[18:51] *** LeniP has joined

[18:52] LeniP: Hi everybody. Are you still there. 
               Sorry I'm late. Big hugs to everybody.

[18:52] Taelon_Tova: Hugs Leni...how are you ?

[18:52] RoHa: Hi Leni. . .we were about to send 
              out a search party to assist Red:)

[18:52] * Daans_Consort smiles at Leni

[18:53] kirosi: so great to see you again!

[18:53] LeniP: You know my parting gift from the 
               show was my chair. I'm sorry I declined
               it. I would be sitting on it now with 
               my big taelon butt.

[18:53] Daans_Consort: yes how are you?

[18:53] Daans_Consort: lol

[18:53] PsychoTaelonFemale: LOL

[18:53] Arianrhod: lol!

[18:53] KNera: lol!

[18:53] * Ja`en giggles

[18:53] Rayjay: is there any way you can scrounge 
                it? or is it totally gone now

[18:53] Daem8: lol!

[18:53] ihtan: First time for me too...

[18:53] jassi: Is Mo'om typing?

[18:53] *** kaworu1981 has joined

[18:53] LeniP: I am well. In Montreal for an audition
               for a sci-fi series.

[18:53] ColetteNKaytai: make a great computer chair

[18:53] Rayjay: Cool

[18:53] ikkleemm: good luck

[18:53] Agent_Sky: They should have given you the whole
                   embassy set, Leni!

[18:53] Daans_Consort: godd luck!!

[18:53] kaworu1981: hi

[18:53] Daem8: Good luck!

[18:53] blacktuesday: not exactly a portable chair for 
                      informal events

[18:53] hhpat: good luck

[18:53] kirosi: I wonder who created it.

[18:53] LeniP: The chair is scrapped now. It weighs about
               20 tons.

[18:54] kaworu1981: its me kaworu i lost my isp coonection

[18:54] Roel: Sci fi series? good luck!

[18:54] Taelon_Tova: Leni...How is your Mo'om ?

[18:54] PsychoTaelonFemale: 20 tons?? Dang...

[18:54] muriel: Leni, I hope it will work out

[18:54] Ja`en: cool, a scifi series!

[18:54] kaworu1981: best of luck leni

[18:54] Daans_Consort: what is ti called??

[18:54] ihtan: Good luck

[18:54] Agent_Sky: yes, good luck

[18:54] Rayjay: No.. not good luck: "Break a Leg"

[18:54] coolguy: break 2 legs

[18:54] Agent_Sky:> a leg? Or a neck?

[18:54] Daans_Consort: leg

[18:55] ikkleemm: how would Leni walk then?

[18:55] KNera: A neck?

[18:55] Taelon_Tova: a leg !

[18:55] jassi: On her hands

[18:55] KNera: Geeez Sky!

[18:55] Daans_Consort: she would float Taelonesque

[18:55] Daem8: lol!

[18:55] LeniP: It's so nice to see some familiar names. I'm
               thinking about you all lately, now that I have
               finished the show,. Da'an's consort: it's called 

[18:55] kaworu1981: no no no neck she still couldnt walk then

[18:55] Daans_Consort: kool thanks leni

[18:55] Agent_Sky: ok, maybe we should give Leni time to type 
                   her answers?

[18:55] PsychoTaelonFemale: Aw, sorry Leni you probably don't
                            know me....

[18:55] PsychoTaelonFemale: hehe

[18:55] Rayjay: Leni: Is Galidor only for Canadian market? or 
                      will teh US get some?

[18:55] LeniP: It's pretty slow in the acting business right now.
               I am filling my time working on my house and playing
               with my cats

[18:56] Taelon_Tova: Leni, is your Mo'm here with you now . if yes
                     Hello M'om !

[18:56] Agent_Sky: I love cats :-)

[18:56] Daans_Consort: how are they leni?

[18:56] Daem8: I love cats, too:)

[18:56] coolguy: i have 4

[18:56] Ja`en: ah, cats are great :)

[18:56] ColetteNKaytai: I have 10

[18:56] Daans_Consort: i have 3

[18:56] Agent_Sky: I've seen VOn's cats on a photo last week

[18:56] LeniP: I'll keep you posted on Galidor. Hello to everybody 
               from Mo'om. Special hello to Roha

[18:56] hhpat: i have tree

[18:56] Ja`en: wow, 10

[18:56] Rayjay: <looks forward to it>

[18:56] Daans_Consort: hi Mo'om

[18:56] PsychoTaelonFemale: I took a stray kitten and I couldn't 
                            help but think of you Leni! hehe

[18:56] hhpat: 10!

[18:56] LeniP: I have three cats now. Lemon Cello is my new addition.

[18:57] Daans_Consort: a kitten?

[18:57] jassi: Hi Mo'om

[18:57] ColetteNKaytai: yes 10 - all over computer desk and monitor

[18:57] Daem8: How sweet!

[18:57] Ja`en: lol cute!

[18:57] muriel: Leni, how's your Theatre-Group going?

[18:57] Agent_Sky: and how are you doing without that 'torture' of
                   putting the mask on?

[18:58] Rayjay: Leni.. can i ask you a question thats been bugging me 

[18:58] LeniP: He was a stray. My ninth rescue and I had to keep him. 
               Muriel, I will be teaching a group of kids audition and
               resume class this fall for a friend who runs a Shakespeare
               kids camp

[18:58] Daans_Consort: Leni How's your back??

[18:58] kirosi: any special news from PETA?

[18:58] LeniP: Sky, I love not being in the makeup. I have to be honest. 
               It was killing me. I wish there were two of me. One Da'an
               and one Leni

[18:59] Roel: Do you love Shakespeare Leni? I had this in my mind since 
              a long time...

[18:59] Daans_Consort: lol that would be Kool

[18:59] kirosi: both are Wonderful.

[18:59] Agent_Sky: I wish you could have played yourself on the show as 
                   well. Maybe in the resistance?

[18:59] LeniP: Kirosi, no news from PETA. Everything pretty quiet now. 
               My back is great.

[18:59] *** kaworu has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)

[18:59] Rayjay: Thats good to know

[18:59] Roel: I love Da'an and Leni

[18:59] Daem8: Glad to hear it.

[18:59] *** redwolf_eternal sets mode: +o RoHa

[18:59] kirosi: Glad you are comfortable!

[18:59] Ja`en: i think we all love Da'an :)

[18:59] ihtan: Roel: Me too.

[18:59] kaworu1981: yep

[19:00] Roel: REALly?

[19:00] LeniP: I do love Shakespeare. I'm getting back into it. UK 
               companion, how's that cake coming.

[19:00] LeniP: Any questions you guys are dying to know about regarding
               the show?

[19:00] Rayjay: UH no

[19:00] Rayjay: but i have one that's been on my nerves for some time

[19:00] Agent_Sky: well, without spoilers?

[19:00] Daans_Consort: your new one yes!!

[19:00] kaworu1981: yeah will u be on it again

[19:00] Roel: That's great Leni. There is a special character  you'd
              like to play (Shakespeare?)

[19:00] hhpat: new one yes

[19:00] kaworu1981: efc i mean =)

[19:01] blacktuesday: yes, the new one

[19:01] UKCompanion: Hi all, sorry I'm late I've had some personal
                     business to attend to

[19:01] kaworu1981: and new one

[19:01] LeniP: Roel, I auditioned for Lady Macbeth. Didn't get it. 
               But I still have a few years.

[19:01] ikkleemm: ok, one question at a time please

[19:01] LeniP: Jo'on, what personal business. Please tell us. LOL

[19:01] Taelon_Tova: That'0s too bad Leni, I could just see your 
        as lady MacBeth!

[19:01] Daans_Consort: LOL

[19:02] Roel: You ahve a life - you'd be a great Lady Macbeth

[19:02] ikkleemm: yes Jo'on, please do :oD

[19:02] LeniP: Tova, Lady Macbeth is one of my favorites as well.

[19:02] Ja`en: Leni would be lovely as lady macbeth

[19:02] Anca: Leni will you be in Germany one time again?

[19:02] jassi: lovely?

[19:02] Daans_Consort: yes!! Lady Leni

[19:02] ikkleemm: Lady Macbeth wasn't a lovery person in my recolectiom

[19:02] UKCompanion: and I'm sorry, but I don't kiss and tell

[19:02] Agent_Sky: Yes, in Germany! I would love to meet you!

[19:02] ihtan: I'd like to see her playing Lady Macbeth. It would 
        be great

[19:02] Taelon_Tova: Leni, maybe next time around !

[19:02] Rayjay:   Leni....?

[19:02] LeniP: Do I have the nicest fans in the world, not to mention 
                the coolest!

[19:02] Katana_UK: LOL! Em you don't want to know what Jo'on was up to ;-)

[19:02] kirosi: don't take this the wrong way but.. Zo'or...

[19:02] muriel: Leni, will you ever play in Europe? Is there any way to 
                 get you here??

[19:02] Anca: Yes, I too

[19:02] *** Ma-hal has joined

[19:02] Ma-hal: hi :)

[19:02] *** eric has joined

[19:03] coolguy: I BY FAR AM THE COOLEST

[19:03] Ja`en: lovely if she were leni :)

[19:03] Ma-hal: finally... :)

[19:03] Roel And you could have gone people mad with your hands-playing
               in her last scene!

[19:03] Daem8: LOL!

[19:03] LeniP: Lady Macbeth is everything. She embodies so many emotions.

[19:03] *** SpYke has joined

[19:03] Daans_Consort: yes Leni when are yo going to come to newcastle  
                        instead of london?

[19:03] LeniP: I am having problems seeing all the questions. So be 

[19:03]  I love Shakespeare !

[19:03] * Rayjay doesnt remember enough of macbeth to know whats 
          going on

[19:03] *** SpYke has left #lpfc

[19:03] PsychoTaelonFemale: Leni: what do you look for in a fan?

[19:03] kirosi: I could see Leni as Galadriel

[19:03] Roel: Why do you think of her? Was not Shakespeare incredible
               in writing  this charactert?

[19:03] *** eric is now known as Guest86968

[19:03] Ja`en: totally, kirosi

[19:04] LeniP: I psychic told me I'll be going to Europe soon,           
                specifically London, Germany and Italy.

[19:04] ihtan: I read Macbeth some years ago. I liked it very much.

[19:04] Roel: ITALY!

[19:04] Daans_Consort: aw!! No Newcastle then?

[19:04] kaworu1981: Macbeth is good

[19:04] LeniP Kirosi, do you mean from King lear?

[19:04] Agent_Sky: That's great, Leni!!!

[19:04] KNera: Ro'el... you lucky girl!!!

[19:04] Roel: I'll wait for you ...

[19:04] UKCompanion what about Southampton? ;-)

[19:04] ihtan: Italy? Oh yes!!! :)

[19:04] Taelon_Tova: Leni, will you EVER come to Geneva ?

[19:04] KNera: I think I'Ğll have to pay you a visit!

[19:04] kirosi: sorry.. Lord of the Rings

[19:04] Daem8: Lucky Ro'el!

[19:04] redwolf_eternal: Ok, this is getting a bit confusing

[19:04] hhpat: Leni how do you pick parents for the cats you find!  
                I used to foster kittens

[19:04] Daans_Consort: I'll hacve to go to London then LOL

[19:04] muriel: Great Leni! Come to the Netherlands once!!

[19:04] Anca: Oh Eys, it's very great!

[19:04] LeniP: Maybe we should do the Da'an farewell tour.

[19:04] KNera: You know... sometimes I hate it back in this little 

[19:04] ikkleemm: calm please

[19:04] Daans_Consort: YES!!!!!

[19:05] *** redwolf_eternal sets mode: +m

[19:05] redwolf_eternal: ok

[19:05] redwolf_eternal: now all of you listen

[19:05] redwolf_eternal: LOL

[19:05] *** redwolf_eternal sets mode: +o LeniP

[19:05] redwolf_eternal: i'm going to take mod off

[19:05] LeniP: KNera, what corner.

[19:05] redwolf_eternal: and after that

[19:05] redwolf_eternal: we will start going down the line

[19:05] redwolf_eternal: everyone understand? good LOL

[19:05] *** redwolf_eternal sets mode: -m

[19:05] Daans_Consort: nodzz

[19:05] PsychoTaelonFemale: All of us.. but most of all with you!

[19:05] Ja`en: yes, we'll be good

[19:05] Rayjay: the corner that some of us end up in when we get
                 galloped over, Leni.. dont mind us

[19:05] LeniP: Thanks redwolf

[19:05] Agent_Sky: ok

[19:05] Rayjay: >;)

[19:05] KNera: everywhere is faraway!

[19:05] Daem8: Ok

[19:05] kaworu1981: =) ill be good

[19:06] kirosi: elvish Queen within magic mallorn tree wood

[19:06] redwolf_eternal: Now, Agent_Sky, any questions

[19:06] Daans_Consort: I'l be a good little Consort

[19:06] redwolf_eternal: don't make me put this on mod and only 
                          let one person talk

[19:06] redwolf_eternal: o_O

[19:06] redwolf_eternal: if you dn't have a question, pass on it

[19:06] Rayjay: it's better just to chat anyway

[19:06] Agent_Sky: oh, please can I have some minutes, just put be 
                    a little further down the line, please

[19:06] Daans_Consort: nodzz i agree

[19:06] LeniP: I'll take questions.

[19:06] redwolf_eternal: ok Sky

[19:06] ikkleemm: rayjay, we tryed that

[19:06] redwolf_eternal: Anca

[19:06] Anca: I've questioned

[19:07] Rayjay: When, M? All i saw was Questions <wry grin>

[19:07] Anca: And Leni Has andwerd

[19:07] redwolf_eternal: ok LOL

[19:07] redwolf_eternal: Arianrhod

[19:07] Anca *bg*

[19:07] * redwolf_eternal taps foot

[19:07] Rayjay: oh.. we're doing questions now... In what order? 
                  and May I ask one?

[19:07] Arianrhod: i'll pass for now

[19:07] ikkleemm: in alphebetical

[19:08] redwolf_eternal: blacktuesday

[19:08] KNera: reversed... for To'va..

[19:08] Rayjay: Alphabetical. Joy.

[19:08] redwolf_eternal: n e questions?

[19:08] blacktuesday: I pass to RayJay, I was caught flat footed       
                       by the rules

[19:08] redwolf_eternal: LOL (sorry Rayjay)

[19:08] Agent_Sky: Maybe anyone who has a question should ask if
                    he may ask it

[19:08] jassi: no, just hold back alittle bit

[19:08] Rayjay: May i?

[19:08] redwolf_eternal: okie dokie, Rayjay U r up

[19:08] LeniP: It all started in a small town in New Brunswick. My
                parents would play chess by the fire. I kid you not. 
                I just read an old letter of my mom's from
                when I was a baby.

[19:08] Rayjay: <whirls on Leni with an evil grin>

[19:08] Rayjay:  Will you please, PLEASE, tell me what "L'ecole des 
                  Bouffons" was about? I can't find any information 
                  about it other than one-line overviews and a picture 
                  here or there, and it's been plaguing me for years
                  and-- oh, sorry. <Lets go of your lapels>

[19:09] Taelon_Tova: May I ask one next ?

[19:09] ikkleemm: everyone, think of a quetion for your turn please and
                   have them ready

[19:09] kaworu1981: im ready

[19:09] KNera: I am blank... *sigh*

[19:09] redwolf_eternal: (everyone give Leni a minute)

[19:10] Rayjay: <just waiting>

[19:10] Daem8: I'm ready

[19:10] PsychoTaelonFemale: I'm blank too...

[19:10] Daans_Consort: me ready!!

[19:10] UKCompanion: I'm kinda ready

[19:10] LeniP: Rayjay, flattening lapels, smoothing back hair, "it was 
                a play written in Belgium abou a school for bouffons. And
                I played one f the students. Buffon has a great history in  
                Europe. They are like nasty clowns. I only have one photo 
                from it. I perfrormed it in 1995

[19:10] PsychoTaelonFemale: errr.... I can't believe Leni is here and don't 
                             know what to say! SORRY LENI!! hehe.

[19:10] hhpat: Ill gt mine ready red just let me know

[19:11] redwolf_eternal: ok, ColetteNKaytai

[19:11] Rayjay: there is another photo of you on the diving horse site.. 
                 the costumes are grotesqe.. I Love it! (Is that all?)

[19:11] LeniP: psycho, me too.

[19:11] ColetteNKaytai: Leni, Hi, Colette here - How are your kitties? 
                         All well? I have 10 and they are all doing great,
                         watching the chat :)

[19:11] ihtan: I do not know what to ask. I already knew what I wished to
                know. Sorry

[19:11] Rayjay: <- was hoping for a little more info

[19:11] redwolf_eternal: o_O

[19:11] LeniP: Colette Hi! My kitties are all fine. How are you? I'd have 
                10 if I could someday.

[19:11] blacktuesday: I'm used to being at the end of the alphabet, not
                       the beginning  :-)

[19:12] ColetteNKaytai: LOL!

[19:12] redwolf_eternal: (that it Colette?)

[19:12] LeniP: Rayjay. You could look up bouffon history through Diving
                Horse Creations.

[19:12] Rayjay: I did

[19:12] PsychoTaelonFemale: Hi Leni! My name is An'gel... I wrote a poem
                             about the ending of EFC but the beginning of 
                             more for both you and Anita.. Do you want me
                             to send it to you?

[19:12] Rayjay: it told me about as much as you just did.. with pictures.

[19:12] redwolf_eternal: Rayjay, that's enough :)

[19:12] ColetteNKaytai: That was all I had to ask - otherwise I am just 
                         taking up space

[19:12] ikkleemm: isn't it cool now?

[19:13] Rayjay: <fidgets>

[19:13] redwolf_eternal: coolguy

[19:13] LeniP: Psycho Taelon, send it through the fan club to Ro. I'd love
                to read it.

[19:13] LeniP: Colette you never take up space.

[19:13] ColetteNKaytai: TY Leni LOL!!!

[19:13] PsychoTaelonFemale: Yay! *hugs Leni*.. I hope you like it!

[19:13] ikkleemm: coolguy?

[19:13] ColetteNKaytai: Falling on floor laffing!

[19:13] redwolf_eternal: coolguy? you r next

[19:14] Taelon_Tova: May I ask a q pls ?

[19:14] redwolf_eternal: 3...

[19:14] redwolf_eternal: 2...

[19:14] redwolf_eternal: 1...

[19:14] redwolf_eternal: sure Tova

[19:14] Taelon_Tova: Leni, Will you ever be coming over to geneva anyday 
                      soon ?

[19:14] ikkleemm: Cyber, please have your question ready

[19:14] *** Daem8 has joined

[19:14] Agent_Sky: ok, I found a question to ask :-)

[19:14] Daem8: Sorry about that...What did I miss?

[19:14] LeniP: I have a funny story. Maybe it's gross to some of you. I 
                took Laddie to the vet yesterday and he had an accident 
                in my friend's car. Luckily, believe it or not, there was
                 a diaper handy. I guess I don't have to have kids now.
                I've been through it all.

[19:15] LeniP: Geneva is not in the near future, but who knows?

[19:15] PsychoTaelonFemale: LOL

[19:15] Taelon_Tova: lol

[19:15] kaworu1981: lmao

[19:15] kirosi: :)

[19:15] ikkleemm: thats naughty lol

[19:15] Rayjay: Heh

[19:15] ColetteNKaytai: LOL!

[19:15] Ja`en: oh dear lol

[19:15] redwolf_eternal: more like nasty M

[19:15] redwolf_eternal: LOL

[19:15] Arianrhod: lol

[19:15] ColetteNKaytai: cat?

[19:15] LeniP: Oh dear is right.

[19:15] redwolf_eternal:   ok, Cyber_Dreamweaver, you're up

[19:15] Rayjay: two words: Cat carrier

[19:15] LeniP: Laddie is incredibly spoiled. I'm his grandmother and 
                I know.

[19:15] ikkleemm: DC, please get your question ready

[19:15] Cyber_Dreamweaver: I'm really, really, really missing Da'an this 
                            season on EFC. Will Da'an be back, even for one
                            episode? Or is he truly gone now?

[19:16] Taelon_Tova: I diidn't get an answer to mine ...

[19:16] LeniP: Rayjay, two words: crazy cat

[19:16] redwolf_eternal: she said not anytime soon Tova

[19:16] UKCompanion: hey Ro, you with us?

[19:16] Taelon_Tova: ok - thanks !

[19:16] Rayjay: lol

[19:17] Rayjay: Leni: thats redundant

[19:17] LeniP: Cyber, Da'an won't be back. he's gone. But let's enjoy the 
                time we had with him. I had the time of my life playing that
                character. I've made so many friends and you are all on that

[19:17] redwolf_eternal: awww

[19:17] ikkleemm: Dc your question please

[19:17] * redwolf_eternal blushes

[19:17] Daans_Consort: Hi Leni smiles who do you play in your new show and 
                        is it a recurring role and is it a main lead and do
                        you like doing it as opposed to playing   Da'an

[19:17] ikkleemm: daem8 please have your question ready

[19:17] Taelon_Tova: Thanks Leni !

[19:17] Daem8: I do.

[19:18] ikkleemm: k

[19:18] Anca: *sniffle* season 5 without taelons......big sniffle*
              ...without Da'an......

[19:18] LeniP: Daans Consort, it was just an audition for a principle role. 
               It could be reoccuring. The series is just starting and I may not
               get the part. Keep your fingers crossed. I'm pretty good at 
               playing a nasty school teacher, even if it is sci-fi.

[19:18] ikkleemm: Daem8 your question please

[19:19] Daem8: Sorry if this has been asked before, but which EFC episode 
               was your favourite and why?

[19:19] Daans_Consort: yay!! hugzz thanz leni

[19:19] Daem8: :)

[19:19] Rayjay: ANother nasty part? <--- wanted to throttle brownell>

[19:19] LeniP: Anca, I'm sad about it too. But it really felt like the end in all 

[19:19] * Ja`en hugs Anca

[19:19] Daans_Consort: *fingers crossed*

[19:19] Taelon_Tova: Leni - will keep fingers crossed for you !

[19:19] ikkleemm: guest please have your question ready

[19:19] Daem8: *crosses fingers*

[19:19] kaworu1981: best wishes

[19:19] Daans_Consort: plz lets us know if you get it?

[19:19] Anca: Thanks Ja'en.....

[19:20] LeniP: Daem8, I really love Live Free or Die, Avatar, Sins of the Father
                and any episodes with Anita. We are such close friends now.

[19:20] ikkleemm: hhpat please have your question ready

[19:20] redwolf_eternal: Guest? whoever u r,  you're up next LOL

[19:20] Guest86968: Leni, is this a new TV series your auditioning for? or theatre?

[19:20] LeniP: Oh I also like Wrath of Achilles. That was special.

[19:20] Daem8: Thanks

[19:20] Daans_Consort: iloved all the episode with Da'an in them smiles

[19:21] LeniP: Guest86968, it's a TV series.

[19:21] KNera: Oooh... nice ep indeed! :-)

[19:21] Taelon_Tova: Loved Wrath of Achilles - very da'anesque !

[19:21] Agent_Sky: :-)

[19:21] ColetteNKaytai: there is a story about Daan cooking, just like he did in 
                         Wrath LOL

[19:21] ikkleemm: hhpat your question please?

[19:21] Daem8: lol!

[19:21] hhpat: Leni how do you pick parents for the cats you find?  I am a former
                foster mother for kittens.  But my three will not tolerate it in 
                their old age.

[19:21] KNera: I wonder if rolling down that small cliff hurt...

[19:21] LeniP: I got to run around in the woods. They let me out of my cage for a 
                week. It was great. it could become claustrophobic.

[19:21] ikkleemm: intan please have you question reeady

[19:22] Daans_Consort: I'll bet

[19:22] Rayjay: <gets all sorts of odd mental images>

[19:22] ihtan: You said perhaps you'll be in Italy. Do you already know in what 
                city? (excuse me for my bad English.)

[19:22] LeniP: HHpat, I take them to my vet and they find homes unless friends 
                want them. But i scrutinize carefully.

[19:22] hhpat: thanks

[19:23] Daans_Consort: stand ins fell down the hill LOL

[19:23] LeniP: KNera, I guess it must have. I'll call the stunt double and ask

[19:23] ikkleemm: jassi please have your quetion ready

[19:23] jassi: Leni, which character would you love to play if you had a 
                free choice?

[19:23] KNera: LOL!

[19:23] ikkleemm: lol, one at a time please :o)

[19:23] KNera: Nice... ask her to come too next time! ;-)

[19:23] LeniP: ihtan, I'[ve been to Italy many times. I'm hoping to go back soon.
                Maybe to Scicily.

[19:24] ikkleemm: Jaen, please have your question ready

[19:24] LeniP: jassi, I would love to play a lawyer on Law and Order. In theatre 
                I will be doing the Duchess of Malfi hopefully in the spring. Nothing 
                is for sure yet.

[19:24] *** wile1 has joined

[19:24] redwolf_eternal: (hi wile)

[19:24] wile1: hi red

[19:24] Anca: hi

[19:24] wile1: Hi everyone

[19:24] Agent_Sky: hello!

[19:24] ikkleemm: jaen please ask your question

[19:24] Ja`en: Hi Leni! Ok, I'm new and I know nothing, I've only seen Season 
                1, so can I ask, what did you think of Da'an's relationship with
                Zo'or before it was revealed they were related?

[19:25]  Cat, please have your question ready

[19:25]  Ok em :-) ready!

[19:25]  I'm doing the Vagina Monologues in my home province in February.
                Like I said Wednesday, can't wait to go home in front of my family 
                and friends and talk about vaginas. LOL

[19:25]  please ask Cat

[19:25]  Do you have a favourite memory from playing Da'an?

[19:25]  *cough cough*

[19:26]  good question!

[19:26]  Kaworu please have your qusetion ready

[19:26]  oh my indeed.......

[19:26]  Ja'en, It was more uptight and closed. We were real enemies. 
                Once he was my child I was torn. Great stuff to play with.

[19:26]  Great stuff to watch! ;-)

[19:26]  :) Thanks

[19:26]  ready


[19:26]  well put, K'Nera!

[19:26]  Better, even.

[19:26]  Vaginas are a real show stopper, apparently.

[19:26]  LOL

[19:26]  I will come to Toronto to see it, Leni

[19:26]  o_O

[19:26] * Ja`en chuckles

[19:26]  wonderful stuff to watch

[19:26]  Colette is on the floor now LOL

[19:26]  I would.. uh... think so.

[19:27]  kaworu your question?

[19:27] * Daans_Consort look at colette

[19:27]  hi Leni love your chracter da'an would u ever consider 
                     doing a tv movie or spinoff  oh and whens your b-day?

[19:27]  Kaytai goes and picks her back up

[19:27]  November the 5th

[19:27]  Colette - you would !!!

[19:27]  guy fawkes day!!!

[19:27]  (was katana's question answered?)

[19:27]  what year?

[19:27]  kirosi please have your question ready

[19:27]  jassi, it's not in Toronto, it will be in New Brunswick, and I 
                don't wish that on anybody. The maritimes in February. Well all
                meet in the pub and drink for a week.

[19:27]  I'm still on froze by Leni saying she would read 
                             my poem... hehehe

[19:27]  ok

[19:27]  Heh

[19:28]  I don't have any problem to drink for a week

[19:28]  Scotch maybe?

[19:28]  My birthday is Nove. 5. I would consider doing Da'an...maybe in 
                a year or so. I need mroe time.

[19:28]  red?

[19:28]  Leni Liked my poem that I sent her too

[19:28]  *thanks*

[19:28]  Scotch sounds great Colette.

[19:28]  i don't think katana's question was answered

[19:28] * Daans_Consort smiles

[19:28]  unless i missed it

[19:28]  I knew it LOL!

[19:28]  hey Ma'hal

[19:28]  lol

[19:28]   It wasn't redwolf shall I go again?

[19:28]  Redwolf, what was the question. I think I missed it.

[19:28]  cat was your question answered?

[19:28]  Katana, will you repeat what you
[19:29]  Do you have a favourite memory from playing Da'an?

[19:29] * kaworu1981 waves byebye must go back to work

[19:29]  bye

[19:29] *** kaworu1981 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)

[19:30]  Katana, my last scene will always be special to me. I had to 
                say goodbye to one amazing character, Liam Kincaid, and it 
                culminated everything for me in that moment about the show, 
                and my life, and what I would take away from this show.

[19:30]  kirosi please ask your question

[19:30]  It is wonderful to participate in this chat.

[19:30]  Kaworu...bye for now. Let's chat more often. Please everybody 
                forgive my absence. i took it pretty hard in May

[19:30]  knera please have your question ready

[19:30]  It is unusual when a show has a multilayered multilevel  
                 aspect to it.

[19:31]  Thank you Leni I think Liam is amazing too :-)

[19:31]  hugzz Leni we did too

[19:31]  We understand you Leni

[19:31]  Nothing to forgive, Leni....

[19:31]  It surprises me that somehow.. the universe does not support
                 it's continuance.

[19:31]  We all understand.

[19:31]  Thank you Leni for this wonderful chat

[19:31]  oh yeah Katana loves Liam ;-)

[19:31]  please ask a quetion

[19:31]  How is it, do you think, that the producers were not.. 
                 guided to continue?

[19:31]  thank you Leni for giving us da'an

[19:31]  Hi kirosi! I think we actors created a lot of those levels.
                It was an open experience, very giving.

[19:31]  Thanks Leni, good night

[19:31]  Knera please ask your question

[19:32]  Hi! Well... a question... erm... hypothetically, how would 
                you define Da'an and what do you think your reaction would
                be if you ever met face to face with him... say, in a parallel
                universe :-p

[19:32]  ma-hal please have your question ready

[19:32]  " Oh SH**" comes to mine....

[19:32]  mind, even

[19:32]  The show went in a completely different direction. They are 
                thinking about ratings and that is the main thing. And people
                  get tired and bored. It's human nature.

[19:32]  :-)

[19:32]  thank you.  I think so too.

[19:32]  Good q!

[19:32]  jassi, goodbye. Thanks.

[19:32]  Ma-hal...

[19:32]  leni, you said that you where maybe coming to germany....do you 
                 already know when and where?

[19:32]  I stay, was misunderstanding

[19:32]  I'd love to meet Da'an. It would be the experience of a lifetime.

[19:32]  muriel please have you quetion ready

[19:33]  undoubtedly it would

[19:33]  Unforgettable indeed... I know a few ppl who won't forget the 
                character. thanx!

[19:33]  I never will

[19:33]  We will NEVER forget Da'an

[19:33]  I won't forget Da'an!

[19:33]  Agreed!

[19:34]  Yes!!!

[19:34]  we couldn't if we tried!

[19:34]  i keep this nickname to honour him

[19:34]  Ma-hal, I'd have to ask my  psychic that. He said within the 
                next year. I really believe in these things. You can laugh at 
                me, but he said \I was here to save the world.

[19:34]  He will always be with me... with us...

[19:34]  And fanfic...

[19:34]  Tall order

[19:34]  muriel....

[19:34]  Leni,sorry for dragging you into this chat. It's great you're 
                 participating, we, your fans, love you for doing this!!! Please
                 let us know when you'll be performing somewhere! I'll try to come
                  over. :) What's your new show about?

[19:34]  Did ya know I used to go to my math tests trying to think like a 
                Taelon? LOL... ok, someone shoot me... *runs and hides*

[19:34] *** monkey has joined

[19:34]  You were on the verge of that playing Da'an:)

[19:34]  o_O

[19:34]  Phycho please have your question ready

[19:34]  Da'an will always be with me and a part of me.

[19:34]  :-)

[19:34] * Ja`en chuckles and huggles K'Nera

[19:34]  welcome monkey

[19:34]  He will always be a part of all of us, thanx to you.

[19:34]  hi leni

[19:34] * Daans_Consort smiles happily  yes

[19:35]  shhh

[19:35]  LOL @ K'Nera

[19:35]  :-p

[19:35]  Only you could have found Da'an for us

[19:35]  shh

[19:35]  LOL!

[19:35]  muriel, I'll keep you posted. Nothing yet. Just as I said, the Vagina Monologues in February.

[19:35]  lol colette

[19:35]  phyco....

[19:35]  wonderful inner Resource

[19:35]  thanx to you Leni i have made some wonderful friends

[19:35]  when exacltly

[19:35]  lol

[19:35]  lol

[19:35]  lol

[19:36]  I'd say i was keeping an eue out for those monologues.. but 
                 somehow that just ounds so wrong

[19:36]  in cluding you Robert ,Von and Richard

[19:36]  ray you asked yours earler so will Roel have a question ready 

[19:36]  eye, even

[19:36]  lol

[19:36]  No problem, M

[19:36]  Hi monkey! My new cat has about ten names. As you know I'm crazy 
                that way. So I call him Chengo, which I believe is Spanish for 

[19:36]  thanks

[19:36]  it is spanish for monkey!

[19:36]  Especially Robert, Von and Richard. LOL

[19:36]  phyco your question please

[19:37]  nodss

[19:37]  Hi Leni!! I wanted to ask: What do you think drove 
                             Da'an and Zo'or apart? I love the sceens between you
                             and Anita!! Those ARE my FAVORITE! And .. um.... sorry
                             if my nick name freaks you out.... *covers eyes*...

[19:37]  aw!" are you not my friend??

[19:37]  goog q

[19:37]  Very good q

[19:37]  indeed excellent

[19:38]  It is getting a bit too late for me, I'm leaving. Bye all, kepp me
                informed, and thank you spp much Leni for this chat !!! Good luck 
                for the show!! :)

[19:38]  ...no, psycho, what do you mean your name freaks me out...LOL. I 
                think it was a question of energy. Zo'or will always be Zo'or to 
                the core. He can't change or back down.

[19:38]  Very Good An'gel ;-)

[19:38]  Roal your question

[19:38]  bye

[19:38]  take care

[19:38]  Hugs Leni! When will you come to Italy, and will you play something 
               here? I am desperate to meet you in person as I feel you are a mystery...
               you are a great actress, I need to stay close to you and observe you 
               acting. Will you let me know when you'll come?

[19:39]  Tova please have your question ready

[19:39] *** ihtan has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)

[19:39]  ihtan, take care, it's been a pleasure. hey I just want to say to 
                everybody, I'll get to those emails on Yahoo. I have five hundred. 
                It may take me a few years.

[19:39]  LOL

[19:39]  I pass - sorry ! have none

[19:39]  OUCH

[19:39]  lol take your time :)

[19:39]  lol

[19:39]  I know how it hurts Leni...

[19:39]  i'm pretty sure everything bounces back at this point Leni

[19:39]  everyone I must leave:( goodnight lLeni! Tova!  I have three children
                to feed THANKS SOOO MUCH!

[19:39]  I know what you mean, Leni.  Good luck with them!

[19:39]  Thanks for answering me Leni! No Z doesn't back down.. Those
                             parts between Da'an and Zo'or are SOO touching though...

[19:39]  no problem Leni I can wait I'm a taelon!!

[19:40]  I eat tapes backing and replying them

[19:40]  I'll let you know when I come to Italy. I did perform in Firenze two 
                years in a row at the Teatro della Limonaia( ? )

[19:40]  Oh and Leni: I'm glad I didn't scare ya!

[19:40]  Tova your question

[19:40]  Leni, I just wanted to make sure you and mo'om got everything going. 
                 Glad to see it worked out. Bye everyone. See ya len.

[19:40]  I will have to leave soon - I get to jump out of a cake tonite

[19:40]  Thanks Leni. I'll wait faithfully for your coming

[19:40]  LOL Colette!

[19:40]  lol colette have fun!

[19:40]  Uk companion please have your question reeady or some jelly babies

[19:41]  its true dude!

[19:41]  !! :)

[19:41]  KLOL Colette _you do the stangest things


[19:41]  It seems it's time to wrap up. This has been amazing. And so easy once
                we downloaded 5,290 kbs. LOL

[19:41]  oh knera!  see ya later!  Tova I sent a personal!  goodnight!

[19:41]  Before anyone else leaves let me remind you guys that if you want anything
               sent to Leni, send it to the club address and I will gladly forward it for

[19:41] *** monkey has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)

[19:41]  AW!

[19:41]  tova, you there?

[19:41]  Thanx Ro!

[19:41]  Tova your quetion please

[19:41] *** hhpat has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)

[19:41]  Thanks Ro

[19:41]  Hakuna Matata:)

[19:41]  Thanks Leni for taking the time to come anc hat with us...Hope
                      to see you again very soon !

[19:41]  *lol*

[19:41]  Thanks Ro

[19:42]  that you question?

[19:42]  question Tova?

[19:42]  Thanlk you so much Leni!  I had a wonderful time!  Break a leg  
                at the audition!

[19:42]  I have ne

[19:42]  I pass _ my questions have been answered LOL

[19:42]  thanks so much for chatting Leni, hope to see you in Sydney 
                in November!! :)

[19:42]  did you have a q UkCompanion n wile?

[19:42]  yes

[19:42]  Leni, I will never forget Da'an, never!

[19:42]  ok Jo'on your question please

[19:42]  ask then

[19:42]  me to

[19:42]  Ro, tell them about my T shirt idea. The farewell T shirt. Love
                to you all. Thanks Redwolf and as always Roha. Keep your fingers
                crossed for me. I may be back in sci-fi land before you know it.

[19:42]  break a leg!  Thank You so much!

[19:42]  aww

[19:42]  I'm still here.

[19:42]  i Love da'an and leni!!

[19:42]  I did, Leni, you watch Buffy, who do you prefer, Angel or 
                      Riley!? ;-)

[19:42]  TY Leni for coming!

[19:42]  Will do leni.

[19:42]  ok, shhh

[19:42]  so the last can finish

[19:42]  shhhh

[19:43]  sowee

[19:43]  May I askwe on q ?

[19:43]  wile please have your question ready

[19:43]  Leni hello nice to meet you, So many people are upset about your
                and Robert and Anitas leaving unexpectedly that they refuse to 
                watch season 5 what do you feel about that

[19:43]  Zander, of course and then Spike. He rocks my world.

[19:43]  ANGEL!

[19:43]  But I love Angel too.

[19:43]  Spike's good

[19:43]  LOL! Ro, I kinda guessed your preference ;-)

[19:43]  I have to go guys, my typist just fell asleep, so I'll follow her
                 example. Just like our dog! LOL. Leni, thank you for being here. 
                 Thanks and see you all later. HUGS HUGS

[19:43]  Nice recovery, Leni:)

[19:43]  i love spike

[19:43]  Leni , I wnated to order a Da'an t.shirt but couldn^t dffind
                      a picture of in at Donna's site !

[19:43]  You get to see Anita in season 5!

[19:43]  and aangel

[19:44]  (you catch wile's question Leni?)

[19:44]  hmph

[19:44]  any one here who has not asked a question?

[19:44]  But Zander is good too

[19:44]  Thanks Ro. Thought you'd notice that.

[19:44]  I got a DA'AN t shirt!1

[19:44]  I wanted to ask a question

[19:44]  shh

[19:44]  Ro, I miss talking to you. Please keep in touch...Mo'om

[19:44]  ok Sky in a min

[19:44]  ok

[19:44]  wile please repeat your question

[19:44]  May I ask one q pls ?

[19:45]  An'gel: same here!

[19:45]  yes

[19:45]  OK. . .here's the T-shirt rundown. . .Leni has a shirt that says 
               'Go'one" on the front, "but not forgotten" ont he back. It will be
               sold (I think) through pipetap as soon as it's ready.

[19:45]  Underneath Zander's goofy exterior is the red hot body and soul of 
                a tiger.

[19:45]  Mo'om. . .I tried calling but you were out:)

[19:45]  yes tova you may ask it

[19:45]  Hi Leni People are so upset about your anita and Roberts unexpected 
                leaving they are refusing to watch season 5 what are your feelings 
                about that and nice to meet you :-)

[19:45]  HEY!! That's a "Mo'om" priviledge!!

[19:45]  Ooo!  The shirts sound lovely!

[19:45]  I would like one!

[19:45]  I got to go now. It was nice "reading" you, Leni ;-) Take care and 
                 hugs to all in this chat room... Bye :)

[19:45]  Email me Ro. Mo'om

[19:45]  Leni, I wanted to order a Da0'an t-shirt, but can't find any
                     pix on donna's site !

[19:45]  oh Leni, did you get my letter!?

[19:45]  bye ma-hal

[19:45]  shhh

[19:45]  Leni did you get the Tshirt off Robert yet i gave it to him
                        at London for you

[19:45]  bye

[19:45]  Okie Dokie:)

[19:46]  this os going too fast, have missed all the above !

[19:46]  Tova try the st'ore

[19:46] *** Ma-hal has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)

[19:46]  bye

[19:46]  There is nOTHING at the Sto'or

[19:46]  e-mail me Tova

[19:46]  ok

[19:46]  No Da'an T-shirts, on logo things

[19:46]  I missed a bunch of stuff. Things coming to fast. Yes Jo'on I got your
                letter. So sweet.

[19:46]  Ok Red

[19:47]  Try philosophysphere.com

[19:47]  not there either LOL

[19:47]  ok, wile for the last time and EVERYONE quiet, please repeat your 

[19:47]  i have an image of the t-shirt.

[19:47]  ok, i fear i have to go as well. bye all! leni, you're the best!!

[19:47]  the sphere doesnt sell things

[19:47]  will send it to you tova

[19:47]  Ja'en, you guys are the best.

[19:47]  Thanks Red

[19:47]  ok, try that one more time wile

[19:48]  shh red ;o)

[19:48]  3rd time is a charm Hi Leni nice to meet you So many people are upset
                at you and Anita and Roberts unexpected leaving that they are refusing
                to watchseason 5 what do you think about this?

[19:48]  Tova please have your qustion ready

[19:48]  and me?

[19:48]  you too

[19:48]  no I pass

[19:48]  and me

[19:48]  wha, o_O

[19:48]  and arianrhod

[19:48]  I have a question

[19:48]  wile 1, keep watching the show. You'll see Anita and of course we were
                upset, but we have four seasons of pretty damned fine work, don't you 

[19:48]  if shes up for it

[19:48]  sky your question

[19:49]  I agree Leni!!

[19:49]  awesome work

[19:49]  Oh yes!

[19:49]  yes!! me too

[19:49]  Love all 4 seasons

[19:49]  I totally agree and I intend to continue watching

[19:49]  Leni, since I've seen the blooper tape of EFC, which blooper did 
                    you like the best, and why?

[19:49]  Ay *nods*

[19:49]  blavktuesday please have your quetion ready

[19:49]  there are only 4 seasons to EFC

[19:49]  shhh

[19:49]  shhh all

[19:49] *** rizmalj has joined

[19:49] *** PsychoTaelonFemale has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)

[19:50]  An'gel?

[19:50]  Agent -Sky, you guys haven't seen season 4's blooper reel. There's a
                take where I'm mopping the floor on an emply set as Da'an just when 
                they call ACTION. It totally surprised everyone and I was whistling....
                doing like a Carol Burnett show spoof.

[19:50]  balck your question please

[19:50]  rayjay please have your question ready

[19:50]  I've seen the bloopers!

[19:50]  I love this "Zo'or...I found them!!!"

[19:50]  Leni, you have cats and dogs, have you ever considered a ferret
                       as a pet? They are quite mischievous. I've got 3 cats and 4 
                       ferrets, all rescues.


[19:51]  LOL!  I'd love to see those!

[19:51]  LOL... and here I only imagined Sandoval mopping the floor... :-p

[19:51]  that sounds too fuuny

[19:51]  i kept missing it

[19:51]  shhh

[19:51]  blacktuesday, definitely if it was a rescue...yes. I would never 
                turn anything away, but please don't all turn up on my doorstep. 

[19:51]  rayjay your question please

[19:51]  i was a steward and kept missing the blooper

[19:51]  lol

[19:51]  Are you doing anything for halloween, leni...? got a costume lined

[19:51]  rizmalj, you're next

[19:52]  may we ask 1?

[19:52]  KNear, you don't know how funny that is.

[19:52]  Arianrhod please have a question ready

[19:52] *** PsychoTaelonFemale has joined

[19:52]  Hello everybody sorry I'm late

[19:52]  wait M, rizmalj needs to ask one

[19:52]  Mopping te floor?

[19:52]  k

[19:52]  LOL!

[19:52]  LOL

[19:52]  lol

[19:52]  I got kicked...

[19:52]  Did I miss anything?

[19:52]  Rayjay, I'm thinking about it. Of course you know I dress up every
                year for the kids. I scared them so badly last year, probably nobody
                will show up.

[19:52]  lol

[19:52]  Very funny guys.

[19:53]  lololol

[19:53]  ok rizmalj, ask away

[19:53]  lol!

[19:53]  LOL

[19:53]  What did you dress up as?

[19:53]  Lol

[19:53]  um.

[19:53]  ?

[19:53]  Hello Leni

[19:54]  that it?

[19:54]  Leni, I have to go now as it's goin on 2 am here --- Thnaks a
                      million for coming to talk to us again...Hope to chat again
                      soon !

[19:54]  yes I will be in a bikini

[19:54]  urg, who's next M LOL

[19:54]  and jump out

[19:54]  so.. can we shoot eh breeze now?  >;)

[19:54]  Bye To'va!

[19:54]  Bye, Tova!

[19:54]  The even.

[19:54]  Leni.  .that T-shirt. . .going through pipetap, right?

[19:54]  I guess so. i think everyone has gotten one besides the mods

[19:54]  Psychotaelon, I went as Hester P from the Scarlet Letter, but as
                a vampire with her tombstone in my front yard. Real fangs, great 
                music, back lit, the whole nine yards.

[19:54]  yes Ro

[19:54]  Bye To'va:)

[19:54]  it is

[19:54]  i think

[19:54]  bye Ro

[19:54]  or was this the one i didn' tknow about

[19:54]  LOL

[19:54]  Cool!  I'm reading Scarlet Letter in English

[19:54]  bye Leni and thanks

[19:54]  Leni: THAT is COOL!!!

[19:55]  lol

[19:55]  Oops:) :blsuhes:

[19:55]  i love Vampyres

[19:55]  Wow.

[19:55]  Yes. . .I meant the "Go'one" Tshirt.

[19:55]  Mo'om is getting a bit tired now. Do you think we could say
                goodnight, but not goodbye. I have to keep on Mo'om's good 
                side for the inheritance. LOL

[19:55] *** Taelon_Tova has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)

[19:55]  lol'RoHa

[19:55]  hugzz leni BYE!!!

[19:55]  Big hugs Leni, I hope to meet you soon. You are a very special
               person to me. You sweept my feet away with Da'an!!!!

[19:55]  snickers

[19:55]  Sure. We love you too, Mo'om:)

[19:55]  I've been called a Vamp... for reasons I won't get
                             into right now.. LOL

[19:55]  Ro, I'm working on the T Shirt. It will be available on pipetap, 
                but not for a while.


[19:55]  good night leni,  thanks for visiting with us

[19:55]  Well Ray just got in and says Hi to leni!!

[19:55] * redwolf_eternal waves bye-bye to Leni n Mo'om

[19:56]  God night leni.. and Leni's mom...

[19:56]  Good night, Leni. Have a pleasant rest, and Mo'om too

[19:56]  Goodnight, Leni!  You're an amazing person.  Thanks for spending
                time with us!

[19:56]  Roel, great talking to you thanks.

[19:56]  Bye Leni and Mo'om :-

[19:56]  Ooo... I have yet one thing to say. Hobbit, who couldn't be here 
                says hi and sends Hugz...

[19:56]  :-)

[19:56]  night!

[19:56]  Good night Leni, take care

[19:56]  I didn't get to ask a question LOL

[19:56]  'night Leni, thanks for being here and 

[19:56]  Many thanks for chatting with us!

[19:56]  Thank you So Much.

[19:56]  Good Night Leni be safe

[19:56]  We hope to see you soon, anything !

[19:56]  oh well hehehehe

[19:56]  Bye Leni & Mo'om!

[19:56]  night leni Take care night mo'om

[19:56]  Leni, God bless ya for taking the time to be with us!

[19:56]  Yes, many thanks

[19:56]  Thank you for chatting with us, Leni.

[19:56]  Thanks Leni, you cannot imagine how this was important to me

[19:56]  thanx for coming!!

[19:56]  curse of being a moderator *shakes head*

[19:56]  Good night Leni thanks for coming

[19:56]  Take my Devil dawg with you

[19:56]  big hugzzz bye leni!1

[19:56]  Bye Leni. God Bless

[19:56]  Yes... Thank you SOOOO much for coming!!!!

[19:57]  In that case, Red. . .next time you go first!

[19:57]  LOL

[19:57]  Beannachd leibh Leni: blessed be you in Gaelic

[19:57] *** Guest03228 has joined

[19:57] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Guest03228

[19:57]  Adeus!!!

[19:57]  *Huges Psycho Hugs to Leni and her Mo'om*

[19:57]  Daem8, Anca, Colette,jassi, UkCompanion, kirosi,wile1 Agenty 
                Sky, Daans Consort, Redwolf Arianrhod, psycho, rizmalj, Ro

[19:57]  Boa Noite

[19:57]  Bye anybody I missed? Love to you all

[19:57]  :)

[19:57]  Hugs...

[19:57] *** wile1 was kicked by redwolf_eternal (redwolf_eternal)

[19:57]  uhhuh

[19:57]  *hugs*

[19:57]  crap

[19:57]  LOL

[19:57]  last on the list. . .as usual;)

[19:57]  I think you are runing out of breath Leni! ;-)

[19:57]  jassi:(

[19:57]  lol

[19:58]  LOL

[19:58]  love you Leni

[19:58]  We Love You Too!!!

[19:58]  We will miss you, Leni!

[19:58]  OMG!!!

[19:58]  LOL

[19:58]  Bye Leni I hope we see you

[19:58]  Bye. . .talk soon!

[19:58]  naught red lol

[19:58]  take care

[19:58]  yes, we love you too!!!!!!!!

[19:58]  :nods:

[19:58]  bye

[19:58]  was an accident!!!! LOL

[19:58]  take care

[19:58]  We love you!

[19:58]  Come back soon..

[19:58]  I bet it was

[19:58]  Last on the list is last but not least. Love to you, girl.

[19:58]  *Taelon bow*

[19:58]  love ya RoHa

[19:58]  Hugz Love ya back:)

[19:58]  Sinaui Euhura Da'an

[19:58]  from your Consort

[19:58]  Thank you Ro, Red, and M!

[19:59] *** Verit has joined

[19:59]  :o)

[19:59]  Sinaui Euhura...

[19:59]  OK guys. . .let's let Mo'om and Leni get some much needed rest!

[19:59] *** ikkleemm was kicked by redwolf_eternal (redwolf_eternal)

[19:59]  Thanks for chatting with us Leni! Looking forward 
                            to seeing you in your next project!

[19:59]  Sinaui Euhura Da'an (tears...)

[19:59]  Sinaui Euhura

[19:59]  Don't tell me! I missed it again!!!

[19:59]  Anything I can do for you guys!

[19:59]  *cries*

[19:59]  you sure did Verit LOL

[19:59]  Sinaui Euhura

[19:59]  but don't be mad

[19:59]  *drowns in tears*

[19:59]  yes stay with us on the list Ro!!

[19:59]  i didn't get to ask a question either LOL

[19:59]  Ro it was great to read you!

[19:59]  nope

[19:59]  Hugzzz

[19:59]  Bye Leni see ya on the tele!

[19:59]  Good Night!! We Love you! We'll miss you!!

[20:00]  Thank you for coming!

[20:00]  Verit...sorry, quick question from Redwolf and you.

[20:00]  hugzz red!!

[20:00]  hey Ro, you ever go on AIM lately?

[20:00]  BYE Leni... this is K'Nera speacking...

[20:00] *** Guest03228 is now known as ikkleemm

[20:00]  Stay on the list? You mean here?

[20:00]  Ok LOL

[20:00]  hugzz ypu

[20:00]  Yes, We'll miss you

[20:00]  yup

[20:00]  I just wanted to know if you liked the website Leni

[20:00]  i miss you

[20:00]  i worked really hard on it

[20:00]  humm

[20:00]  Yeah. . .I just. . .ghost it cuz I work a lot on my native site.

[20:00]  back

[20:00]  ok

[20:00]  :)

[20:00]  I miss you Leni, I hope to see you in a new project 
                       very soon

[20:01]  I LOVE the website. It's amazing. I will visit it extensively
                later this weekend. But so far so great.

[20:01]  Hmmmmmmmm... how would you have ended your relationship with 

[20:01]  ikkleemm you gonna be back on SIM soon?

[20:01]  Aim

[20:01]  thanks

[20:01]  Told ya so, Red:)

[20:01]  Sorry... the question just poped...

[20:01]  aim, maybe

[20:01]  wile1 says good night and you're a nice lady Leni
                          (i really didn't mean to kick her guys)

[20:01]  Verit, Zo'or would have had a child and it would have brought
                us together finally.

[20:01]  this is so poignant

[20:01]  Thangs like that happen to Verit...

[20:01]  LENI? did you get the tshirt off Robert yet?

[20:01]  YES! I agree!

[20:01]  lol i don't belive ya red ;o)

[20:01]  Thank yoooooooooouuuuuuuu!!!!

[20:01]  A wonderful ending!

[20:01]  I'd be a grandma/da

[20:01]  can I ask one more thing Leni?

[20:01]  Leni..WOW! This is definitively GREAT!

[20:01]  I LOVE THAT ENDING!!!

[20:01]  have a nice night Leni

[20:02]  Thanks Leni!!

[20:02]  I think I've writen about that!

[20:02]  LOL

[20:02]  :-)

[20:02]  Red is so way cool:) I am SO glad she is the webmistress. . .

[20:02]  :)

[20:02]  a ltl zoor

[20:02]  yaya

[20:02]  aww *blush*

[20:02]  sleep well, Leni

[20:02]  :-)

[20:02]  thanks Red for the help ;o)

[20:02]  nm, i think i forgot the question

[20:02]  Yes. Got the t shirt. Thank you so much and for all the presents.

[20:02]  ya for red

[20:02]  Nite Nite Leni!

[20:02]  Yes, A godd night and sweet dreams Leni

[20:02]  Red?

[20:02]  you did?

[20:02]  Purple dreams! :-)

[20:02]  Don't know ya, M, but thank YOU too!

[20:02]  yes, the message board

[20:02]  Good Night! Sleep Tight! And don't Let The 
                             Jaridies Bite! LOL

[20:02]  oh, I know M ;-)

[20:02]  naw, just helping Red

[20:02]  you think you'll post a message to it every now
                          and again Leni?

[20:02]  *covers mouth*

[20:02]  telling u s how you're doing :)

[20:02]  Beannach leibh Da'an!

[20:02]  lol

[20:03]  Hey, watch it An'gel!

[20:03]  Goodbye Leni, and goodbye everybody. I have to leave, 
                    it's nearly 2 am now

[20:03]  yes peter lol

[20:03]  Make me :p

[20:03]  Bye Sky

[20:03]  Bye Sky!

[20:03]  Bye Sky! *hugs*

[20:03]  bye sky

[20:03]  Yes I will post a message. (Blushing)

[20:03]  :)

[20:03]  ty

[20:03]  its almost 1amhere

[20:03]  *cheers*

[20:03]  Bye

[20:03]  Aww. . .she's so cute when she blushes:)

[20:03]  By Sky, are you in Berlin today?

[20:03]  Bye everybody. Nightie night.

[20:03]  thank you for your company leni

[20:03]  goodnight leni.

[20:03]  aw!! u blush sooo beautifullyy Leni

[20:03]  Goodnight, Leni!

[20:03]  Good night...

[20:03]  bye Leni

[20:03]  Good night!  (or bonne nuit!)

[20:03]  Good Night!

[20:03]  good night

[20:03]  Bye Leni!

[20:03]  I'm not in Berlin, but 400 km west from there

[20:03]  Thanx again!

[20:03]  G'night Leni and Mo'om!

[20:03]  sweet dreams

[20:03]  nightie nigth leni


[20:03]  good night

[20:03]  We love ya Leni!

[20:04]  (I think a Taelon would give a lovely lava lamp)

[20:04]  Mo'om night

[20:04]  you guys did a great job :getting teary, in a good way: 
                 Good Nite

[20:04]  Hey I can't get out of here. What do I do. HELP!

[20:04]  lol

[20:04]  stay

[20:04]  lol!

[20:04]  Hit the x

[20:04]  cya Leni and Mo'om, goddess go with you and keep 
                      you both safe

[20:04]  LOL

[20:04]  lol

[20:04]  LOL!

[20:04]  Turn off the computer:)

[20:04]  Stay!

[20:04]  plzz stsay for everLOL

[20:04]  stay!

[20:04]  LOL

[20:04]  lol

[20:04]  :)

[20:04]  ROFLOL. . .

[20:04]  hehe

[20:04]  Hehe. LOL you're trapped!!!

[20:04]  Oops.. I guess you can't leave then...

[20:04]  of course, staying would be nice too...

[20:04]  just x out the screen :)

[20:04]  Bummer...

[20:04]  You can't get in and you can't get out... I smell a Jardie! ;-)

[20:04]  Unplug the fuse box?

[20:04]  LOL

[20:04]  STAY!!!

[20:04]  or stay forever

[20:04]  LOL

[20:04]  bye
[20:04]  you can type /quit Leni

[20:04]  Just kidding. See ya later.

[20:04]  It's a pot!  (j/k)

[20:04]  LOL

[20:04]  shaq it

[20:04]  LOL!

[20:04]  LOL

[20:04]  hit the x on the window

[20:04] *** Agent_Sky has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)

[20:04]  bye LENI

[20:04]  Bye Leni!!!

[20:05]  *hugz*

[20:05]  Bye!

[20:05]  Cya Leni!!!

[20:05]  bye lol

[20:05]  get Lots of core energy & commune with each of us? :)

[20:05]  Adios!

[20:05]  *HUGS*

[20:05]  LOVE YA LOADS!!

[20:05]  Adeus!

[20:05]  Bye Leni, I love you

[20:05]  to stay forever - whaat a nightmare

[20:05] *** LeniP has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)