Leni Parker

Leni Parker was born and raised in New Brunswick,and later moved to Montreal where she studied acting at Concordia university.After completing a 3 year program in performance,she began working with Pigeons International Theatre for the next 10 years.The company travelled to Italy,Scotland,Portugal,and across Canada performing in such shows as Savage Love,Blood on the Cat’s Neck,D’apres Ruzante,The Making of Macbeth,and Perdus dans les Coquelicots.She was awarded Best Supporting Actress at the Theatre Critics of Quebec Awards in 1992 for her role as la Bonne in Coquelicots.Other companies she worked for,to name a few, P.O.V.,1774 theatre, Diving Horse Creations, Ban the Blonde productions, Imago Theatre.Parker has worked in numberous film and television projects:Emily of New Moon,Lassie,The Hound of the Baskervilles,The Sleep Room,Million Dollar Babies,Hiroshima,and Earth:Final Conflict,where she played Da’an for 4 years.Film credits:Eisenstein,Stardom,The Education of Little Tree,Mrs.Parker and the Round Table,and most recently,Charms for the Easy Life,starring Gena Rowlands.
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Biography courtesy of Leni Parker and Elaine Quan, Publicist, The Publicity Group. Copyright (c) 1999. All rights reserved.