Greetings and welcome to the LPFC Lounge. I recommend that all java users float the chat room window to make it easier to read the rules and participate in the chat.

When you connect to the chat room, READ THE FAQ

Those of you on mirc or another irc client, connect to and join #lpfclounge. If you have trouble connecting, click on the help button to get a list of alternate servers.

All visitors, please take a minute to read the Rules and Regulations of the chat room. To those new to irc, feel free to check out some of the useful commands.

Putting your e-mail address is by no means mandatory (I seriously advise against typing it in). All users must choose a nickname. Click connect to join the channel.

This application requires Java suport.
This server also available via IRC at:

Rules and Regulations

1. No flaming
2. No trolling
3. NO COLORS!!! Just because they're there, doesn't mean you can use them
4. No op begging
5. No harassing ops. This could get you banned.
6. OPS: Please don't change my topic.
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IRC Commands

/join [ /join #channelname] -there are many channels on the linkline server, to join a channel other than the one you're already on, use this command
(ex: /join #mothership )

/server [/server servername] -this command will disconnect you from the server you're on and reconnect to the specified server
(ex: /server )

/query [/query nickname message] -this command opens up a private chat window to a selected user
(ex: /query daan sinuai euhura )

/msg [/msg nickname message] -this command sends a private message to the selected user without opening another window
(ex: /msg daan sinuai euhura )

/omsg [/omsg #channelname message] -the omsg sends a private message to all operators on the channel
(ex: /omsg #multiverse I need help)*only ops can omessage*

/quit [/quit reason*optional*] -this will disconnect you from the server and display the reason for leaving(ex: /quit time for class)

/part [/part #channelname] -if you are on more than one channel and you want to leave one of them, use this command(ex: /part #multiverse). For Java's, all you need to type is /part and the command will make you leave the channel you type it in. If you're only in one room, the part command won't work

/partall -this command makes you leave all the channels you are on without disconnecting you from the server(this doesn't apply to java's)

/exit - this command forces the irc client to close.(this doesn't apply to java's)

For a more detailed list of commands, click the help button on the chat room window.
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