va so does mine. it's frustrating. And it is primitive.

Louis: Leni, what role have you played to date that held the greatest challenge.

LeniP: Seveni, most of my scenes are with Robert.

Kimera: Leni, you were once in Ham burgh to promote the show? Did you like it there?

mauidean: Thanks for chatting, Leni.

Rayjaysuyin: Hey, Leni? For me? One of these Days when Liam gets a bit too big for his britches... Just have Da'an bop him one.. In the chops, maybe... >:)

DaansConsort: Please come and promote it in Newcastle. hehe

Crystal Kincaid: To'va the name of the dubber is 'Tanguy Goasdou\'e9"

LeniP: Daans consort. You guys have seen me in every little teeny role I've ever done. Boy am I embarrassed. But I did have fun on Lassie. Wellies and a jean jacket romping through the forest. I was in heaven.

Seveni: What kind of books you do like to read?

Kilana: Much lighter and cooler to wear such clothing, lol

Rayjaysuyin: In pigtails no less!DaansConsort: Yes, and hair in plaits, too. Very cute. LOL

Louis: What type of music do you listen to, Leni?

To_va: Thanks Crystal - je te remercie.

LeniP: AgentSmith. Tell Ro to call about half hour after chat. Or how about if Leni calls her.

Casleigh: Leni,if you had a wish for Da'an what would it be?

Agent Amy: Heck, Leni, I even tried watching part of "Screamers" to try and spot you in the movie and I never did!

Naorrin: One hour of heaven, and counting... **sigh**

DaansConsort: No heavy taelon suit either.

Nael: Do you like classical, jazz, blues??

Rob: I just saw you in Nico the Unicorn a few days ago on TMN.

LeniP: Thanks Crystal. I remembered Tanguy's first name and was thrashing to remember his last.

BabyKosh: Leni, were you in another one of the Canadian Historical moments recently, one about the Bill of Human Rights? I thought I heard your voice, but I wasn't taping so I couldn't check.

Erleen: Agent Amy, Leni is Corporal MacDonald in "Screamers".

Rayjaysuyin: All 5 seconds of her....Rob: And in Laserhawk on TMN

DaansConsort: I bought the video just because you were in it Leni!! I spotted you straight away!!

Crystal Kincaid: What is Screamers?

Rob: Sci fi movie, Crystal.

LeniP: Casleigh, a quick and painless death, six hundred years from now.

DaansConsort: I could see Da'an in you even then. LOL

DaansConsort: I recorded the Education of Little Tree, too.

Casleigh: LOL Leni! I agree with the first bit but lets make it 6 thousand years at least!

Seveni: If you could put Da'an in one situation in the show, what would it be?

LeniP: Seveni I just read Blindness by Jose Saramago. it was brilliant. pick it up. I am currently reading The Kiss of the Fur Queen by Thompson Highway.

DaansConsort: Recorded even. lol

To_va: Crystal I'm a U.S. Citizen living in Geneva (came here in 1947, yes 1947, ages ago!

Kilana: Hey Leni, by chance do you know how long taelons live?

Rayjay: What are they about, Leni...?

Agent Amy: Da'an is like 2,000 years old?

Louis: Leni, would you like to play a cameo role in the background of efc? Why couldn't you do it before?

Hobbit: I'm glad you have time to read, Leni!

LeniP: Nael, I'll call you this week. Will you ever forgive me?

Kilana: I know Zo'or said he was the last taelon born in over a thousand years, so that's like, a long time.

Naorrin: Yes... Leni you have to be Taelon quick to read and reply to all this stuff!

Nael: No problem, actually I was SOOOO sorry for not having my cell phone on me.

LeniP: Hi Orca. Did you get the pictures yet? Probably not. I'll email you.

Nael: But I will glue it to me hand now!

Rayjay: Leni, do you have any other endeavors lined up apart from EFC this year?

Rob: I'm bringing tapes of the first season to SFX.

LeniP: How do you people sit in front of a computer screen? My large da'an eyes are swirling around in my head. LOL.

Orca: Not yet Leni but your French fan club is open now!!

Rayjay: Practice, Leni.. Practice.. and the lack of a life ;)

DaansConsort: I spent a whole weekend watching EFC tapes getting only one hour sleep does that make me a fan Leni????

Nael: It's a net life , no?

Rayjay: *Racks up 6-8 hours a day*

BabyKosh: Like the really cool taelon that we see every episode... blushing!

LeniP: Rayjay, I have two movies opening in the Toronto film Festival. One is the Denys Arcand, Stardom. The other is the Eisenstein.

Rayjay: Einstein? Is that formerly "The Furnace"? (too bad I wont be able to see them:/)

Louis: where can you see Da'an going in the next few years?

LeniP: Babykosh, I just have to say I love Boone and our scenes together. And Live Free or Die is perhaps one of my favorite episodes.

Seveni: Will those movies be aired on TV at some time?

Jo_on: yay! another Boone fan! ;-)

jassi: I hope we can See Eisenstein in Europe.

Agent Amy: Live Free or Die.......That is still my most favorite episode of EFC!!!!!

sesperia: That's one of my favorites too, Leni.

BabyKosh: I'd have to agree with you... very moving episode... wish we could get Kilner to come to SFX.

DaansConsort: my favorite episode is the ones with Da'an in them!!

Naorrin: Live free or die was one of the best in S1... one of my favorite, too!

LeniP: Louis, maybe moving to England, having children, chilling out with a certain human...

Louis: Do you still have to get up early to film efc or have they perfected the timing for putting on makeup?

To_va: I love Live Free or Die.

Seveni: Ever since "Arrival" I just can't watch "Live Free." Too stressful.

Agent Amy: Actually Live Free or Die and Sandoval's Run are tied for my favorite!!!

Jo_on: Which human, Leni?

Louis: Have you thought of Wales instead of England? We have nice countryside here and friendly people ;-)

LeniP: Jo'on, Thanks so much. Please email me and can we post this chat on my fan site.

Casleigh: Leni, does Rocco exhibit in England?

Hobbit: In Live Free or Die, did Kevin kiss you, Leni? Like Snow White?

To_va: Actually Leni, you're GREAT in ALL the eps of all seasons - Thanks you for your wonderful portrayal of our beloved Da'an. You have made him LIVE.

DaansConsort: Move to Newcastle. I'll babysit for you!! LENI!!

Rayjay: (I believe she's speaking of Rocco)

Naorrin: What about Portugal... a quiet little country... nah! to quiet and little sometimes...

LeniP: Time out. If I can't answer everything, it's not because I haven't read it, but the screen is moving very quickly.

Seveni: Thank you for creating Da'an as we know him.

Jo_on: Leni, get Ro to send me your e-mail and I will.

DaansConsort: Thank you for Da'an. No-one could have played him as well as you Leni.

Erleen: Leni, thanks for the chat!

Agent Amy: Thanks so much for this chat, Leni.

LeniP: Casleigh, yes Rocco will be exhibiting next year at a gallery in London.

Kilana: You getting a headache yet, Leni?:)

Seveni: Thank you for chatting with us today, Leni!

Jo_on: Leni, if you're ever over in the UK, you're welcome to drop in and have a cuppa! ;-)

taelonteran: Thanks for taking time for us, Leni!

Fee64347: Leni, I've declared this day to "Lenis Day", and I'm celebrating it with a couple of friends... with a special "Leni-Vegan-Buffet"...it is a perfect Day...:-)

Nael: So any plans for the future, Leni?

Eponine Dax: Yeah, Leni, it's very sweet of you to take time out from your busy schedule to chat with us!!! :-)

To_va: Thanks Leni for talking to us. Won't forget it.

Agent Amy: Thanks to Leni's "Mo'om" for typing for Leni and for us!

Naorrin: A million thanks for putting up to us Leni... and I am an intruder here...

Hobbit: Thank you for sticking to Da'an, Leni! And for taking the time to chat with us!

kristi: Thank you very much for chatting, Leni!

DaansConsort: thanx Mo'om, too.

LeniP: If you'd all like to babysit, send me your cv's. Does anyone know the words to Hush Little Baby? LOL

Casleigh: Thank you, Leni and Mo'om for being here.

Kilana: Gives you a million thank you's :)

Eponine Dax: And thanks Mo'om too!!!! :-)

Naorrin: Mo'om... Hi and thanx!!!

sesperia: Yes, thanks much, Leni. *hugs*

DaansConsort: Love and hugzzzzzzz Leni and Da'an.

Rob: Thanks, Mo'om!

Jo_on: Thanks, Leni's Mo'om! ;-)

Kilana: I do Leni, and lots of lullabies from all over the world, I can sing too;)

To_va: Thanks Mo'om, I hope we didn't flood you with everything.

LeniP: Fee64347, I'm flattered. I wish I was there. Don't do as much cooking now that Rocco is in London.

DaansConsort: Hush little baby don't you cry. . .

Rayjay: Haven't sung it in ages.

Rob: momma's gonna sing you a lullaby...

Seveni: Can't remember a word beyond "mockingbird."

Jo_on: Ahh..but ol' Jo'on knows Taelon lullabies! ;-)

Orca: Thanks Leni (and Mam) and see you to Aberdeen.

Erleen: Hey Mo'om, thanks for all the typing!

Kilana: I think it would be hard to sing in taelon. lol

Louis: hehe Jo'on, perhaps we could sit together ;-)

Casleigh: I'll cook for you next time your'e in London Leni! : )

Eponine Dax: I would LOVE to sing in Taelon! lol

Seveni: Can Taelons sing, you think?

DaansConsort: mommas gonna get you a mocking bird...

Crystal Kincaid: Leni,you would to know how (in all the season) what was your favorite episode?

Rob: and if that mockingbird won't sing

DaansConsort: if that mocking bird don't sing

Rob: momma's gonna buy you a diamond ring

Fee64347: I'll send it to you via snail mail within the next days....:-)

LeniP: Hey guys. Should we wrap up. Now that I know how easy it is to log on, I can chat more frequently. My sister is a great typer like my Mom...must run in the family, almost. So we could chat from Toronto.

Rob: I hope that bird don't sing!

DaansConsort: mommas gonna get you a wedding ring


Kimera: great leni

To_va: Yes Leni, love to chat again. So shall we call it a day/night?

Louis: Leni, thank you for taking the time to talk to us, you have made a lot of people happy, thank you.

Naorrin: YES!!!! pleeeeeaase Leni?!

Dreamweaver: Thanks for taking the time to chat today, Leni! Thanks for bringing a great character to life.

LeniP: Okay, okay you are all hired.

Seveni: Buh-bye!

Fee64347: *sigh*....or better... *happy sigh*...:-)

Jo_on: Leni, big thanks from us and from me for being so..patient with this old duffer!

Rayjay: WEll.. thank you again for making time to come by.. and break a leg out there...

DaansConsort: bye Leni *hugz and kisses** Love you!! more Da'an please.

kirosi: Much Appreciated.

Naorrin: Thanks Leni for Da'an!!!

Eponine Dax: Byyyyyeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hobbit: I thought you are in Toronto, Leni. Where are you? Montreal?

sesperia: ok.. Leni nice to talk to ya again *hugs*

Nael: Bye leni, luv ya

Louis: Thank you Jo'on for helping to organize this.

Eponine Dax: And thank you SOOOOO much!!!!! :-)

Seveni: I can't peel myself out!

taelonteran: Thanks again, Leni.

Casleigh: Thank you so much Leni and Mo'om we have appreciated this so much.

LeniP: See you all at the next con. And con updates are coming. Hi Kirosi, were you there that time?

Hobbit: Good luck at work tomorrow, Leni!

Rob: See you at SFX *hugs* :-)

jassi: Bye Leni, thank you.

Crystal Kincaid: Bye Leni.

To_va: Bey Leni...love you * HUGS*

kristi: Thank you, Leni!

Hobbit: Many thanks for the chat, Leni!

kirosi: Yes. It is wonderful hearing from you.

Nael: Yuppers tell the cast, we all say HI

DaansConsort: *hugz bye Leni love you.

Seveni: We all love ya, Leni!

Erleen: Caio, Leni!

Crystal Kincaid: Where is the next con?

Hobbit: Thank you Mo'om for typing!

To_va: Thanks a lot Jo'on for all of this and all your work to do it.

Casleigh: Bye Leni,take care, we will be thinking of you.

Fee64347: Leni, thanks for the possibility to chat with you... still can't believe it... Greetings and HUGS here from Germany and God bless...:-)

Jo_on: Lots of love Leni and Mom!

Rayjay: Why Don't you type for yourself, Leni?

Mondoshawan: Bye Leni, nice end of day or good night (depends where you are on EArth now :) ) bye

LeniP: Thanks Hobbit. Thanks sesperia...see you Rob at SFX Nael, I'll say hi. Love you all. And thanks for your support. Signing off now. Bon nuit Bonne notte..goodnight.

taelonteran: Bye Leni's mom!!!

kirosi: Blessings.

Kilana: bye leni and leni's mom!! *WAVES*

Rob: bon soir :-),?P.

\par DaansConsort: Goodnight, Leni.

To_va: Boone nuit Leni et merci

Crystal Kincaid: good night, bonne nuit!

DaansConsort: Thanks for having, Leni.

taelonteran: Bye Leni and Mom *Taelon bow*

Eponine Dax: Ok, that was the third thing today that reminds me of a musical... sheesh

Crystal Kincaid: //Rose for Leni and Jo'on.

DaansConsort: Leni's Mom that is.

Orca: Merci pour tout Leni et a bient\'f4t

Rayjaysuyin: Bye, Leni.

Jo_on: Aww...thanks

DaansConsort: *blushes bright blue*

sesperia: Bye Mo'om and Leni.

LeniP: Thanks Crystal. Good night to you all. Boy it's hard to say goodbye. So see you soon.

Louis: Bye Leni, and Leni's Mum, hugs and kisses.

Rob: Sinuai Euhura

Eponine Dax: Byeeeeee!!! Thanks both of you for chatting!!!! :-)

Rayjaysuyin: g'night, Leni... and Mrs. Leni's Mom

DaansConsort: Good luck in the future!!

To_va: Bye, Leni we all love you.

kristi: Goodbye, Leni.

To_va: And Mo'om too and thanks Mo'om for typing.

Hobbit: Sleep well, Leni!

DaansConsort: Bye leni .........don't go!!!

Jo_on: May the Commonality guide you in all things Leni! ;-)

Rob: Like, bonjour...means "good day"

Casleigh: *hugz* to your cats too!

Rob: purrrrrrr

To_va: Leni...see who your fans are now?? All the love that flows out.

LeniP: Ya Rob remedial taelon 101 down the hall. You better sign up. LOL. See you.

Crystal Kincaid: Yes Jo'on will you make that?

Hobbit: Lot's of love from Guatemala!

Jo_on: Yes, Wendy said I'd get a log of the chat and that I could turn it into a transcript.

DaansConsort: Loads of love from Newcaslte, England.

To_va: Jo'on it's up to you to stop us, otherwise we'll keep on going !!!

LeniP: Lots of love to you all. Maybe I need taelon 101 Rob...

DaansConsort: Newcaslte even finger syndrome again.

BabyKosh: goodbye everyone... we shall meet again, beyond the rim, in the place where no shadows lie.

Casleigh: much love from London,hope we run into each other one day!

Hobbit: Thank you Jo'on for this totally excellent chat!!