Leni Parker Fan Club Chat Transcipt

April 9, 1999
9:00 PM EST

(This transcript has been edited, but most of the content has remained in order for the reader to get the feel of the informal atmosphere we had. Despite difficulties a good time was had by all!-Ka'ri)


Leni: Hi everybody. It's Leni from Canada. Glad to be here

Ro: I would not have missed it. Thank you, Ka'ri, for a wonderful job! You are to be congratulated.

Stella:Hi, Ro

GJ:Hi guys, hows it going?

Dave RCFC:hi Leni, how are you doing?

Mellisa:It took me two days to think of what I wanted to ask. Checked other chats so I didnt repeat questions already asked

Ro: Hello, Leni:-)

Ka'ri:Ro, Thank you! Leni: Welcome to the chat!

GJ: Hi Ro!

Aen_VFFC:hello, Leni

Kirosi: So glad this is happening. You are kind to participate.

Ka'ri: Question list fgoes: Aen_VFFC, GJ, Mellisa, Stella then Dave RCFC

(The idea of a question list soon got scrapped..with less than 10 people chatting, it seemed to formal and stiff. We ending up chatting as though we were all friends in the same room.)

Stella: Hello, Leni

Ro: Leni is here. I leave the rest to you guys. Enjoy:-)

Mellisa: Great to see you here Leni, how are you?

Leni: I'm open for questions everybody. First of all, thank you Ka'ri and Ro. You've been great

Ka'ri: Aen_VFFC: Go ahead!

Aen_VFFC: Should I go ahead and ask my first ?

Ro: It has been a priviledge, a challenge and a lot of fun. Thank YOU for allowing me to do this for you.

Aen_VFFC: Leni, this is such a thrill for me to be able to talk to you! I absolutely love Da'an and I have truly enjoyed watching him grow and change. . . Anyway, my first question to you is this: What would your dream role be?

Leni: Hi Mellisa. I'm fine. I think the fan club page looks beautiful.

Leni: Aen_VFFC: A role on Masterpiece Theatre...lots of hair and many costume changes. A period piece

Ro:Thank you, Leni. That's means a lot to me.

(At this point the technical difficulties stepped in and booted everyone out of the room. We all came back though, and continued the chat. This happened quite a bit during the course of the chat as some comments will suggest! (and names will change throughout) The general consensus was that Zo'or somehow got wind of this chat and was lurking around somewhere!-Ka'ri)

Da'an: Okay. Let's go again. I've changed my name to Da'an now to get back in. Any questions. This is going great for a first chat huh? LOL

GJ: Da'an , whew. . . anyway, I was about to ask: what do you most enjoy doing during your spare time or during the show's hiatus?

Da'an: Aen. Dead on. What episode are you all on down south...south of Montreal?

Aen_VFFC: The last episode we saw here was Bliss

Da'an: GJ. I'm just about to plant my garden for the summer and I've been travelling quite a bit visiting conventions. (U.K. Star Fury 99 and I'm going to Starfest in Denver next week.) I'm enjoying it immensely and love meeting the fans.

DaveRCFC: on the subject of, I just want to say thanks to Leni for Starfury, it was without a doubt the best con I have been to.

RoHa: I do have one question for you , Leni.

Da'an: Kirosi, glad to see you're here. I understand you've been a big support and help to Ka'ri and Ro.

Aen_VFFC: Leni, one of these days I am going to meet you and all the other castmembers! Unfortunately y'all haven't come down my way yet....

RoHa: Do you ever stop to take a breath?:-) I have never seen so much energy in one person!

Mellisa: Hey Leni, I have a question

Da'an: Thanks for that Dave. By the way, I just had the opportunity to viewHemoglobin and loved it. It reminded me of all the fun we had on the Island. I actually think it may reach cult status. RoHa, I'd love to hear your question

Kirosi: I try to be. Thank you for noticing.

Da'an: Ro, yes this is the most relaxed I've been all week! I know we're all in thistogether. Aen, where's "my way"? Mellisa, I'm ready.

Stella: Leni, I have a question.

Aen_VFFC: "My way" is either in Georgia or South Carolina...I am getting frustrated because I can't make it to where you guys appear in the States!

Mellisa:1) Is there a technique, or special way you use to remember your lines? and I will be at the Con-monality convention yippee

Da'an: Are you all happy with the fan club? Ro has done a great job hasn't she? I'm sending my 8 X 10's out next week. You'll all get one.

Ka'ri: I'm very happy with the fan club! I am not happy with me and this room!ACK! Ro...don't fire me please!!!:-)

Kirosi: What Marvellous news!! Gratitude!!

Aen_VFFC: Cool!

Stella: Yes, Ro has done a great job on the fan club. Thank you for agreeing.

Leni F.: I'm back. Persistant aren't I. Did Mellisa get her answer?

Aen_VFFC: let's be thankful that this is not a repeat on the KK chat at PS

Ka'ri: Leni I am soooo sorry...

Kirosi: I enjoyed Toronto very much last time, and look forward to attending Con-monality.

Leni F.: Ka'ri, just relax. We're having fun and I'm honing my typing skills.

Ro: Ka'ri, it happens. You are doing fine:-)

Aen_VFFC: Leni, can I ask you something?

Ro: Listen to Leni, Ka'ri. She is ever the optimist.

Ka'ri: Leni, it's hard to relax! I'm the one who got us this place!

Mellisa: nope Leni I did not get the answe

Leni F.: Hey let's just continue as we are and hope for the best.

Ro: Ka'ri, perhaps we should get to the questions?

Ka'ri: Let's continue with the questions...

Leni F.: Mellisa, learning lines is all part of the process. And after 14 years, you get really good at it. And learn all kinds of tricks.

Leni F.: BTW when is Con_monality?

Ro: LOL June 17th, Leni.

Mellisa: ok I'll post all my question LOL!

Leni P.: I guess I'm going. I would imagine it's through Primedia.

Stella: Leni, are you working on any other projects besides EFC?

Ka'ri:Leni, Yes, it's Primedia..

Aen_VFFC: anyway as I was saying about Bliss

Mellisa:Oh, Da'an got any words of wisdom???

Aen_VFFC: Lisa and Richard were quite wonderful in Bliss together...

Mellisa: Leni, you've already been confirmed. LOL!

Ka'ri: Leni, I'm doing everything I can...I'm so sorry about this everyone..

Leni P.: Da'an's words of wisdom: Let's call Zo'or, he must be responsible.

Ja'el: Sorry I'm late...

Leni P.: And Richard too. They both really shone in Bliss.

Ro: Or. . .the Resistance:-=)

GJ: I think we should have a moment of silence for those of us who can't go to the convention. . . after the chat, of course! :-)

Stella: LOL, I don't think he'd fess up.

Ka'ri: Ja'el..that's ok, we're glad you could make it!

Aen_VFFC: Hey, more like let's SKRILL Zo'or!

Leni P.: Hi Ja'el, glad you're here.

Ka'ri: GJ: Good idea!

DaveB:I like Zo'or

Ja'el: Hello, Leni!

Ro: I like Anita:-)

Leni P.:Any questions

Ka'ri: Leni...*half raises her hand* I have a question...if you're not too mad about this room that is...

Leni P.: Ro, Anita and I have the best time together. I don't think I could have done it without her. She's a mensch.

Aen_VFFC:Speaking of wonderful performances this season, Leni, you and Anita La Selva have been absolutely wonderful in your scenes together

Leni P.: Go Ka'ri!

Aen_VFFC:I like Anita but I hate Zo'or!!!

Ka'ri: I totally love Anita! I think she is so great and I really love Zo'or...

Mellisa: Zo'or must be behind this

Leni P.: Playing my scenes with Anita is surreal. At the same time, it's a farce.

Ka'ri: Leni..in Defector was it hard to climb those rocks in your costume? Or was that a double? I loved Defector btw! Loved seeing the Taelon Homeworld!

Ro: Oh. . .Ka'ri. . .how COULD you???

Aen_VFFC: hey, maybe Doors is behind this! We are after all talking with a Taelon!

Ka'ri: Ro, how could I what?

Leni P.: Can anybody tell me anything about Denver? have they had Starfest there before?

Ro: Love....Zo'or?

Ro: :-)

DaveB:Yes me Ro.

Ka'ri: Ro: Ahhhh..! I love Zo'or because Anita plays him with such..such relish! And, you haven't seen Defector yet have you?

Ro: No.

GJ: I don't know about "love" but I think Zo'or is kinda cool sometimes

Leni P.: Defector was my favorite episode this season. I'm hoping to spend a lot of time on the Home World. I had a double doing some of the climbing, but tried to do as much as possible.

Ro:Aren't we here to ask Leni questions?

Aen_VFFC: oh and Leni, I LOVED the scene in Volunteers where Da'an confronts Zo'or!That scene was one of your (Anita's too) BEST!

Leni : Am I reaching you. I've been kicked off again, which seems to happen when I press refresh.

Stella: Leni, when does shooting start for the next season?

Leni : think Da'an will have to be reprimanded taelon style. It's me that's causing the problem. We've figured out every time we press refresh we all disappear.

Ka'ri: Leni...every single time?

Ro: You'll have to keep his "Protector" out of the room:-)

Aen_VFFC: Leni, I have a question if you don't mind...

Leni : Hi Stella. We start shooting the 3rd season around May 25th.

Mellisa: Ka'ri it's not your fault its those darn fissures!!!!

Ka'ri: Mellisa I'm really beginning to think Zo'or is lurking around here somewhere!

Aen_VFFC: Leni, do you have an email address where fans can contact you at like Von Flores or Richard Chevolloeau?

Leni : Ka'ri...you are right. Aen. Go ahead.

Mellisa: heres my question:Does any member of the cast every try to make you laugh when it's a really serious scene?

Leni : Aen. I barely keep in touch with my mother. But Ro,who runs the club could field questions for me. It might take a while for me to get back but I will eventually.

Leni : Mellisa, funnily enough I do try to crack Anita up. I always feel terribly unprofessional, but I can't help myself. And of course, the wonderful Von Flores is the belle of the ball on the set. He keeps us laughing.

Dave: Leni, like the scene in the liberation HQ.

Mellisa: :)

Leni : Von once bit my head off. We've got it on tape. What a card. Luckily I don't work that much with Richard C. or I would be laughing all the time.

Wa'el: So surprising!

Aen_VFFC: ah, Leni you just gave me material in what I can ask Von about in an email interviw I am working on for Von

Mellisa:I heard Von bit off your head

Ka'ri: Leni...what is Anita really like? I have begun to really admire her this season and love those scenes between Da'an and Zo'or...

Aen_VFFC: Von kind of has told the tale of biting your head off...

Leni : Dave, I enjoyed playing that moment, however confused Da'an was at the time.

Mellisa: Leni you were reading my mind. Got psyhic power huh?

(Another boot.....by this time I was so frustrated! I am very thankful that everyone could laugh about this.-Ka'ri)

Da'an: Ka'ri, Anita is sweet. I'm glad the taelons sent her down.

Da'an: Wa'el, do you have a question?

Da'an: Just trying to keep this going, so I'm just typing like a madwoman.

Ka'ri: Mellissa...it ain't my night either! Good grief I'm stumped.

Kirosi:yes.. Authors have said that characters seem to seek to have their stories written.

Da'an:Hi guys, how about those Blue Jays!

Ka'ri: Leni! You sure have the energy to! Everyone, thank you SSSSOOOOO much for your patience and understanding!

GJ: Leni, if I may. . . How uncomfortable is that costume?

Kirosi: at times.. is there a similar perception for an actor?

Dave: Blue Jays??

Da'an: Kirosi, fill me in.

Aen_VFFC: Leni, by the way, I LOVED that scene between Da'an and Sandoval in Volunteers! That scene had so much unspoken things in it! It's so sad that you and Von don't get a chance to share scenes like that more often!!!

Stella: Leni, I think the interaction between you and Anita is both dynamic and humorous. Sometimes I think you are both laughing within the lines.

Da'an:GJ, the costume is extremely heavy and tight-fitting. It is five layers. Please help me...

Kirosi: it is something I have heard several authors say.. that characters seem to"live" and speak through the authors.

Ro:Kirosi brings up an excellent point. Leni.

Da'an: Dave, they were the World Series Baseball Champions two years in a row. They're in Toronto. So I don't expect you guys to get the reference. Sorry. It's a throw away line.

Kirosi: does that make any kind of sense to you? :)

Mellisa: How thick are those shoes you wear when you play Da'an? Are they hard to walk in?

Ro:When you are Da'an. . .you ARE Da'an.

Dave: ah baseball, what a wierd game :) never caught on over here

Ka'ri: Good point Kirosi! *is anxiously awaiting the reply*

Ka'ri:Dave...baseball is a great game!

Aen_VFFC: Hey, Leni, I definitely know who the Blue Jays are! But my team is the Atlanta Braves!

Da'an:Aen, I loved that scene. It was our strongest interaction all year. Von and I always feel like we've known each other in past lives.

Mellisa: What types of character to you prefer to play? Nice, evil or in between.

Dave: sure it is Ka'ri :) but it is mainly an American sport.

Ka'ri: Dave..ahhhh hockey. You can smell it in the air eh?!

Da'an:Ka'ri I must have missed something. Please fill me in on Kirosi's question.

Ka'ri:I'm a Canadian btw..in case any of you wanted to know!

Dave: hockey?????

Aen_VFFC:You and Von have always shared strong chemistry together on screen...

Kirosi:and a % "observer self".. I wonder how much of an actor must believe to be believable and how much stands back to critique

Mellisa:Do you feel comfortable watching yourself on "Earth" or in any of the shows or movies you have done?

GJ:Kirosi, interesting concept

Da'an:Mellisa, the shoes are actually boots that zip up. They are about 5 inchestall. They are very difficult to walk in. You have to watch your balance at alltimes. Secondly, I've played a lot of nasty characters in theatre and film.

Ka'ri: Leni, did you enjoy playing Miss Brownell (sp) on Emily of New Moon?

Aen_VFFC:Leni, I saw you in "Emily of New Moon"!

(Yet another boot....Thank you everyone for coming back in and being persitant!-Ka'ri)

Dave: Leni you were talking about union regulations and the like at Starfury and I was wondering if there was any more news on how they are coming along, if at all?

Aen_VFFC: I think I want to strangle Zo'or! I hope he is enjoying giving us this grief!

Dave: *hugs* Ka'ri * I am having a good time, thank you for the effort .

Mellisa1: hey you can have mine.

Ka'ri: Dave, thanks. The testing all went fine...

Leni F.: Ka'ri, Mellisa, everyone, let's take a moment and laugh, laugh until theCanadian cows come home. I'm a vegan.

Aen_VFFC: Leni, I must say you sure are taking this whole thing good naturedly!

Ka'ri: Leni..I was raised in Alberta..cow capital of the world!

Gail: Had to change my name; Ka'ri, don't fret. . . we love you!

Mellisa1: hey, we will always remember this day. LOL! *hugs Ka'ri*

Leni F.:Dave, my union is still in the middle of negotiations. Gee I love my union.I'll keep you posted.

Ka'ri:It's not the amount of people that is doing it, I guarentee that..

Ka'ri: Gail, Mellisa thank you..you're taking this heap whole bunch better than I am!

Dave: it does seem to be a basic problem with the room itself

Ka'ri: Cool! The latest episode is on my tv station!

Ka'ri:episode of EFC that is...

Stella: I'm having a good time, Ka'ri.

Leni F.: Ka'ri, I lived in Edmonton for a while. My fondest memories were of jogging outside the city at dusk.

Ka'ri:Leni, I've been living in Edmonton for about 5 years! I love the River Valley, especially in the fall!

Mellisa1: Leni, what's the best part about living in Canada?

Leni F.:Everyone, I'm having a good time as well. Remember this is just the first ofmany chats.

Aen_VFFC: well at least Second Chances is a rerun I can stand to watch again!

Ro: You and Ka'ri have been wonderful through this. Thanks you so much:-)

Ka'ri: Leni..what does the F stand for?

Ja'el: I'm pretty sure it stands for her middle name...

Da'an:Yes it does Ja'el. It is Frances. I love my middle name. It gives me no grief.

Da'an: What's everybody's middle names? Come on, fess up.

Ro: Ka'ri. . .chill, girlfriend. It could be a LOT worse:-)

Ka'ri: Leni, you have two beautiful names, congratulations to your mom for picking them!

Ro: Never:-)

Ja'el: Mine is Ellen... :)

Ka'ri:My middle name is Lynn..

Stella: I didn't get one :(

Aen_VFFC: anyone care to loan me a skirll?


Ro:OK, Leni. . .since you asked It's "Ha":-)

Ka'ri: Ro, don't say that or it will get worse! ACK!

Da'an:Have we all changed our names? It's funny, I think we've all grown closer after this.

Ka'ri: Ro you kill me! *ROFLMGO*

Mellisa1: Louise there I said it.

Kiros T'raan: Ann

Stella:Sandoval looks at the watch, April 9, 1999. How many times were you kicked off. Stay with it

Ka'ri: I'm staying but my hair isn't!

Ro: I was gonna just leave this to you guys and watch. . .but this is too much fun:-)

Ka'ri:I feel like ripping it out of my head!

DJB: well I will say one thing no-one will forget this chat in a rush :)

Mellisa1: alright! who did it. LOL!

Frances: Great middle names. It's much more personal. I know we're all aliases...veryfunny Ro-ro.

Ka'ri: Ro, yes this is a lot of fun...minues the boots!

Ka'ri:I don't think I'll ever forget this chat!

Frances: Well guys, while we all still have our hair in tact, should we call it a night?

Ro: Ro bows elegantly: Why. . .Thank you, Frances:-)

Gail: okay, i think i'm about twelve beats behind. . . i'm soooo confused

Ka'ri: Leni...you committed to an hour and a half and the time flew so fast!

Ro: AHA!!! Leni:-) Nice Alias:-)

Aen_VFFC: Leni, thanks for this chat! Allow me to quote Rho-ha in a message to you:

Frances: I've noticed a couple of new gray hairs. Nothing to worry about though. Ka'ri you are doing a great job.

Ka'ri: Uh..maybe that's because we kept getting booted! Really, thank you so much for the time you spent with us.

Mellisa1: Do you believe there is intelligent life in outer space? If so, how would youreact if they came to Earth?

Ka'ri: Leni, so are you! Love the new ep!

Gail:Leni, thanks for stickin' it out!

DJB: Thanks for the chat Leni.

Stella:Leni, thanks for chatting with us.

Ka'ri: Thanks to your mom too for her help! *waves*

Aen_VFFC: You (and Anita) have my great admiration and respect for all you endure to play Da'an and Zo'or! The show wouldn't be the same if either one of you were to leave!

Kirosi: Thank you so much. Blessings to you.

Ro: Yes. . .thank you, Leni. This maiden chat has been an . . .experience:-)

Mellisa1: thanks for the chat it was great minus the boots

DJB: Thanks to Leni, Leni's Mom :), Ro and Ka'ri

Frances:Let's iron the problems out and get ready for CHATFEST II '99

Ka'ri:Leni! I will be working day and night to get this fixed!

Ro: She will too, ya know:-)

Frances: Everyone, big air kisses and lots of hugs. See you at the next chat.


(We all got booted again, but came back for another half hour of gabbing about Guiness, Conventions and other such events. I got a lot of positive feedback from this chat! So I thank you all for your patience and understanding! The next chat is currently being scheduled, and I plan to have all of you up and running on IRC! Watch for more details!-Ka'ri)