Recent and upcoming activities

Teaching at my friends Shakespeare kids camp for the summer,directing the next show which is a Broadway medley

Going to a few auditions here and there.I got a role in a film in Mtl.,the film is "Mambo Italiano".I do play an italian.It is a small role,2 days shoot,but will be loads of fun.

I did Toronto trek-was in the dealer room-we had a blast!!Many fans were there,it was a huge success. we played the blooper reel at the table for the day.We had our own little Da'an con at T.T.

I am going to Dragon con in Atlanta next;

Am doing a play in the fall in Mtl. Some of the people from my old theatre company are in another company and they asked me to do the show.We go into rehearsals in August. I will be in transit for most of Aug.,Sept.,Oct.

Would like to do a chat in the fall when things get going again.

Tell everyone that Robert and I will be at Dragon con in Atlanta,so if any fans in the area are around,they can come and party with us!I will probably be located in the dealer room,late application reasons...But we will do an Earth panel,if all goes well with the organizing.

Doing a girls camp right now,for 2 weeks,

And I am rehearsing scenes from The Miracle Worker..