Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Chats are on EST but what time is that where I am?

A: Here's a few websites that will help you with timezones.
Q: When I log into the chat room, I am asked for a password and when I don't put it in, my name changes to Guest. Why is this?

A: This chat room isn't on Leni's server. It's on linkline's server so if you choose a very common name, it may already be taken. To switch names, type /nick newname (newname being an alternate nick). Try to use something that isn't common. You can use underscores and a few special characters.

Q: Why is it in the rules to not use colors?

A: Colors irritate me. Some of them are hard to see. I will have virtually no tolerance on the use of colors and you will get only one warning before I kick you from the channel. Come back and doing it again may very well inspire me to ban you for it.

Q: I can't connect to the chat room. What can I do?

A: go to and download mirc32 and install it. The downside of that java application on the web site is that if the server has the max amount of users, you can't connect to another server. This is not a problem if you use mirc. A list of alternate servers can be accessed by clicking the help button on the chat room window

Q: None of the questions I have are on this page! What do I do???

A: e-mail me at or send me an instant message on icq. my number is 98084051. I also use Aol instant messenger (Redwolfextreme) and yahoo messenger (trdwlf).