Member Chat 9/14/02

Session Start: Sat Sep 14 16:04:54 2002 It was a few minutes before I started the log, which is why the top portion isn't time-stamped. This chat has been posted unedited. * LeniP has joined [Ryo_ohki] leni! [NancyB] Hi Leni [Becky_FK] Hi, Leni!!! [Ryo_ohki] you remember you password? lol [JamesO] yes, im at work.. [To_va] Hi Ki'raa !!! I didn't know who that name was ! [UKCompanion] Hi Leni!!! [Roel] Ah, sorry! Jo'on, welcome and Sinaui Euhura, you brave Taelon! * ChanServ sets mode: +o LeniP [Ryo_ohki] yep, i see you did ^^ [JamesO] Hey Leni, its James from DragonCon!! [ErlyToo] Hi Jo'on, so long no read!! [NancyB] wb Jo'on [UKCompanion] Sinuai Euhura Roel [Ryo_ohki] everybody try to act civilized in here ;) [LeniP] Hi everyone [To_va] Hi beldaran [Ryo_ohki] don't type too fast n all that [Roel] Leni! Welcome Leni!!!! [ErlyToo] Hi Leni [^Nemo^] Good Afternoon Ms Parker. [LeniP] Good afternoon [UKCompanion] My special someone says Hi too Leni :-) [Ihtan] Welcome Ms Parker! [ErlyToo] Hey, Leni I just watched your "Galidor" Episode today!!! [JamesO] Nice to "see" you again, Leni! :) [Beldaran] wow...I'll try to control any weirdly fanatical behavior... [Becky_FK] How was California? Get to Point Reyes? * paajman has joined [Ryo_ohki] what? who's episode of what? [To_va] Hi Jo'on...get mixed up with Mike ! [Roel] Wonderful to have to you here, Leni [ErlyToo] Hi paajman [LeniP] first of all, all of you who have purchased necklaces, have they come apart? I can fix them. ha ha [Ryo_ohki] hello paajman? who are you? please /msg Ryo_ohki and say who you are :) [To_va] Mike also has UK Companion as his addy ! [UKCompanion] understandable To'va, no worries [LeniP] to becky, i went to the Olema inn for a dinner [ErlyToo] Hey, Leni make them bigger!!! [NancyB] My necklace is just fine. :-) [Roel] Mine are "alive and kicking", Leni [Becky_FK] Mine are fine :-) other than the fading [paajman] how do i email you ro? [To_va] Hi Leni !!! [JamesO] my bracelet is just dandy, Leni!! [LeniP] my cousin's wedding was in Bolinas [Ryo_ohki] [UKCompanion] is Ro'ha around? [Ryo_ohki] no, Ro isn't here yet [LeniP] what did you think of my hair in galidor? [Ryo_ohki] you were in galidor? [Ryo_ohki] dangit [Ryo_ohki] lol [Ryo_ohki] no one ever tells me anything [LeniP] That was my 1950s madame look. [ErlyToo] Very neat and teacherish [LeniP] You like? [Roel] I bet you were super as ever [Becky_FK] Just saw "Charms for the Easy Life" last week--good movie [LeniP] Was I okay in charms? I have not seen it yet. [ErlyToo] Yes, I have a copy of "Charms for the Easy Life" for you Leni [JamesO] Leni, how was your trip back from DragonCon...nice and relaxing?? [Becky_FK] Oh, yes! The camera had a particularly great shot of your expression when forgot her name fianted * Da-thor has joined * DaT has joined [NancyB] Hi Da-thor [NancyB] DaT! [LeniP] So, everyone we are cooking up a convention for Earth fans in Europe. It may happen next year. Hopefully Jo'on and Ro can brainstorm. [Da-thor] hello [LeniP] Hi James [Ryo_ohki] hello Da-thor and DaT ---------------------------------- [16:04] * Logging [16:04] [UKCompanion] She has mentioned it Leni [16:05] [Da-thor] Hi Leni and hello everybody [16:05] [UKCompanion] we're talking about it [16:05] [Roel] In Europe, that will be wonderful... [16:05] [LeniP] Yes, my trip back from dragon con was fantastic what I remeber of it. Rochelle and I had a fab weekend. [16:05] [Ihtan] I'll be there... [16:05] [Beldaran] Too bad there aren't any kinds of conventions in Texas, my mom will only drive so far for my obsessions...*sigh* [16:05] * LdyPayne has joined [16:05] * Jane_Lee has joined [16:05] [ErlyToo] Leni are you going to Las Vegas with the Star Trek Con? [16:05] [UKCompanion] I'm hoping for UK, we need you here Leni, to bring your Da'an light :-) [16:05] [LdyPayne] Greetings [16:05] [JamesO] Glad you enjoyed it Leni!! Maybe next year we can get lost in the corridors again! lol [16:05] [Roel] Please, come to Italy [16:06] [Ihtan] Yes. please... [16:06] [To_va] Hi Da.thor and DaT [16:06] [DaT] hey there leni, everyone. it's Mellisa. :) [16:06] [Da-thor] come to the Philippines also! [16:06] [LeniP] Hopefully the convention in Europe will be pretty central so everyone can attend and not expensive. Does anyone here play tennis? [16:06] [Becky_FK] I play poorly [16:06] [Beldaran] I once tripped on a tennis ball..does that count? [16:06] [Jane_Lee] Hi!Leni! :) [16:06] [NancyB] I used to try [16:06] [DaT] hey nancy! [16:06] [Beldaran] (most likely not) [16:06] [ErlyToo] Yep and golf too [16:06] [LeniP] Hi Da'thor from the Philippines. I want to thank you and everyone for the beautiful gifts you've sent me. [16:06] [LdyPayne] haven't played Tennis since highschool [16:07] [LeniP] Beldaran, you can be the ball taelon during the match. [16:07] [UKCompanion] I've attempted...never too again..Old taelons do not make good Tennis players ;-) [16:07] [Ihtan] I can't wait for the European convention. What a wonderful new! [16:07] [Beldaran] Good, I can provide comic relief [16:07] [Becky_FK] I swim--feel rather Da'anlike in my cap,complete with bulge [16:07] [DaT] Hey LdyPayne :) [16:07] [Da-thor] your welcome Leni, how are you? [16:07] [LdyPayne] Hey DaT [16:07] [LeniP] I was swimming once at the YMCA and wearing a blue cap, the lifeguard recognized me as Da'an. Not much of a stretch really. [16:08] [^Nemo^] hehe [16:08] [JamesO] lol!!!! [16:08] [Becky_FK] Except for the cap LOL [16:08] [Da-thor] LOL [16:08] [NancyB] lol! [16:08] [Beldaran] lol [16:08] [LdyPayne] I can see there would be a strong resemblance ;) [16:08] [Beldaran] (winces when she repeat the others) [16:08] [DaT] hehehe [16:08] [NancyB] Hi LdyPayne [16:08] [UKCompanion] Leni, are your fingers doing the walking, or do we have a proxy? [mo'om perhaps?] [16:08] [LeniP] In case I don't get to talk to all of you personally today, I will be checking the message board much more frequently now and answering your questions. [16:08] [Jane_Lee] I'm from China,and Leni,do you know that you've got lots of Chinese fans here?We all like u so much,really!!! :P [16:08] [Beldaran] There's a message board? [16:08] [Becky_FK] That's sweet [16:08] [Ryo_ohki] lol [16:08] [Ryo_ohki] yes [16:08] [Beldaran] I really miss a lot of this stuff [16:09] [Da-thor] Great! [16:09] [LeniP] UK Companion, Sa'rah my sis'ter. [16:09] [Ryo_ohki] the link to it is on the main page [16:09] [Beldaran] I'm so out of the loop [16:09] * kirosi has joined [16:09] [UKCompanion] hey Sa'rah :-) [16:09] [To_va] ....... [16:09] [UKCompanion] sinuai euhura to you :-) [16:09] [JamesO] hi Sa'rah! :) [16:09] [LeniP] Jane Lee, please leave me messages on the message board. I'm so sorry I haven't gotten back to you guys. [16:09] [Beldaran] There's a main page? [16:09] [DaT] *waves at Sa'rah* [16:09] [LeniP] Hi [16:09] [Ryo_ohki] hello kirosi [16:09] [Becky_FK] Hi, Sa'rah, nice to meet you [16:09] [NancyB] Hi kirosi [16:09] [LeniP] Hello everyone [16:09] [kirosi] Hi, All [16:09] [Ihtan] Nice to meet you, Sarah. [16:09] [Beldaran] I'd wink but there are no smiley faces...*winks* [16:10] * renay has joined [16:10] [Da-thor] hello sarah thanks for the help [16:10] [NancyB] renay! [16:10] * Bonnie has joined [16:10] [Becky_FK] Hi, Renay! Great to see you since TT [16:10] [NancyB] Bonnie! [16:10] [ErlyToo] 11 [16:10] [Becky_FK] You, too, Bonnie [16:10] [Ryo_ohki] hello renay and Bonnie [16:10] * kristi4 has joined [16:10] [LeniP] Hi Renay, hi Nancy, hi Bonnie, great that you guys are here. [16:10] [renay] hi:) [16:10] [LdyPayne] Hello Leni :) We met during TT15 a year ago...don't know if you remember me though. That sort of shy red head at the dinner. Hung around DaT alot ;) [16:10] [NancyB] Hi kristi [16:10] [UKCompanion] brb [16:10] [JamesO] Leni, talked to Rochelle lately? How are things with her? :) [16:10] [Beldaran] greetings ya'll [16:10] * UKCompanion has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited) [16:11] [LeniP] these girls almost bought my whole line of jewelry. They are keeping me very busy. [16:11] [NancyB] LOL! [16:11] [To_va] Hi Leni...Could you please tell us if you are going to have a chat at the chat room, as you figure on the upcoming events for a chat [16:11] * Jo_on has joined [16:11] * Bonnie is now known as Guest92774 [16:11] [Beldaran] (texas southern drawl cliche, I tried to hold out but I wasn't strong enough) [16:11] [DaT] hehe [16:11] [kristi4] thank you Ryo-ohki I didn't know how to get out of that room all by myself! [16:11] [Jo_on] that's better, I'm me now ;-) [16:11] [LeniP] Rochelle, may be joining us. She took her son to hockey. so we'll see. WE just read her play last night. It is fantastic. We will be producing it next year in May. [16:12] [Beldaran] cool [16:12] [renay] how wonderful! [16:12] [DaT] awsome [16:12] [Becky_FK] Great! [16:12] [JamesO] Leni, I hope that you really liked that blue moonstone pendant I found for you!! [16:12] [LeniP] Right now I am in rehearsal in Montreal but you guys probably read Ro's corner. [16:12] [kristi4] I am so sorry to hear about T'thom [16:12] [ErlyToo] Keep us posted on the play, some of us will come Leni [16:12] [JamesO] oh CONGRATS on the play!!! [16:12] [Roel] Yes [16:12] [Da-thor] terrific [16:12] [Beldaran] various adjective meaning "good" [16:12] [LeniP] I love it James. I wear it all the time. [16:12] [Beldaran] *s [16:12] [JamesO] im glad that you like matches your wonderful personality!!!! [16:12] [Ryo_ohki] yes, i was sorry to hear it too kristi. his e-mails were one of the few club messages I read regularly [16:12] [Roel] Rochelle's play seems quite interesting. I am very curious about it. [16:12] [LeniP] So what did you guys think of 5th season? Just to drop a big bomb on you. [16:13] [Becky_FK] OH, YUCK! PlEASE! [16:13] [Ryo_ohki] ididn't watch the 5th season at all [16:13] [Jo_on] It's not as good without you Leni [16:13] [ErlyToo] It was a spinoff [16:13] [Ryo_ohki] stopped during the second half of the 4th season [16:13] [Jo_on] Da'an was the best thing [16:13] [NancyB] Not much :-( [16:13] * Ryo_ohki is now known as redwolf_eternal [16:13] [JamesO] no Taelons, no show!!!! [16:13] [renay] You know how I feel [16:13] [LdyPayne] bluntly, it sucked [16:13] [DaT] LOL bad. very bad. IT was a completely different show [16:13] [Jo_on] my special someone agrees :-) [16:13] [Beldaran] I watched it, but it really lacked any interest [16:13] [LeniP] bluntly, you're right. [16:13] [Da-thor] i'm very happy you were not in it Leni [16:13] [Roel] Grrrr.....You hit a awful point.Itis not EFC at all, you know [16:13] [JamesO] bluntly, i agree!!! :) [16:13] [Ihtan] I am not interested in S5 at all. I've never seen it, and I'll never see. [16:13] [kristi4] didn't watch the 5th season [16:13] [NancyB] It was depressing [16:14] [Becky_FK] I wanted to throw veggies at my TV [16:14] [LeniP] I was glad to see Anita though. I was wondering if some of you didn't watch at all. [16:14] [ErlyToo] Yes, I would not like to remember Da'an as a shadow [16:14] [kirosi] EFC needs a quality Da'an spin-on [16:14] [Beldaran] I only watched because I thought they might bring the Taelons back [16:14] [LeniP] I want to throw up my veggies at the t.v. [16:14] [LdyPayne] Anita was pretty much the only good thing about season 5 [16:14] [To_va] Not EFC for me, but I watched it...sometimes fell asleep !!! No taelons, no da' go ! [16:14] [Beldaran] I loved her death scene!!!! [16:14] * ^Nemo^ prefered the original EFC concept [16:14] [Roel] I'll NEVER watch it!!!!! [16:14] [JamesO] Beldaran, same here! [16:14] [NancyB] I thought Anita was the only saving grace [16:14] * hhpat has joined [16:14] [LeniP] I agree a quality Da'an spinoff. Like the Jeffersons from All in the Family [16:14] [Beldaran] It was last words EVER!!! [16:14] [Becky_FK] I was trying to be delicate [16:14] [Jo_on] yeah, Leni, your littlest hobo spin off ;-) [16:14] [DaT] Anita was great! She can play any character. Atavus or taelon. She showed them. hehe [16:14] [Guest92774] Season 5 was a total letdown [16:14] [ErlyToo] Yes, I watched it all and am capturing Anita's epsodes for my site [16:14] * RoHa has joined [16:14] [Jo_on] HEY RO!!! [16:14] [Becky_FK] Hi, Ro! [16:14] [Roel] Hi RoHa [16:14] [ErlyToo] Hi Ro [16:14] [JamesO] Hey RoHa!!!!! [16:14] [DaT] Hey Ro! [16:15] * ChanServ sets mode: +o RoHa [16:15] [NancyB] Hey Ro! [16:15] [Jo_on] matey!! [HUGS] [16:15] [Ihtan] Hello RoHa!! [16:15] [Beldaran] ........HI!!!!!!......... [16:15] [hhpat] hello ro [16:15] [renay] Hi Ro! [16:15] [LeniP] Me walking down a country road singing my taelon blues. [16:15] * redwolf_eternal huggles Ro [16:15] [Da-thor] hey Leni got any idea where did Gene got the name Da'an and any hidden meaing to it [16:15] [LdyPayne] I would love to see a series spinoff based on Ma'el's time on earth. [16:15] [RoHa] Hi guys. . .how's it going?? [16:15] [Guest92774] Hey Bonnie is here at 92744 [16:15] [kristi4] welcome Ro! [16:15] [Jane_Lee] Ya,EFC without Da'an is meaningless. :( [16:15] [Da-thor] Hello Ro! [16:15] [To_va] Hi Ro !!! [16:15] [LeniP] Hey Ro! How are you? and a big hug to redwolf for all you have done. [16:15] [Roel] Da'an IS EFC [16:15] [JamesO] LdyPayne, great idea! [16:15] [Becky_FK] I'll second that! [16:15] [Jo_on] Leni, if I grab my hat, can I travel along with Da'an? ;-) [16:15] [Beldaran] I dunno, I really liked Zo'or [16:15] [RoHa] Hi Len. Glad you made it:) [16:15] [DaT] yes, I agree Ldypayne [16:16] [Beldaran] I think it's meaningless without Taelons [16:16] [To_va] Leni...Will you be doing a chat at, as you are ont Upsoming chat events... [16:16] [renay] me too [16:16] [LeniP] You guys know that they asked me back but I had a feeling it wouldn't be a good show. Throw your troubles out the window Jo'on and join me. [16:16] [RoHa] Well done, Tova! [16:16] [LeniP] I was supposed to be doing a chat at We'll see. [16:16] [Roel] It was a trauma to me, but now I am glad you said no [16:16] [Jo_on] LOL! on my way ;-) [16:16] [Da-thor] can i join to leni? [16:16] [Jo_on] Ro, my special someone say hi ;-) [16:17] [ErlyToo] Yes, they made your intended character a Ghost Taelon [16:17] [RoHa] Heck let's just all join:) [16:17] [LeniP] It was traumatic to my bank account but I think I did Da'an justice and that's what's important. [16:17] [Becky_FK] Amen [16:17] [JamesO] Hey, RoHa...and I was worried about YOU in this darned tropical storm!!! its coming to ME [16:17] [Roel] Yes, and we thank you for that (sigh!) [16:17] [NancyB] We appreciate it too [16:17] [LeniP] What tropical storm? [16:17] [RoHa] Absolutely yes. YOU stayed true to Da'an, even if 'they' didn't. We are proud of you Leni!! [16:17] [LeniP] Is everybody okay? [16:17] [Roel] It was traumatic for you all. [16:17] [Beldaran] yeah...but it would've been cool to see atavus Da'an [16:17] [Guest92774] Leni, Everyone loves the jewelry I got in Toronto [16:17] [JamesO] strom hannah..its coming inland in the guld, and is on its way thru GA [16:17] [NancyB] It's fine here in California [16:18] [RoHa] Everyone is fine, Len. [16:18] [Guest92774] They thought it was beautiful [16:18] [JamesO] gulf, even [16:18] [LdyPayne] He was quite the character. Especially in the first season... he made you want to learn more about the Taelons even if the Taelons seemed a bit too indifferent to humanity as an intellengent species [16:18] [LeniP] We had atavus Da'an in first season. Kind of crude but a reasonable likeness. [16:18] [RoHa] James will be OK. He's too stubborn not to be:) [16:18] [JamesO] we're all ok, leni..just WET! [16:18] [To_va] Jo'on is your special one Katana coming ? [16:18] [redwolf_eternal] guest, you can type /nick newname to change to another name. newname being whatever other name you chose [16:18] [Becky_FK] For once i'm dry--no monsoons today [16:18] [RoHa] A little rain never hurt anyone, James:) [16:18] [DaT] hehe [16:18] [Beldaran] yeah, but in that one Atavus Da'an didn't get to wear the totally neat, if a bit revealing black jumpsuit [16:18] [Roel] I don't think I will ever go trough this trauma to not see Da'an weekly again... [16:18] [ErlyToo] Well in S5 Da'an became a Taelon again, but was a Ghost in appearance [16:18] [Jo_on] nope, and I wasn't talking about Katana, someone else *very special* ;-) [16:18] [JamesO] sure, RoHa! [16:18] [LeniP] Hi To'va, I heard about t'thom, my condolences. [16:19] [RoHa] :) How is it? As bad as they said, James? [16:19] * Guest92774 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited) [16:19] [JamesO] not yet, RoHa...but it hasnt quite made it all the way here yet... [16:19] [LdyPayne] Da'an was atavus in second season...and that was a more interesting atavus cause you still could see Da'an's character (even if it was played by another least i think he was...or am I thinking of Bel'lai?) [16:19] [LeniP] How did everybody do on 9/11? [16:19] [redwolf_eternal] i slept through it [16:19] [Becky_FK] Sang in the Rolling Requiem--very moving [16:19] [^Nemo^] Same here [16:19] [NancyB] Sad, but okay [16:20] [Roel] Sad, very sad [16:20] [JamesO] very sad and reflective, Leni...thanks for inquiring... [16:20] [RoHa] Tried not to think about it. [16:20] [ErlyToo] No too good for me, I lost two friends [16:20] [renay] Same here [16:20] [hhpat] remebered a friends sister who died in tower 2 [16:20] [Beldaran] I wore red white and blue...and threw a shoe at my sister when she wanted to wear green [16:20] [Jo_on] [hugs Ro] [16:20] [Da-thor] watched a lot of tv that day [16:20] [LeniP] I was sick through it. had a bad cold but where I was staying in San Fran, the park next door had a beautiful memorial. [16:20] * West_Virginia has joined [16:20] [Roel] Watched my Da'an's best love eps that day. [16:20] [renay] how was the wedding? [16:20] [Beldaran] (a bit violent, but I believe it expressed my feelings) [16:20] [To_va] Thanks Leni...we will all miss him a lot [16:20] [RoHa] [hugs back] JO'ON!!!! Good to 'see' you, 'Old Friend'! My love to your friend! [16:21] [JamesO] when mayor Guliani (sp?) started to read the names...tears started rolling... [16:21] [DaT] Anita's husband played the atavus in that episode ladypayne. But you could still sympthaze with daan the atavus. hehe [16:21] [West_Virginia] I made computer tributes with my classrooms for 911 [16:21] [LeniP] They put 3037 flags in the park including flags from all over, remembering all the victims. [16:21] [ErlyToo] Yes, we had a wonderful one here too in LA [16:21] [Becky_FK] We each wore a name of someone who died that day [16:21] [LdyPayne] I worked [16:21] [JamesO] wow, Leni!! [16:21] [Jo_on] he sends love back to you Ro. Good to see you to matey :-) [16:21] [Beldaran] But no cool jumpsuit...*sigh* it has too be the neatest clothing on E;FC after the moon shoes [16:22] [To_va] 9/11...very sad [16:22] [RoHa] Weren't flags put up somewhere in Europe too, a few days after it happened? Or am I imagining things?? [16:22] [West_Virginia] we now have 384 pictures and thoughts at our school [16:22] [Jane_Lee] Hope it won't happen again :( [16:22] [West_Virginia] agree [16:22] [To_va] How do I open a pribvate mail ? [16:22] [RoHa] Awww. . .tell him thanks! [16:22] [LdyPayne] oh cool. I didn't know it was Anita's husband. [16:22] [Jo_on] Leni, now you no longer play Da'an, do you find you've picked up any of his mannerisms? [16:22] [ErlyToo] Here in LA, we concentrated on the California victims [16:22] [Roel] No, you are not imagining...We had flags, pleanty of flags [16:22] [hhpat] unfort it probably will happen again [16:22] [RoHa] Leni gave Da'an his mannerisms!! [16:23] [LeniP] The wedding was great. Beautiful Indian service with Rose petals and Mendhi and Bindhi. [16:23] [Beldaran] [~~ Has a flag in her mailbox right now, go figure [16:23] * To_va has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited) [16:23] [LeniP] Yes, Da'an and I traded each others mannerisms. [16:23] [renay] wow:) [16:23] [Da-thor] i had a neighbor who's broher died in 9/11 she went to the states [16:23] [DaT] hehe [16:23] * To_va has joined [16:23] [ErlyToo] American Indian, Leni? [16:23] [Becky_FK] After watching EFC a bit, I found myself waving my hands at work [16:23] [Jo_on] still watching Angel Leni? [16:23] [To_va] Got kick off :-() [16:23] [Jane_Lee] Me too :P [16:23] [^Nemo^] Becky_FK... me too [16:23] [RoHa] Da'an had that effect on all of us, I think;) [16:23] [LeniP] I went to Ro'ha's mom's house in Georgia and she had the biggest flag flying on her porch. It was quite something. [16:23] [hhpat] welcome back tova [16:24] [kirosi] traded each others mannerisms. Interesting question, interesting answer [16:24] [LeniP] No, East Indian. [16:24] [JamesO] i use some of Da'an's movements when I [16:24] [Jane_Lee] I love Da'an!! [16:24] [West_Virginia] I am distressed that I have to miss EFC while I am at work [16:24] [RoHa] Yeah. . .I think it missed Leni's dinner plate by inches:) [16:24] [To_va] RedWolfd...If it rings..what do I do ? Is it someone sending me a message ? [16:24] [LeniP] I love Da'an too. [16:24] [Beldaran] I think I'm more of an admire from afar people [16:24] [RoHa] Mom says 'Hi' and you guys are welcome back ANYtime! [16:24] [LeniP] I wish he was still with us. [16:24] [West_Virginia] me too!!! [16:24] [Da-thor] I LOVE DA'AN! [16:24] [To_va] Hi pat - Thanks ! [16:24] [West_Virginia] me too!! [16:24] [redwolf_eternal] huh? dunno lol [16:24] [Jane_Lee] I bought EFC 1-4 so I'll never miss it! [16:24] [LdyPayne] Have you heard of Christian Bok's book, Eunoia? very intesting [16:24] [LeniP] I have a cure for missing EFC while you are at work. QUIT YOUR JOB. [16:24] [Jo_on] if you do come to the UK Leni, you're always welcome at my place, my whole family would love to meet you [16:24] [Roel] You love Da'an? I have no words! [16:25] [Becky_FK] Or get laid off... [16:25] [ErlyToo] Don't get locked into the Character!!! LOL!!! [16:25] [JamesO] RoHa, you and I wil just have to visit your mom and then go to the mountains!! lol [16:25] [Da-thor] lol [16:25] [kirosi] lol! can we all? [16:25] [RoHa] Good idea James:) [16:25] [hhpat] we would need a bus [16:25] [LeniP] I'd love to meet your family Jo'on. So I really think we need to do the EFC con. [16:25] [RoHa] Heck. . .let's ALL visit my Mom:) [16:25] [West_Virginia] this is bonnie I teach at catholic school. can't quit [16:25] [LdyPayne] heh or just buy a VCR [16:25] [Roel] So it wil be in Britain! [16:25] [renay] Yes! Efc con! [16:26] [LdyPayne] so you won't miss efc while at work [16:26] [NancyB] Sounds good to me Ro, ;-) [16:26] [LeniP] Hi bonnie, those children need you more than Da'an. Please don't quit your job. lol. [16:26] [ErlyToo] Hey, Ro that will work [16:26] [West_Virginia] I would love a EFC con [16:26] [RoHa] NO. . .he's far to young for me! BAD, Jo'on!!!:) [16:26] [Jo_on] YAY!!! [16:26] [LeniP] Ro'ha big Hello to your mom for me. [16:26] [redwolf_eternal] rochelle is in the other room lol [16:26] [Ihtan] Britain? Ro'el... back in London? :) [16:26] [West_Virginia] But I love Da'an [16:26] [redwolf_eternal] and having some minor probs ].[ [16:26] [Beldaran] Just a quick question, how long is this chat, my bro is threatening to pull the phone line if I don't let him make a phone call... [16:26] [Da-thor] how i wish i could go too :-( [16:26] [LeniP] Hey, I just say Ro'ha in Atlanta. No one is too young for her. She looks fantastic. [16:26] [JamesO] Someone go grab Rochelle!!! [16:26] [Roel] I'll be there of course! In the meantime I owe Da'an exocovering.. It is something (sigh!) [16:26] [hhpat] cell phone? [16:26] [To_va] I won't be able to get to the UK for the Con...too far away :-( [16:27] [RoHa] I'll tell her. thanks, Len. BTW, is ?Sarah with us too? [16:27] [West_Virginia] I wish I could have come to Atlanta [16:27] [LeniP] I thought we could chat until 5pm EST [16:27] [West_Virginia] great [16:27] [kristi4] YEAH! [16:27] [Jo_on] Leni, if you visit, I'll be sure to make my speical fruit cake.. um.. do you like brandy? ;-) [16:27] [RoHa] Leni. . .:blushes: You must have seen me AFTER the party:) [16:27] [renay] cool [16:27] [LdyPayne] Belderan, typpically these chats last an hour. [16:27] [Da-thor] YES! [16:27] [Jane_Lee] what's the time now? [16:27] [RoHa] Sure Nemo. . .go for it. [16:27] [Beldaran] that's til' four here...if I left for a sec do you think I'd be able to get in, or do you think it would fill back up? [16:27] [kristi4] 4:18 [16:27] [hhpat] we have time yet [16:28] [LeniP] There's a little kitty cat in his favorite box at my feet. Do I like brandy? Does Da'an blush blue? [16:28] [^Nemo^] Ms Parker. How does it feel to know you've been able to reach so many people with your work? [16:28] * Guest49559 has joined [16:28] [DaT] hehe [16:28] [redwolf_eternal] hai hai Rochelle ^^ [16:28] [To_va] condolences on your loss of Laddy !..I love cats too. [16:28] [RoHa] Hi, Lemoncello:) [16:28] * Sarichela_Esline has joined [16:28] [LeniP] Nemo, the so many people that I have reached are perhaps the nicest fans I've ever met. [16:28] * Beldaran has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited) [16:28] [ErlyToo] Aaaw you got another kitty? [16:28] [Guest49559] Kiki is in da house [16:28] [NancyB] *hugs* Celly [16:28] [Jane_Lee] now the time here is 4 A.m, or many otheres would have come :( [16:28] [Jo_on] LOL! Leni, then you'll love my special fruit cake ;-) [16:28] [Sarichela_Esline] hello [16:28] [redwolf_eternal] you can use /nick command to change Guest [16:28] [renay] HI! [16:28] [LdyPayne] hello sarichela [16:28] [NancyB] Hi [16:28] [Becky_FK] Leni, just wondering...who (or what) inspires you...and why? ;-) [16:29] [redwolf_eternal] there's a space between /nick and whatever name you choose [16:29] [LeniP] I miss my laddy. My new nickname is Laddy's girl. I actually have two cats. It was three with the king. [16:29] [Roel] Leni,I am curious about "Mambo Italiano". Are you playing an italian character? [16:29] [ErlyToo] Leni, when will "Eisenstein" be out in video? [16:29] [Jo_on] Hang on..Ro blushing about a party...right, I'm on my way to the states..I'm obviously missing out on some gossip ;-) [16:29] [JamesO] Rochelle, are you in here yet? lol [16:29] [LeniP] Hey kiki. How's my laundry coming? [16:29] [redwolf_eternal] she's on guest nick [16:29] [redwolf_eternal] needs to type /nick Rochelle or something [16:29] [LeniP] Roel, I am playing an Italian character, my first ever. [16:29] [Da-thor] Leni sorry to what happened to laddy [16:29] [redwolf_eternal] tho someone may have registered Rochelle lol. [16:29] [LeniP] I don't know about Eisenstein. I'll let you know. [16:29] [JamesO] Yo Rochelle!!! its James from DragonCon!!! lol [16:29] [Roel] Did you find it funny? [16:29] [LdyPayne] lossing a loved pet isn't easy... [16:29] [Jo_on] Leni, say hi to your mum for me [16:29] * DaansConsort has joined [16:30] [NancyB] Hi Rochelle [16:30] [West_Virginia] When's the next Da'an Con? [16:30] [Roel] HiDc! [16:30] [RoHa] Ask Leni, I am NOT that much of a partier. . .but don't let that stop you, Jo'on:) [16:30] [NancyB] Hi DC! [16:30] [Guest49559] Lord, there's too many rules, y'all!!!! I'm such a dweeb. OK....KIKI/Rochelle [16:30] [DaansConsort] YAY!!!!!!!! [16:30] [ErlyToo] Great keep us posted on the messsage board!!! [16:30] [Sarichela_Esline] Hey DC! [16:30] [kirosi] Da'an's hand motions might come in handy! [16:30] [LeniP] LdyPayne, it's awful. I miss him everyday. We all do (Sarah). My mom says hi to everybody. [16:30] [RoHa] Rochelle!!! [16:30] [Guest49559] Howdy! [16:30] [Roel] Hi To MOM too [16:30] [Becky_FK] Hi, Rochelle! [16:30] [Jo_on] If I could get over to the states, I'd be there in a instant and my special one would be a step behind :-) [16:30] [LeniP] Jo'on, she's a crazy partier. We couldn't get any sleep. She's crazier than me. lol. [16:31] [LeniP] Hi Da'an's consort. [16:31] [RoHa] Nice to have you guys sitting still for a few seconds:) [16:31] [renay] Hi Rochelle:) [16:31] [JamesO] Leni, dont ever forget the "Crookshanks" LOL [16:31] [Jo_on] Hey DC [16:31] [redwolf_eternal] ( type /nick ^Rochelle) that would change you name to ^Rochelle. there's a space between /nick and the name [16:31] [DaT] hehe [16:31] [LdyPayne] it is so interesting how much impact a small bundle of fur can have on our lives [16:31] [To_va] Hi DC ! [16:31] [Da-thor] hello rochelle [16:31] [ErlyToo] Hi Rochelle [16:31] [LeniP] Hi kiki. How is that laundry? [16:31] [RoHa] Hey!!! That was our secret;) [16:31] [kristi4] Hi DC! [16:31] [LeniP] Crookshanks. lol. [16:31] [West_Virginia] Hi Rochelle [16:31] [JamesO] sorry, i couldnt resist!!! lol [16:31] [ErlyToo] Hey, DC [16:31] [To_va] Hi Kiki / Leni's laundry finished ???? :-) [16:32] [LeniP] i have made a shrine for Laddy. I'll send pictures to the club of it when it is finished. [16:32] [Roel] Rochelle, nice to meet you [16:32] [DaansConsort] Sinaui Euhura All [16:32] * YvoryKiwi has joined [16:32] [DaansConsort] Sinaui Euhura Leni!!! [16:32] [renay] please do... [16:32] [DaT] hi Rochelle [16:32] [LdyPayne] what a nice way to remember him :) [16:32] [NancyB] Hi Kiwi [16:32] [Roel] KiWi! Welcome! [16:32] [LeniP] What is Rochelle's nickname? [16:32] [Jo_on] Leni, did you get to keep any EFC\Da'an mementos from the set? [16:32] [redwolf_eternal] she's on a guest name Leni [16:32] [YvoryKiwi] Hi! Sorry I'm late... [16:32] [redwolf_eternal] have told her how to change :-S [16:32] [Guest49559] I am a techno-loser. [16:32] [redwolf_eternal] lol [16:32] [West_Virginia] lol [16:33] [redwolf_eternal] Rochelle, type /nick name [16:33] [To_va] Hi Yvory [16:33] [redwolf_eternal] name being the name you chose [16:33] [JamesO] you'll get the hang of it, Rochelle!!! :) [16:33] [ErlyToo] LOL, Rochelle [16:33] [LeniP] I have mostly mementos from all of the fans and I am going to get footage of them for the documentary so they can interview me talking about each memento. [16:33] [Guest49559] My nickname is KIKI, dammit, KIKI!!! [16:33] [Jo_on] Documentary? [16:33] [redwolf_eternal] then use ^KIKI^ instead lol [16:33] [^Nemo^] A documentary? [16:33] [RoHa] Calm down, KIKI. . .we all love you:) [16:33] [Jo_on] I'm a little out of touch..Had a rather hectic time [16:33] [Roel] WOW, a documentary! Sounds interesting! [16:33] [West_Virginia] Leni when is your documentary going to be released [16:33] [LeniP] Oh, kiki, will you ever win? [16:33] [ErlyToo] Well type it in!!! [16:33] [DaT] cool idea leni [16:33] [Guest49559] lol [16:33] [LdyPayne] a sort of 'Trekkie' ideal? [16:33] [DaansConsort] sorry everyone my comp is being naughty [16:33] * redwolf_eternal sets mode: +o Guest49559 [16:33] * ChanServ sets mode: -o Guest49559 [16:34] [LdyPayne] that movie based on star trek fans? [16:34] [LeniP] Kiki is my best friend and my right arm. And I'm left handed, go figure. [16:34] [redwolf_eternal] der, stupid chanserv [16:34] [Ihtan] Documentary? Great!!! [16:34] [West_Virginia] lol [16:34] [DaT] lol [16:34] [Da-thor] BTW Mi'raa wants to say hi to all of you, she can't come to the chat, too early for her [16:34] [Ihtan] LOL ! [16:34] [RoHa] Len. . .who's typing? [16:34] [Roel] Documentary about Da'an? Please Leni, tell us more. [16:34] [LeniP] The doc. will be finished in february. I hope you all get to see it. We'll have a screening of it. [16:34] [Jo_on] Sa'rah [16:34] [JamesO] Leni, DragonCon, you two HAVE to go to a drum circle with me, ok!! lol [16:34] [LeniP] Hi Mi'raa. [16:34] [Sarichela_Esline] heh [16:34] [LdyPayne] that will be great to see. [16:34] [LeniP] My sister is typing of course. [16:34] [DaansConsort] hi to Mi'raa [16:35] [RoHa] Hi Sarah:) [16:35] * redwolf_eternal waves to Sarah [16:35] [West_Virginia] Will it be released in the U.S.? [16:35] [Guest49559] KIKI - Hi Sarah. [16:35] [Roel] Hi Mi'raa [16:35] [To_va] Galaxy Quest ? [16:35] [LeniP] Can I bring my triangle? [16:35] [ErlyToo] Leni are you doing it with Anita? [16:35] [renay] Hi Leni's sister:) [16:35] [DaansConsort] what about UK? [16:35] [JamesO] sure Leni!!!!! lol [16:35] [LeniP] Hi Ro'ha (Sarah). Thanks for all of your help. Hi Kiki. [16:35] [Guest49559] KIKI - Leni's doing it with Anita? [16:35] [DaansConsort] HI Sarah [16:35] [Ihtan] Please let us know how we can buy the doc. I am very interested. :) [16:35] [Jo_on] Leni, if you and Ro let me know what you want to arrange for the Europe Da'an Con ;-) I'dbe happy to help arrange, if I can [16:35] [redwolf_eternal] dang, did someone take pictures? [16:35] [LeniP] The documentary is about me and life after Da'an. It's called [16:35] [redwolf_eternal] oh wait, let me get out of the gutter [16:35] [To_va] Leni, how cabn I get a copy in Geneva ????? [16:35] [LeniP] It's called Reality Quest [16:35] [kirosi] making plans for the next one. [16:35] * ColetteNRay has joined [16:36] * redwolf_eternal hugs ColleteNRay [16:36] [RoHa] You guys are doing such a great job for Len. Don't know what I would do without Red and you two! The site is really looking good! [16:36] [ErlyToo] KiKi, just wanted to know [16:36] [To_va] Hi Sarah [16:36] [Jo_on] I have to see that!! [16:36] [hhpat] hi collette [16:36] [Jane_Lee] Cool,when can we c that? [16:36] [JamesO] Leni, when i get my scanner fixed, I'll send Roha the pics I have with you and Rochelle! [16:36] [LeniP] I'll make copies available for you guys next year. I think it has to do the festival circuit first. [16:36] [Jo_on] HEY COLLETTE!! [16:36] [NancyB] Hi Colette and Ray [16:36] [Jo_on] HEY RAY [16:36] [YvoryKiwi] Hi Colette [16:36] [LdyPayne] LOL Redwolf...I am glad I wasn't the only one in it [16:36] [Roel] Hi Colette and Ray [16:36] [Ihtan] Thanks. I can't wait to see it. [16:36] [redwolf_eternal] lol didn't think anybody caught that Ldy ;) [16:36] [West_Virginia] Where can I post pictures from toronto trek. [16:36] [Guest49559] KIKI - Wow! It's like EVERYBODY! [16:36] [ErlyToo] Leni, please make them in NTFS and PAL please!!! [16:37] [Roel] Leni, remember of we fans in Europe for the Documentary [16:37] [kristi4] thank you Leni! [16:37] * KNera has joined [16:37] * redwolf_eternal waves to KNera [16:37] [Ihtan] Hello Knera [16:37] [Roel] Hi J'Nera [16:37] [KNera] HELLO!!!! [16:37] [kirosi] it is such a nice idea. [16:37] [hhpat] hi knera [16:37] [LdyPayne] hello collette [16:37] [DaansConsort] hi colette and Ray [16:37] [LeniP] Hi Colette and Ray! Hi to your kitties. Hi to everybody's kitties. What do you all think about a pet page? All of us send in pics of our pets with us or without us. With their names and a brief story. How about it as a tribute to Laddy and all of your beautiful creatures. [16:37] [DaansConsort] *hugzz both* [16:37] [renay] great idea! [16:37] [ColetteNRay] ColetteNRay say Hi real quick to all not want to disturb this :) [16:37] [ErlyToo] Leni, do you have copies of "Vagina Monologues" too? [16:37] [Becky_FK] Hi Colette and Ray [16:37] [To_va] Thanks Leni...Over here it's hard to get anything ! [16:37] [Roel] Yes, I like this idea of the pet page. [16:37] [redwolf_eternal] nooo that means work for me [16:38] [Da-thor] good idea leni [16:38] [NancyB] hi K'nera [16:38] [Jo_on] my doggie has his own page Leni :-) [16:38] * redwolf_eternal sobs [16:38] [redwolf_eternal] lol [16:38] [LeniP] I won't forget about you Roel. Since I will be writing more often, I'll keep you posted. [16:38] [hhpat] thats cool! I have three photgen kitties [16:38] [kristi4] hi Colette&Ray! [16:38] [To_va] NTSC and PAL are ok with me [16:38] [DaansConsort] i have 2 kitties [16:38] [Jo_on] it's at [16:38] [kirosi] other species ~ good idea! [16:38] [Roel] Tova: grrr... [16:38] [DaansConsort] i lost one [16:38] [Becky_FK] My cats and I are having a standoff--they don't like the food I put out [16:38] [To_va] Hi K'Nera ! [16:38] [YvoryKiwi] I don't have a pet right now *sigh* [16:38] [KNera] Hey To'va! [16:38] [To_va] Colkette and Ray ???? where ? [16:39] [DaansConsort] hi To'va!! who keeps using all my space in Yahoo lol [16:39] [LeniP] Yes, I have copes of VM. I will see how many people respond and get enough copies to send out. I have to call my producer. [16:39] [LdyPayne] That would be a great ideal Leni :) I will send pics as soon as I get a pet to take pictures of. Hopefully I will have some of my own pets in the next couple months..looking tomove tight now so not the best time to get a pet till after I move [16:39] [ColetteNRay] here we just arrived [16:39] * Beldaran has joined [16:39] [hhpat] try keep three fro eating eachothers special foods [16:39] [LeniP] To'va, did you send me the birdfeeder? [16:39] [Roel] Leni, an important question: would you come to Italy if invited for a Convention? [16:39] [DaansConsort] I would love a copy Leni Plz!! [16:39] [Becky_FK] I want a copy of VM [16:39] [kirosi] let your skrill go, Y-Kiwi? [16:39] [Guest49559] KIKI - YES SHE WOULD. [16:39] [Beldaran] I is back! [16:39] [JamesO] Rochelle, did you ever find a necklace for that pendant??? [16:39] [LeniP] I love the feeder. It is quite a hit with the cats. Just kidding. It's in a safe spot. [16:39] [ErlyToo] Wow, make sure that Erleen Williames is on your list, would love to see it [16:39] [Roel] GREAT! I'll doing my best. [16:40] [Roel] And we have some Da'an things here in Italy... [16:40] [To_va] Ro'el...Grrrr ???? why ? [16:40] [renay] I want to see VM too. [16:40] [Roel] Kiki Rochelle, I love you [16:40] [LeniP] Redwolf, don't panic. That's why my mother had another child. Her name is Sarah and she's not too busy right now. Just doing a thesis (number 2 I might add) lol. [16:40] [Guest49559] KIKI - James, I put it on a white gold chain my husnad gave me for our anniversary. I still am floored that you did that. Thank-you so much. It's beautiful. Much nicer than the garbage Leni makes. [16:40] [YvoryKiwi] Kirosi: I think my skrill metamorphed and flew away [16:40] [DaansConsort] hey Colette we are now getting Season 5 here [16:40] [Guest49559] KIKI - LOL [16:40] [Jo_on] what's the thesis about? [16:40] [redwolf_eternal] what? is she into web design [16:40] [JamesO] LOL.. now now, Rochelle!! lol [16:40] [redwolf_eternal] does that mean i can quit [16:40] [redwolf_eternal] lol [16:40] [To_va] DC what space in yahoo ??? [16:40] [redwolf_eternal] ?? [16:40] [redwolf_eternal] lol [16:40] [Becky_FK] Garbage??? [16:41] [DaansConsort] my mail LOL [16:41] [Beldaran] ? [16:41] [JamesO] Rochelle, glad you like it! you two were SUCH fun to hang out with at DragonCon [16:41] [DaansConsort] all those lovely pix u keep sending [16:41] [redwolf_eternal] i was just kidding btw [16:41] [DaansConsort] ;) [16:41] [To_va] Leni...Birdfeelder ? [16:41] * redwolf_eternal pokes Ro [16:41] [DaansConsort] j/k [16:41] [DaT] I'm always willing to help out in Web design. Taking computer information in college. ;) [16:41] [DaansConsort] lol [16:41] [Sarichela_Esline] brb [16:41] [To_va] No I didn'^t sorry ! [16:41] [RoHa] Thank goodness! Red, don't EVER do that to me again! [16:41] [LeniP] Other species are always welcome!Wait until you get settled to get your pet, LdyPayne. [16:41] [DaansConsort] iz ok [16:41] [redwolf_eternal] awww, you know i wouldn't do somethin so silly ;) [16:41] [Beldaran] I got a whole bunch of E:FC pictures and I made a collage for my computer backround [16:41] [Jo_on] [jo'on pokes ro] just for fun ;-) [16:42] [RoHa] Ye gods. . .I hope not:) [16:42] [DaansConsort] hey Jo'on how are you? [16:42] [redwolf_eternal] um *cough* are still two urls that need to be sent to the list Ro [16:42] [Jo_on] I'm fine DC, how's you? [16:42] [RoHa] Yeah. . .:sighs: Jo'on does a LOT of things 'just for fun':) [16:42] [LdyPayne] hehe [16:42] [LeniP] Yes, I would come to Italy. If Kiki says yes, it's yes. [16:42] [DaansConsort] im great too thanx!! [16:42] [redwolf_eternal] am waiting for you, before i post them to the site [16:42] [Becky_FK] Leni...just wondering...who (or what inspires you)...and why? ;-) [16:42] [RoHa] Oops:) :blushes: [16:42] [LeniP] Oh, kiki. How much do I pay you? [16:42] [Jo_on] LOL! hey, what's the use of being grown up if you can't be childish some times ;-) [16:42] [To_va] DC Oh thiose ! mwan the Walkers of the ]Wind series ? [16:42] [DaansConsort] when can we expect you in England Leni um Newcastle to be precise?? [16:43] [JamesO] Roha, r u SURE you wont come up here for the Native festival??? [16:43] [RoHa] Probably she makes the same thing Red does:) [16:43] [ErlyToo] 11 [16:43] [To_va] sorry can't usual ¨ [16:43] [LdyPayne] I also may take a trip in Feb, so probably will wait till a fter that. [16:43] [redwolf_eternal] dang? am i supposed to be paid? [16:43] [DaansConsort] yeah [16:43] [RoHa] LOL [16:43] [LeniP] The thesis is a screenplay. No, I don't do web design! Becky, that's kiki's crazy sense of humor. Don't worry I'll deal with her. lol [16:43] [redwolf_eternal] doth thou mock me Ro? lol [16:43] [Roel] Take it for granted Leni. You will find yourself walking on flowers from tyhe first moment you'll set foot here! [16:43] [RoHa] Nahhh. . .you're having too much fun:) [16:43] [Jo_on] I vote for Da'an Con UK ;-) [16:43] [ErlyToo] Reddy, you are in the thousands for back pay!!! [16:43] [Jo_on] or the Da'an tour ;-) [16:43] * Sarichela_Esline has quit IRC (Unknown) [16:43] [DaansConsort] YAYA jo'on!! [16:43] [redwolf_eternal] maybe in mah next life Ki'raa ;) [16:43] [DaansConsort] Newcastle!!!! [16:43] [RoHa] Uhhh. . .yes? [16:43] [Becky_FK] Is there such a thing as a Taelon neck pinch? [16:44] [To_va] Red...someone is ringing a bell on my you know what that is ?....a private message or somehting ? [16:44] [kristi4] LOO! [16:44] [kristi4] LOL! [16:44] [RoHa] NO! Becky. . .and don't give her any ideas:) [16:44] [DaansConsort] lol [16:44] [redwolf_eternal] i have no clue [16:44] [Roel] Jo'on, Da'an may go everywhere. But I never met Leni (sigh!) [16:44] [Beldaran] I think it's refered to as the Taelon Neck Bite.... [16:44] [DaansConsort] me neither!!! [16:44] [DaansConsort] :( [16:44] [redwolf_eternal] i feel your pain Roel [16:44] [Jo_on] nor have I Roel..[seconds that sigh] [16:44] [DaansConsort] i want to meet Leni soooooooooo bad!!!!! [16:44] [redwolf_eternal] she was so close to me this time and i still couldn't make it [16:44] [hhpat] tova do you have windows messeger [16:44] [redwolf_eternal] 2 hours away [16:44] [DaansConsort] ]wow [16:44] [NancyB] Neck pinching Zo'or? Never a good idea. [16:44] * redwolf_eternal crawls into a corner and dies [16:44] [JamesO] poor was a blast!!!! [16:44] [Roel] WHAT? You have never met Leni Jo'on? Oh my friend... [16:44] [DaansConsort] lol@red [16:45] [West_Virginia] Leni I need some more necklaces. [16:45] [DaT] awww *hugs* red. [16:45] [LeniP] I have been to Italy many times and consider it my second home, but it has been years. [16:45] [LdyPayne] easy to solve that To'va...turn down the speakers and won't hear bells anymore ;) [16:45] [DaansConsort] i never met her either she came to London the year I didnt [16:45] [Jo_on] nope, written to her and e-mailed her, but not face to face :-( [16:45] [Beldaran] Isn't there a website that sells E:FC memorabilia? [16:45] [redwolf_eternal] lol at least you get to e-mail Jo'on [16:45] [DaansConsort] me too Jo'on [16:45] [Roel] Second home? Well, that's surely very uplifting to me. [16:45] [DaansConsort] LOL [16:45] [RoHa] Leni, you have GOT to get back to Europe. [16:45] [redwolf_eternal] i think i have cooties or something [16:45] [Da-thor] Leni i've been reading a lot about Von biting your head off during shooting, what's the story behind it? [16:45] [DaansConsort] wow we have sooooooo much in common [16:45] [LeniP] The tnb. I like it. That's Theatre New Brunswick where I come from. [16:46] [To_va] I think we would alllike to meet her one day.... [16:46] [LdyPayne] Leni, do you still have contact with the old cast of EFC, like Von, Anita, etc? [16:46] [RoHa] No not cooties, just really bad luck:( [16:46] [Jo_on] yeah Leni, we're having withdrawl symptoms :-) [16:46] [To_va] ! [16:46] [ErlyToo] Oh yeah, Leni how can we get a copy of the bloopers? [16:46] [Beldaran] I've never wrtten, e-mailed, posted, and this is my first chat...I'm a little Leni Fan..unnoticed buy the big Leni fans who are well known in the Taelon circles [16:46] [Roel] Oh, Leni , my compliments for the Vagina Monologues! It is in London too and very successful! [16:46] [To_va] least not that i know of ! [16:46] [LeniP] Beldaran, yes there is. It's a Tribune site called the EFC sto're. [16:46] [Beldaran] and know how to drive *sigh* [16:46] [DaansConsort] i got all 4 seasons that I consider EFC on tape!! [16:46] [JamesO] Red, if you need a ride next year, just let me're only an hour or so away from me [16:46] [hhpat] tova we dont know what else it could be [16:46] [redwolf_eternal] isn't that just my luck [16:47] [redwolf_eternal] my retarded friend paul went and didn't take me. he swore he wasn't going [16:47] [LeniP] Da'thor, we got bored so he grabbed my head and chewed. I think the food on the set was getting to him. I tasted a lot better. [16:47] [DaansConsort] aw!!! [16:47] [RoHa] James, wish I could go to the Native Festival but Leni spent all my money at the con:) [16:47] [kristi4] There's also mousepads at [16:47] [redwolf_eternal] lol [16:47] [To_va] Beldaran...go to is a stor there for EFC memorabilia [16:47] [DaansConsort] lol [16:47] [Da-thor] LOL! [16:47] [Beldaran] shopping online! Fun! [16:47] [Jo_on] LOL! leni, it's great spending other peoples money, isn't it? ;-) [16:47] [LeniP] Anita and I are very close. I see her all the time. Ihad a chance to do a charity auction with Von but unfortunately I am performing in Montreal that weekend. [16:47] [^Nemo^] Which one of you bought the Da'an Outfit on ebay? [16:47] [JamesO] LOL..ok RoHa...but remember it for next year, ok!! lol [16:47] [DaansConsort] Leni I still have my Da'an keyring! [16:47] [YvoryKiwi] LOL I know the video and it looked so funny (espacially the hulk ;) ) [16:48] [ErlyToo] 11 [16:48] [^Nemo^] I remember reading about that a while back. [16:48] [LeniP] Hey Kiki, copies of the blooper reel, get on it! [16:48] [NancyB] The bloopers! LOL! [16:48] [JamesO] YES, Rochelle...we want COPIES!!!!!! [16:48] [Becky_FK] Yay! [16:48] [Jo_on] I wanna see the bloopers too...missed them at SF.. [16:48] [DaansConsort] yeah i missed out at London cuz i was a steward [16:48] [hhpat] me too [16:48] [JamesO] ...Please [16:48] [JamesO] lol [16:48] [NancyB] They are so funny! [16:48] [Jo_on] meeting Von, Rob and Lisa was excellent [16:48] [Roel] I bought Da'an's jumpsuit, Da'an's robe in Redemption, and Ma'el's robe in ebay. [16:48] [ErlyToo] And while you are at it KiKi we need "Lassie" too!!! [16:48] [LdyPayne] that's too is the Montreal performance going? [16:48] [JamesO] brb [16:49] [Da-thor] I want to see the bloopers,can i have a copy too? [16:49] [Beldaran] I didn't even know they SOLD blooper reels!!! [16:49] [Guest49559] Everybody on phone to Vulcon so they'll bring Leni to Ft. Lauderdale and we'll get on that blooper reel thing! [16:49] [LeniP] I will have signed mouse pads for sale. I have to talk to Rod and see what he thinks. I think I signed some for him. So look it up on [16:49] [LdyPayne] yeah, i wanted taht..*gives Roel the look' [16:49] [Beldaran] I totally must have one [16:49] [DaansConsort] i was on stage with Lisa Leni!! she said i said Sinaui Euhura better than u lol [16:49] [^Nemo^] Hehehe [16:49] [LdyPayne] oh well, [16:49] [Jo_on] I did the shuttle dance with Lisa ;-) [16:49] [West_Virginia] My husband loved the mousepad you sent him [16:49] [ErlyToo] Leni will you offer then on Pipetap too? [16:50] [DaansConsort] yeah thats was good Jo'on [16:50] [West_Virginia] He can't wait to go to Toronto next year. [16:50] [LeniP] I can provide Lassie. [16:50] [DaansConsort] can u still do it? [16:50] [Roel] LdyPayne i' m sorry. I cannot deal with eternal and burning love [16:50] [redwolf_eternal] I hope the pages I made (for you Sarah and Rochelle) were easy to use [16:50] [Beldaran] I don't suppose there is a place where you can buy the blooper videos? [16:50] [Jo_on] was a fun day DC and I can just about remember the moves... Beeach balll...;-) [16:50] [ErlyToo] Leni, that would be just wonderful, you need a list? [16:51] [NancyB] I can't wait either, Bonnie. :-) [16:51] [DaansConsort] lol [16:51] [LeniP] I will offer them on the LPFC. I think that's easier for everybody. [16:51] [DaansConsort] where is M?? [16:51] [DaansConsort] oh i remember [16:51] [redwolf_eternal] she said she was in the process of moving [16:51] [DaansConsort] no inet access [16:51] [Jo_on] I've not heard from her for a while [16:51] [kristi4] would love to buy the blooper video! [16:51] [ErlyToo] Wonderul!!! [16:51] [LeniP] I can't wait for Toronto trek next year. It's the Da'an corner con!!!! [16:51] [To_va] Leni. There is not much of EFC on roddenberry...yet-- the , mousepads are not signed ! [16:51] [West_Virginia] It's the best. [16:51] [NancyB] I'll be there for sure! [16:51] [Guest49559] CORNER CON! CORNER CON! [16:51] [renay] I plan to be there! [16:51] [Becky_FK] Hope to be at TT, too, unless we actually have LPFC reunion [16:51] [LdyPayne] I could have kept bidding...but well..I have my limit on what to spend on ebay...I think I watch much more since I came very close to getting myself in HUGE trouble....added to many zeros on a bid..(but nobody really tried to verbid me so it wans't as bad as it could have been) [16:51] [West_Virginia] Will definitely be there [16:51] [DaansConsort] she is moving so net access [16:51] [DaT] me too [16:51] [Jo_on] I wish I could be there leni :-( [16:52] [RoHa] Rochelle. . .you into public relations?? You should be:) [16:52] [hhpat] me too:( [16:52] [ColetteNRay] Id like to go to that and run the fanfic discussion table at TT [16:52] [YvoryKiwi] but we europeans cannot come to Toronto!!!! *sobs* [16:52] [renay] Why not do both? [16:52] [JamesO] Leni, Rochelle...just wanted to say thank you for having this chat!!! and thanks to the tech ppl, too!! lol [16:52] [ErlyToo] Hey, Ro will next year's TT be our Club Outting? [16:52] [DaansConsort] we need TT in UK [16:52] [DaT] yikes ldypayne. hehe [16:52] [kirosi] I wish I could be there again also [16:52] [LeniP] The suit , ah the suit what crazy taelon bought that suit? Do you know where that suit has been. If that suit could talk, the stories it could tell. [16:52] [Guest49559] KIKI - Thanks, RoHa...I only get inspired, though, wheh my heart's in it. [16:52] [Becky_FK] REnay--Was that for me? Too poor, no job! [16:52] [DaansConsort] I wanna meet Ro too [16:52] [DaT] LOL [16:52] [RoHa] Sure why not? How about it Len?? We have a special couple of hours set aside at each con for the guys? [16:52] [West_Virginia] lol [16:53] [LeniP] Let's plan a dinner for Toronto trek and an outing somewhere. We'll brainstorm. [16:53] [Jo_on] yeah, Ro, wanna meet you and have loads of hugs :-) [16:53] [kristi4] I think Ro'el in Italy bought the suit, didn't she? [16:53] [LdyPayne] OOO I will be there for that Leni, things were a gbit too hectic at work for me to go this year [16:53] [Roel] Yes, I am listening very closely. And the boots? Ah Da'an's boots!... [16:53] [Da-thor] can somebody lend me a ID portal, I want to go to the Convention [16:53] [Guest49559] KIKI - WE"LL brainstorm? [16:53] [RoHa] I don't think we want to knowWHERE that suit has been, Leni:) [16:53] [LeniP] Yes, at each con, let's do something special for the fans. Kiki get on it! [16:53] [DaansConsort] me too [16:53] [Jo_on] when's TT? might start saving... [16:53] [LeniP] Did someone get the boots too. [16:53] [renay] !Lets do it, Leni! [16:53] [DaansConsort] yeah [16:53] [Roel] ME!!!! [16:53] [NancyB] The nest [16:53] [LeniP] Da'an got the "boot." LOL (sarah [16:53] [West_Virginia] yeah lets do it. [16:53] [ErlyToo] Hope that they cleaned that suit!!! Too many water Closet visits!! [16:53] [Roel] I get the boot!!!! [16:53] [JamesO] Rochelle, sounds like youre gonna be really busy soon!! LOL [16:53] [Guest49559] KIKI - I want my panic room. I want my panic room. [16:53] [RoHa] Sounds good to me and to them too:) And. . .you have a LOT of heart lady:) [16:54] [DaansConsort] lol [16:54] [Ihtan] Ro'el love that boots. :D [16:54] [LeniP] Roel, you're not wearing it right now are you? [16:54] [Beldaran] Those boots were wicked cool! [16:54] [NancyB] The next TT is July 11-13 [16:54] [renay] Hi Becky:) Yes we can dream though.. [16:54] [Becky_FK] All I do is dream... [16:54] [LeniP] Those boots were wicked smelly. [16:54] [Roel] NO! How could I? I panicked when I opened the package..It is SDACRED TO ME!!! [16:54] [DaansConsort] hah Leni [16:54] [Roel] I mea: sacred. [16:54] [Beldaran] I found a pair of boots in black that look a lot like those, I really want to buy them!!! [16:54] [Jo_on] hmmm..July...have to look at my finances [16:54] [redwolf_eternal] i think i'm going to post this chat unedited. i'm too lazy to remove anything [16:54] [LeniP] Did they pack it well? was it in good shape? [16:54] [To_va] was Ro'el who bout the jumpopu¨suit boots and all !!! [16:55] [DaansConsort] thanx Red!! [16:55] * YvoryKiwi hugs Ro'el [16:55] [Jane_Lee] It must be difficult to wear those boots,right? lol [16:55] [NancyB] I hope you can make it there, Jo'on. [16:55] [kirosi] I am glad you got it, someone with great feeling for it [16:55] [ErlyToo] 11 [16:55] [West_Virginia] Bonnie and Renay laughing together [16:55] [LeniP] It's not anymore. lol. [16:55] [NancyB] lol [16:55] * paajman has quit IRC (Ping Timeout) [16:55] [Jane_Lee] :) [16:55] [Ihtan] We have some pics of Da'an's jumpsuit and robe (the onehe wore in redemption) at The Italian Taelon Embassy site. [16:55] [LeniP] Kiki, get on it... [16:55] [Roel] Yes: I have pics on our Italian website. I am madly attached to the boots. I dream with the boot in my hand. Do you like to have the pic??? [16:55] [DaansConsort] how's your back Leni since you no longer wear Da'ans Suit? [16:55] [JamesO] Leni,Rochelle...Thanks for being wonderful people!!! [16:55] [LeniP] Send those pics from the It. embassy. [16:55] [RoHa] LOL. . .poor Kiki:) [16:56] [JamesO] RoHa, Red, lets stay in touch... [16:56] [renay] We love you guys.. [16:56] [Roel] Immediately, Da'an. [16:56] [redwolf_eternal] hmm Leni, the way you speak to KiKi is almost like how Ro orders me around [16:56] [redwolf_eternal] lol [16:56] [LeniP] Kiki, get on it... [16:56] [Guest49559] KIKI - You are a DOLL, James. [16:56] [JamesO] I have to go...unfortunately, Im at work... [16:56] [LeniP] poor redwolk . eerie isn't it? [16:56] [West_Virginia] talking longdistance together while chatting on the net. We have skills [16:56] [DaansConsort] bye James!! [16:56] [hhpat] bye james [16:56] * paajman has joined [16:56] [RoHa] Of course james! Do you think you get away without telling me all about Mirabal??? [16:56] [LeniP] I love you James. You're a great guy, you made the con fantastic [16:56] [Guest49559] KIKI - Oh suger, what am I getting on now? I'm taking notes. [16:56] [RoHa] bye James! [16:56] * Little_Juda has joined [16:56] [redwolf_eternal] (she has whips Leni :-S) [16:56] [LeniP] Kiki, get on it... [16:56] [JamesO] *blush* thanks Rochelle...and thank you Leni!!!! [16:56] [Beldaran] I used to have skills but they were stolen in a freak hippie bank robbery [16:56] [West_Virginia] My hubby says hello. [16:56] [LdyPayne] will you bring that suit to TT? [16:57] [LeniP] Redwolf, I so feel for you. [16:57] [Roel] Of course you will see the jumpsuit and boots at the European Con. [16:57] [redwolf_eternal] hehehe [16:57] [DaansConsort] hi to ur hubby [16:57] [LeniP] What am I getting into? (sarah) [16:57] [To_va] bye James [16:57] [LdyPayne] But Red...whips can be fun... [16:57] [LeniP] Hi west virginia. How are you guys? [16:57] [LeniP] bye james [16:57] [redwolf_eternal] yeah, when i'm the one holding it Ldy lol [16:57] [NancyB] Hi Bonnie's hubby [16:57] [RoHa] Leni has a 'thing' for delegation. Sarah, you and Rochelle are in it DEEP!:) [16:57] [JamesO] *HUGS* to you all!!! Bye...and y'all can ALL keep in touch, ok!! [16:57] [redwolf_eternal] bye James [16:57] [ErlyToo] Sarah, we forgot about you!!! Keep on typing [16:57] [renay] bye james [16:57] [JamesO] BYE !!!! *hugs* [16:57] [NancyB] Bye James [16:57] [YvoryKiwi] bye James [16:57] [West_Virginia] Great. Very happy to be here. [16:57] [DaansConsort] hugzz bye [16:57] [To_va] you have enough paper for Leni ordres ? [16:57] [Da-thor] bye james [16:57] [Beldaran] Delegation...supervise..words my mothers uses to make us clean the house [16:58] [LeniP] lol, ro'ha. It's all about the delegation. You should see how well trained my boyfriend is. Oops he's in the room. [16:58] * JamesO has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited) [16:58] [LeniP] Don't worry I'll supply her with it. [16:58] [LdyPayne] Oh that too...but in the riht hands a whip can drive even the strongest man or woman wild... [16:58] [West_Virginia] lol [16:58] [Guest49559] KIKI - No, I've run out of paper. Now I'm on paper towels. [16:58] * LaKhar has joined [16:58] [DaT] LOL [16:58] [Beldaran] HEY!!! [~~~Innocent child here! [16:58] [LaKhar] ahm did i miss it? [16:58] [LeniP] two ply I hope. [16:58] [Beldaran] *wink* [16:58] [RoHa] LOL. . .Yeah. . .I got that ten thousan pics he slaved over:) Hi, Peter:) [16:58] [DaansConsort] hey Lakhar [16:58] [Guest49559] KIKI - AND recycled. [16:58] [NancyB] Hi Lakhar [16:58] [LaKhar] *waves franticly* :) [16:58] [LeniP] I wouldn't have it any other way Kiki. [16:58] [Becky_FK] Recycled's always good [16:59] [Guest49559] KIKI - Did I hear BIG EARL was here? [16:59] [redwolf_eternal] that's great, save the ecosystem and all that right KiKi [16:59] [Roel] Hi Lakhar [16:59] [LaKhar] Sinuai Euhura [16:59] [LeniP] Hi Lakhar. [16:59] [ColetteNRay] Lakhar :) [16:59] [Da-thor] hi Lakhar [16:59] [RoHa] Red. . .don't you DARE edit this chat!!!:) [16:59] [LdyPayne] Kiki, there is always Notepad [16:59] [hhpat] hello lakhar [16:59] [LeniP] He sure is kiki, [16:59] [Becky_FK] Hi Lakhar [16:59] [Ihtan] Hi Lakhar [16:59] [LeniP] don't edit this chat, this is some of my best material. [16:59] [Beldaran] Don't edit....I'll wind up on the cutting room floor!!! [16:59] [To_va] Hi La'khar ! At last youi ahve made it ! [16:59] [redwolf_eternal] Ro? red = lazy = what's edit mean? [16:59] [West_Virginia] Hi Kiki miss you [16:59] [Roel] Leni, you're right: the smell is so important. [16:59] [RoHa] It's some of everyone's best material:) [16:59] [YvoryKiwi] hi Lakhar [16:59] [LdyPayne] [---will behave [16:59] [LaKhar] yeah there was alot of trouble finding the timezones *L* [16:59] [DaansConsort] lol@lady [16:59] [Guest49559] KIKI - Notepad. Is that, like, a computer thing? I only got on this thing because my daughter was prompting me the whole way. [17:00] [RoHa] Never mind. . .edit is a four letter word:) [17:00] [LeniP] Where are you Lakhar? [17:00] [renay] lol [17:00] [DaansConsort] its 951pm here [17:00] [LaKhar] New Zealand [17:00] [DaansConsort] 9.51 oops [17:00] [ErlyToo] This chat unedited will be 3 pages long on the net!!! [17:00] [LaKhar] :) [17:00] [West_Virginia] wow [17:00] [RoHa] Yeah. . .so what's your point???; [17:00] [Jo_on] we LPFC-ers are a chatty bunch ;-) [17:00] [redwolf_eternal] well, it's all text so they can handle it lol [17:00] [LeniP] Holy kiwi batman! New Zealand. What's it like tomorrow? [17:00] * Sarichela_Esline has joined [17:00] [DaansConsort] *nods* [17:00] * ^Nemo^ likes Wetas [17:00] [West_Virginia] lol!!! [17:00] [Sarichela_Esline] hello!!! [17:00] [LaKhar] Hrm... sunny and it's spring here [17:00] [redwolf_eternal] i'm out of chips [17:00] [To_va] Red...just post this chat AS IS with nothing cuit out PLEASE !!!! [17:00] [DaansConsort] hye sari [17:00] [renay] Thanks again to Ro and the techs:) [17:01] [Sarichela_Esline] *hugs* [17:01] [RoHa] try peanuts:) [17:01] [YvoryKiwi] *G* [17:01] [LdyPayne] oh yes, it is a comptuer thing.....but maybe, a real notepad may be better..unless you write liek I do, in which case..typing is a godsend [17:01] [hhpat] hugs back [17:01] [redwolf_eternal] I plan to To_va. i'm busy person lol i can't take time out to edit this thing [17:01] [redwolf_eternal] i just am taking logs [17:01] [LeniP] I want to say thanks to everybody. Don't you wish we could all talk in person? I know my sister's fingers do! [17:01] [renay] YES:) [17:01] [^Nemo^] Hahaha [17:01] [Becky_FK] Conference call! [17:01] [hhpat] yes [17:01] [Jo_on] Leni, could you say Hi to Baz and wish him a happy birthday for Monday? [17:01] [Sarichela_Esline] lol [17:01] [West_Virginia] Thank your sister for us. [17:01] * ^Nemo^ is looking foward to your next play. [17:01] [DaansConsort] lol poor sarah's fingers!! [17:01] [KNera] Yes... anyone know how to dry an ocean? [17:01] [Beldaran] Hey...this is going to be posted? [17:01] [LaKhar] Indeed, that would be great [17:01] [Guest49559] KIKI - Hey, you have nightmares about the girls in yoga class? I know Leni does. [17:01] [Jane_Lee] ya,heheh [17:01] [^Nemo^] I hope to get a chance to see it. [17:01] [redwolf_eternal] yes, it's going to be posted [17:01] [Little_Juda] Hi Leni! My name is Renee. I have loved your character Da'an ever since the show started years ago. What was your favorite part about playing Da'an [17:01] [YvoryKiwi] Yes Leni that would be great but it's sadly not going to happen :( [17:01] [RoHa] LOL. . .poor Sarah. We can make that happen. ROCHELLE. What's Leni's next appearance (con)? [17:01] [LeniP] Happy Birthday Baz! A big kiss from Leni and Da'an. [17:01] [Roel] I am wishing to talk with you in person since how many years? [17:01] [West_Virginia] It was great hanging out together. Can't wait till next year [17:02] [renay] I want to hear the yoga story.. [17:02] [Jo_on] IBaz YAY!!!!! [17:02] [NancyB] Thank you Leni, and Sara and KiKi. [17:02] [LeniP] Kiki, I want the nightmares to end. [17:02] [ErlyToo] Leni it has been a great chat!!! Let's make more? Ok??? [17:02] [RoHa] It's Baz' Birthday??? And NO one told me???? :looks threateningly at Jo'on: [17:02] [renay] Lets:) [17:02] [redwolf_eternal] a few drinks and they'd fade away Leni [17:02] [^Nemo^] It was nice meeting you Ms. Parker [17:02] [DaansConsort] there's one in November right Leni? [17:02] [West_Virginia] This has been lots of fun [17:02] [Jo_on] [wrests the keyboard from Baz] as you can see, he's excited [17:02] [ErlyToo] One year is not enough!!! [17:02] [Roel] Leni, I want to meet you. I MUST meet you! [17:02] [LeniP] Let's just say 25 girls together....empowering is not the word. I have other words for it. [17:02] [Jo_on] it's Monday Ro [17:02] [Ihtan] Thank you for being here. And thank you to Sarah, too. [17:02] [^Nemo^] Thank you for a very enjoyable afternoon :) [17:03] [renay] LOL:) [17:03] [LaKhar] Aww it was nice meeting you even if it was for a minute [17:03] [hhpat] thanks leni [17:03] [West_Virginia] lol [17:03] [To_va] red..I like looooong transcripts...60 70pages long to print..they are fun to keep ! [17:03] [kristi4] Thank you for having this chat Leni! [17:03] [LeniP] Nemo, it's great to meet you. haven't you chatted before? [17:03] [kirosi] much appreciated, Leni. [17:03] [Guest49559] KIKI - LENI'S NEXT APPEARANCE - We are shooting for Vulcon in Ft. Lauderdale Nov.23-24. If y'all let them know you want her there, then I can't see it not hapening. [17:03] [Beldaran] If you ever come to Texas Leni, I promise I'll be here!!! [17:03] [DaansConsort] thanx Leni are u going?? [17:03] [Roel] Thanks a lot, Leni [17:03] [redwolf_eternal] hmm [17:03] [Sarichela_Esline] leaving?? [17:03] [Becky_FK] Where should we post ?s on the message board? [17:03] [redwolf_eternal] i have relatives down there. too bad i hate them [17:03] [renay] Have fun with Kiki's play:) [17:03] [^Nemo^] Unfortunately, no. [17:03] [RoHa] Can we make that happen guys??? Leni at Vulkon??? [17:03] [West_Virginia] This is my first chat. Can't wait to chat again. [17:03] [YvoryKiwi] Thanks for coming, Do you have to leave already ?.... [17:03] [Roel] May I hig you trough the computer? [17:03] [kirosi] Ft. Lauderdale? :) [17:04] [Jo_on] Leni, if you come to the UK, make that kiss real and embarass Baz ;-) [17:04] [renay] I hope so [17:04] [Jane_Lee] Really glad to chat with u,Leni. I hope oneday will meet you some where!will you come to china some day?That'ill be the most wonderful thing! [17:04] [redwolf_eternal] um, I'll make a section for questions [17:04] [DaansConsort] lol@jo'in [17:04] [redwolf_eternal] will log in n do it now o.o [17:04] [DaansConsort] jo'on [17:04] [LaKhar] I sent you a letter about three years ago.....i'm not sure if you ever got it *blushes* [17:04] [renay] Wow,china... [17:04] [Becky_FK] Thanks for the chat, Leni! [17:04] [Guest49559] KIKI - China? Wow, I better get on that visa application. [17:04] [To_va] Are you leaving us Leni ???? [17:04] [redwolf_eternal] well, i'll do it as soon as i remember my password [17:04] [LeniP] I guess we should go. It's my brother-in-laws b-day dinner tonight. All the best. Let's chat in a month. if anybody can make it to montreal for my show that would be great. I'll keep you posted and will talk to you all on the message board. [17:04] [DaansConsort] *hugzz bye* Leni [17:04] [ColetteNRay] Bright Blessings to Leni :) [17:04] * redwolf_eternal waves bai bai to Leni n Sarah [17:04] [Becky_FK] Bye Leni! [17:04] [Sarichela_Esline] *hugz* bibi leni! [17:04] [Beldaran] Bye Leni, Have a nice day!!! [17:04] [LdyPayne] talking in person with Len is very interesting..she has great presence and lots of interesting tales of not only efc but her various trips and things...could talk weeks with her... [17:04] [LeniP] I'll see you all on the message board, I promise. Never enough time with you. [17:04] [DaansConsort] bye SArah!! [17:04] [Jo_on] Leni, a pleasure as always [kisses your hand] Baz says bye too [17:05] [West_Virginia] when? [17:05] [LaKhar] ~hugs~ farewell [17:05] [To_va] Thanks Leni, for your time with us...iuntil next time ! [17:05] [YvoryKiwi] Byebye Leni [17:05] [Jane_Lee] Maybe China is too fay away :( [17:05] [Roel] Good bye Leni: ans Sinaui Euhura. [17:05] [hhpat] goodbye Leni [17:05] [Little_Juda] Bye Leni! Hope to chat with you again in October! [17:05] [ErlyToo] On to the message board!!! [17:05] [LeniP] bye to Ro'ha and redwolf. thank you. [17:05] [Guest49559] KIKI - You guys rock!!! Bye, all - big hugs to my new con friends!!! [17:05] [DaT] *waves bye to Leni, Rochelle and Roha.* Take care ladies [17:05] [DaansConsort] so long Leni [17:05] [kristi4] Bye Leni! Thank you! [17:05] [NancyB] Bye Leni. Take care. [17:05] [Ihtan] Bye Leni, bye Sarah. Tank you. [17:05] [LeniP] Sinaui Euhura [17:05] [LdyPayne] Goodnight Leni, love to chat again in a month. [17:05] [^Nemo^] Thank you for your time. Take care. [17:05] [LaKhar] ~sigh~ [17:05] [redwolf_eternal] bye Kiki [17:05] [NancyB] Bye Kiki [17:05] [Roel] Bye Rochelle, Nice to meet you. [17:05] [Jane_Lee] Thanks you so much Leni!!!!It's been a great meeting! [17:05] [LdyPayne] have fun at the party [17:05] [kirosi] Blessings to Leni and All. wonderful. [17:05] [Becky_FK] Bye Rochelle [17:05] [RoHa] Leni , Sarah, Rochelle. . .talk later. Love to you and thanks so much!! [17:05] [DaansConsort] love you Leni and Da'an!! [17:05] [West_Virginia] Bye Leni hope to see you soon. [17:05] [renay] Bye Leni,Kiki Ro,Sarah:) It was great! [17:05] [NancyB] Bye Sarah [17:05] [Jo_on] Ro, you around on AIM? [17:05] [Da-thor] Bye Leni God Bless and more power [17:05] [ErlyToo] Best wishes Leni [17:05] [Beldaran] Thanks Leni, you made my day!!! [17:05] [RoHa] Would be, but gots a date:) [17:05] [West_Virginia] Bye Kiki [17:05] [redwolf_eternal] i never see Ro on aim n e more :-( i guess she has too many stalkers lol [17:05] [Beldaran] first ever chat with a celebrity!!! [17:05] [To_va] Bye leni...Love you ! [17:05] [renay] Bye Nancy and Becky:) [17:06] [DaansConsort] Take Care Leni [17:06] [Beldaran] BYE!!!!!!! [17:06] [Becky_FK] Bye Renay [17:06] [West_Virginia] Bye Nancy [17:06] [LeniP] bye (sarah) love to all of you from Leni and thanks for the Laddy page. He would have loved it. I am using his sylvester voice for that. [17:06] [Jane_Lee] bye Leni! [17:06] [Jo_on] didn't say....[gives Ro a look] ;-) [17:06] [RoHa] Yeah. . .but no tall, dark native ones. . .so what's the point???:) [17:06] [YvoryKiwi] Til next chat :) and good luck!! [17:06] [Becky_FK] Take care of yourselves [17:06] [ErlyToo] Hey, KiKi best to you too!! [17:06] [Da-thor] LOVE YOU LENI! [17:06] [Sarichela_Esline] bibi [17:06] * Naorrin has joined [17:06] [LeniP] beldaran, nice to have a new fan. see you next month. [17:06] [DaansConsort] hi Naorrin [17:06] [NancyB] Bye Renay and Bonnie.*hugs* [17:06] [LaKhar] Have a great time at the party Leni [17:06] [Naorrin] Hi DC! [17:06] [Roel] Naorrin! You don't Dare!!!!! [17:06] [Jo_on] Thanks Leni and Sarah, rest those fingers [17:06] [DaansConsort] hi!!! [17:06] [West_Virginia] Talk to you next month Leni. [17:06] [Naorrin] Who, shoot Da'an... he in the room? [17:06] * KNera has quit IRC (Ping Timeout) [17:06] [LeniP] naorrin, we'll see you next month at the next chat. I will rest my fingers (sarah) [17:07] [Guest49559] KIKI - Night John-Boy. Night Mary-Ellen. [17:07] [Naorrin] You leaving Leni? [17:07] [renay] LOL [17:07] [ColetteNRay] LOL [17:07] [DaansConsort] take care of those fingers Sarah!! [17:07] [LeniP] Kiki...get on it.... [17:07] [LdyPayne] Thanks for being Leni's fingers, Sarah. take care [17:07] [Jo_on] Ro, I want all the goss on this date ;-) [17:07] [Guest49559] KIKI - LOL [17:07] [Da-thor] lol [17:07] [renay] Be Well All! [17:07] [Beldaran] Leni is going...naturally we are devestated [17:07] [hhpat] thanks sarah [17:07] [kristi4] thank you Sarah! [17:07] [Naorrin] Ah darn! [17:07] [To_va] Hi Naorrin! [17:07] [DaansConsort] :( [17:07] [RoHa] You'll be the second one to know:) [17:07] [redwolf_eternal] ok all there's a new section for any questions to leni [17:07] [redwolf_eternal] so have fun n all that [17:07] [Da-thor] thanks for the help sarah [17:07] [Roel] See you next month and I'll send the pics to you, Leni [17:07] [Naorrin] I got cut out!!!......... *sniffles* [17:07] [LaKhar] more than devastated if we just met her a minute ago :( [17:07] [hhpat] thanks red [17:07] [DaansConsort] aw!!!! [17:07] [LeniP] too many names to write out. love to all of you. Isn't my sister great. [17:07] [renay] YES! [17:08] [Roel] No! Help my Jaridian friend please! [17:08] [DaansConsort] yup!!!! [17:08] [RoHa] Yep. . .Sarah rocks:) [17:08] [hhpat] yes she is [17:08] [Becky_FK] Yes, she is! [17:08] [To_va] Love you Leni !..see you sson ! [17:08] [LaKhar] yes! [17:08] [West_Virginia] Yes she's wonderful [17:08] [kristi4] yes! [17:08] [Da-thor] YES! [17:08] [ColetteNRay] Thanx Sarah! [17:08] [Becky_FK] Love you Leni! [17:08] [^Nemo^] :o) [17:08] [Guest49559] KIKI - Sarah? She's the brains of the operation. [17:08] [Jo_on] second!? [incensced] [17:08] [YvoryKiwi] Yes! [17:08] [Naorrin] We'll D's running Ro'el... no need to be afraid anymore [17:08] [DaansConsort] love to your kitties Leni [17:08] [kirosi] thank you. [17:08] * DaT has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited) [17:08] [Jo_on] just kidding Ro ;-) [17:08] [To_va] Thanks sarah, for your fingers ! [17:08] [ColetteNRay] NAOR'RIN :) [17:08] [Beldaran] *would bow, but would probably fall over* [17:08] * LdyPayne has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited) [17:08] [RoHa] CYA guys. . .gots to run:) !! [17:08] [renay] Great to see you online KIKI. [17:08] [Naorrin] Yes my prince---- [17:08] [LeniP] Kiki...shut up. I don't pay you enough for your opinion. love you rochelle. [17:08] [DaansConsort] bye Ro!!!! [17:08] [hhpat] bye ro [17:08] [DaansConsort] love u [17:08] [kristi4] bye RO! [17:08] [Da-thor] bye Ro [17:08] [LeniP] bye Ro, talk to you tomorrow. [17:08] [Jo_on] be good Ro, and if you can't be good, be careful ;-) [17:08] [ColetteNRay] Sc'orr says Hi N :) [17:08] [redwolf_eternal] bye Ro [17:08] [NancyB] Bye Ro. [17:08] [Roel] Bye Ro! [17:08] [Naorrin] Bye Ro! [17:08] [kristi4] thanks Ro! [17:08] [Jo_on] love ya RO [17:08] [renay] ByE RO! Thanks! [17:08] [redwolf_eternal] dont' forget to post those two links missy [17:08] [YvoryKiwi] Bye Ro [17:08] [West_Virginia] Bye Rochelle [17:08] [Becky_FK] Bye ro [17:09] [To_va] bye Ro !!! [17:09] [Guest49559] KIKI - Thanks, Renay! You, too! Kiss those kids! [17:09] [LaKhar] Bye Ro [17:09] [RoHa] I'll be here:) Love to you Len, and to everyone! Love you too, Jo';on! [17:09] [Guest49559] KIKI - Bye, Ro! [17:09] [redwolf_eternal] aww, no love me? [17:09] [redwolf_eternal] i'm hurt [17:09] [Roel] Thanks Kiki. See you again [17:09] [LeniP] bye renay and bonnie. see you at the next con. you girls rock. [17:09] [RoHa] CYA, Ro:) [17:09] [DaansConsort] love u red!!! lol [17:09] [redwolf_eternal] lol [17:09] [Roel] I love you Red [17:09] [LeniP] redwolf, you know how I feel about you. [17:09] [renay] Happy Canadian Tjhanksgiving! [17:09] [Jo_on] Baz sends his love too Ro [17:09] [redwolf_eternal] woohoo [17:09] [LeniP] love to redwolf. [17:09] [LaKhar] :) [17:09] * redwolf_eternal droolz @ Leni [17:09] [renay] We Love you GUyYS!:) [17:09] [DaansConsort] lol [17:09] [RoHa] Back at him:) [17:09] [YvoryKiwi] LOL [17:10] [Roel] May I hug you Leni? [17:10] [ErlyToo] 11 [17:10] * redwolf_eternal slobbers on DC ;) [17:10] [Guest49559] KIKI - GUyYS? renay, you've got to stop drinking while you're online. [17:10] [NancyB] lol [17:10] [DaansConsort] haha!!! [17:10] [To_va] Love you Red..also for helping me in here ! [17:10] [DaansConsort] *wipes off drool* [17:10] [ColetteNRay] ewww! [17:10] [DaansConsort] *hugzz to'va* [17:10] [LeniP] redwolf, how do we exit? [17:10] [Becky_FK] Isn't there a rule about drooling and slobbering? [17:10] [To_va] BYE LENI....LOVE YOU !!!! [17:10] [redwolf_eternal] just close the screen [17:10] [ErlyToo] Hey, to'va I helped you too!!! [17:11] [redwolf_eternal] or /quit [17:11] [West_Virginia] lol [17:11] [Jo_on] [HUGS for Leni and Family] [17:11] [kristi4] bye Leni! [17:11] [DaansConsort] love you Leni!!!! [17:11] [redwolf_eternal] will work [17:11] [Roel] NO! Don't sdo It! Da'an!!!! [17:11] [Becky_FK] Bye Leni [17:11] * RoHa has quit IRC (Unknown) [17:11] [DaansConsort] *hugzz* [17:11] [Jane_Lee] nice meeting u ,Leni.byebye! [17:11] [LaKhar] Sinuai Euhura Leni, till we meet again [17:11] [LeniP] bye becky, bye to'va, da'an's consort. keep on doing what you're doing. [17:11] [Ihtan] Bye Leni... Sigh, I already miss you... :( [17:11] [YvoryKiwi] Hugs all [17:11] [DaansConsort] you too Leni!! [17:11] [Da-thor] see you next time leni [17:11] [DaansConsort] i got loads of ur films [17:11] [redwolf_eternal] waa Ro has gone [17:11] [Roel] Hugs Kiwi: my BIGGEST hugs [17:11] [LaKhar] ~hugs for leni's animal companions and one for her if she'd like one~ [17:11] [Jo_on] waaa..miss Ro [17:11] [renay] See you all next month:) [17:11] [redwolf_eternal] i bet you a dollar she doesn't post those two links and i'll have to do it in the morning lol [17:11] [LeniP] til we all meet again and my sister's fingers have rested., if they don't end up around my neck in the next five minutes. [17:12] [West_Virginia] Hugs to Leni [17:12] [DaansConsort] lol@Leni [17:12] [Naorrin] Trgic ending that woul dbe... [17:12] [kristi4] LOL! [17:12] [Sarichela_Esline] lol [17:12] [West_Virginia] lol [17:12] [Da-thor] lol [17:12] [Guest49559] KIKI - Call me, Gwen. [17:12] [LaKhar] *L* [17:12] [West_Virginia] Hugs to Rochelle [17:12] [Jane_Lee] Hug to leni and Da'an! C ya. [17:12] [Naorrin] Bros and sis... gotta love them [17:12] [Jo_on] thanks Leni [17:12] [DaansConsort] byee Jane [17:12] [redwolf_eternal] yes, and isn't that so sad Naorrin [17:12] [West_Virginia] Da'an Forever [17:12] [redwolf_eternal] i'd like to hate mine, they suck [17:12] [To_va] Leni...I see you like it here with stay...ok sarah ? [17:12] [Roel] Da'an for ever and ever [17:12] [DaansConsort] yay!!! I love Da'an!!! [17:12] [ColetteNRay] I dont have any sibs :) [17:12] * LeniP has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited) [17:12] [Jane_Lee] me too!!!! [17:12] [Naorrin] I know I've wanted to strangle my bro more than once [17:12] [DaansConsort] Da'an Rulezz!!!! [17:12] [Becky_FK] Awwww! [17:13] [Roel] We all love Da'an, DC! [17:13] [redwolf_eternal] you're lucky Colette :( [17:13] * Guest49559 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited) [17:13] * Beldaran has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited) [17:13] [DaansConsort] *nodz** [17:13] * Little_Juda has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited) [17:13] [DaansConsort] me too [17:13] [LaKhar] Da'an forever and eternity [17:13] [Jo_on] I have to dash, wanna see Law and Order..nice to see you all again..TTYAL and take care [17:13] [Da-thor] DA'AN FOREVER [17:13] [redwolf_eternal] i'm out of here guys. so post to the message board if you didn't get a question answered [17:13] [West_Virginia] Bye Renay [17:13] [NancyB] Bye Jo'on [17:13] [renay] Becky you here? [17:13] * YvoryKiwi is sad she missed half of the chat... [17:13] [Becky_FK] Will do. [17:13] [ColetteNRay] bye jo on! [17:13] * paajman has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited) [17:13] [ErlyToo] Thanks Red [17:13] [Becky_FK] Yes, I'm here. [17:13] [kristi4] thanks RedWolf! [17:13] [redwolf_eternal] i may be upgrading it soon ].[. so hope i don't screw up and you don't have to reregister [17:13] * kirosi has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited) [17:13] [hhpat] gotta go myself TAKE CARE TOVA [17:13] [renay] Hows the house:) [17:13] [Jo_on] Bye Nancy [17:13] [ColetteNRay] bye Pat! [17:13] [renay] Hi Nancy how are you today [17:13] [redwolf_eternal] bye all [17:13] [^Nemo^] Well it was nice meeting you all Session Close: Sat Sep 14 17:13:57 2002